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Fascinating that the most complex machine in this universe became self aware Nothing i share is a buy/sell reco. I'm not a sebi registered advisor.
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Sep 17 11 tweets 3 min read
I've been selling saregama. Although co is doing great work the headwinds faced by all the advertising cos is very real. This makes it very tough for saregama to grow revenues even if views grow. Personally think YouTube shorts is noise, value proposition for advertiser is low Buyer side consolidation:
Aug 20 4 tweets 1 min read
Wherever i go, listed entities is all i see.
Aug 19 14 tweets 3 min read
Have decided to sell Mastek & Intellect Design Arena.

Different reasons for both.

When data changes, we have to change our decisions & actions. Mastek 1st

Ive been reading a lot on UK economy & it seems like the macroeconomic risk of UK & europe remaining in recession is quite high.
10% inflation in UK is unheard of. The risk to Mastek's guidance is too high.
Aug 9 60 tweets 18 min read
A 🧵 to understand the thesis & the risks of the latest entrant in my portfolio Tinna Rubber 👇

20-25% grower, 20% ROE, around 15 P/E (with competitive advantages) is a recipe for wealth creation. Q1: What does Tinna Rubber do?

A: Tinna is in the circular economy space. It buys used rubber tyres, breaks the tyres into its components (the rubber part, the steel wire part) & recycles both of them: Crumb rubber Modifier (CRM), Micronized Rubber powder (MRP), steel abrasives
Jul 21 10 tweets 3 min read
#Mastek results 🧵

Derating started from april. Stock almost halved. Part is due to midcap correction. Part due to softness of biz.

Price can lead fundamentals. One of my biggest learning is to panic early or not panic.

Will also discuss my strategy Negatives first

Despite a weak result, the price has not reacted. This is what they mean by "it was in the price". Price already corrected in anticipation of poor Q1 results.
Jul 3 14 tweets 4 min read
The P/E bias 🧵

Probably the least talked about bias in investment community but MOST important bias that exists is the P/E bias. 99% of investors are affected at least 50% of time by this bias. We look at P/E ratios. We already form an opinion on whether we want to own the company or not. Then, we try to look for confirming evidence that supports that bias to own a low pe company.…
Jun 12 4 tweets 1 min read
✅: Consolidating profit pool with co gaining market share in tailwind wali industry

Some eg:
1. Pix in v-belt
2. Angel in broking
3. Shivalik in shunts
4. Racl in luxury autos
5. Rolex rings in bearing ring
6. Xpro in dielectric film

Which cos you track have such a structure? 7. Prevest denpro in dental materials
8. Tarsons in lab equipment
9. Kilpest in diagnostic reagents
10. Tatava chintan in sda, ptc & zeolites
11. APL Apollo in structural steel tubes
12. Gujrat ambuja in corn & corn derivatives
Jun 1 20 tweets 6 min read
A thread on Krsnaa Q4 results & more importantly the investor presentation. Some really revealing 🔍 details this time.

🧵🧵⤵️ To get started, one Can read my good friend @AnishA_Moonka 's thread to know more about biz:
May 27 73 tweets 16 min read
Let us talk about one of the latest, largest entrant into my portfolio.

Shivalik bimetal Controls Limited. A 7% position.


Focus on the process. Names will come & names will go, but process lives on forever. Outline
This time, i want to structure the thread as a series of Q&A to help us understand the business, opportunity, risks & so forth.
13 Questions, 13 Answers.
May 7 74 tweets 18 min read
Intellect Design Arena

Let us understand the business & my investment thesis.

Consider sharing/Retweeting if you find the thread useful

🧵 ⤵️ Outline
1. Business Understanding
2. Drivers of Sales Growth
3. Drivers of operating leverage
4. Intellect's Right to Win / Competitive advantages
5. Financials
6. Valuation
7. Anti-thesis
8. Disclaimer
9. Summary
Apr 30 16 tweets 5 min read
How to calculate XIRR (internal rate of return, similar to CAGR for people who deploy capital all the time) in Google Sheets.

Short 🧵👇

please retweet if you find it useful.

PS: I just learned that my XIRR is 22% for YTD. Why is this important?

To know how we are performing.

Without measurement, there can be no science.
Mar 19 6 tweets 2 min read
Dubai expo is highly over rated

But one good thing i saw: india line was longest.
Some countries don't allow without reservation. India mei sabko allow Kiya. Line was huge. But nobody was stopped.

That's india for you. Its bloody hard out here. But, it's possible.

🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳 Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu.

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.
Mar 3 34 tweets 9 min read
How to evaluate risk of corporate loans blowing up P&L for a bank.

Example of IDFC 🏦 from my portfolio (feel free to apply it to a lender of your choice)

A step by step guide. Must read for ANY person invested in lenders. Please retweet if you find it useful. :)

🧵🧵🧵⤵️ Outline:

Mar 1 7 tweets 2 min read
Pix rating has been upgraded to A/A1.

The rating report lauds the stable margins despite 100% increase in rubber (raw material) prices. Image In FY21, the company had undertaken capex to the tune of ~Rs.25 crore which was mainly towards technology upgradation. As per the management, improvement in technology has led the company to phase out older machinery with latest technology.
Feb 24 62 tweets 18 min read
Such opportunities only come once in a few years.

Step-by-step: how to use (the free) @screener_in to generate investment ideas.

Do retweet if you find it useful to benefit max investors. 🙏🙏

Ready or not, 🧵🧵⤵️ Image I will use the free screener version so that everyone can follow along.

1. Stepwise Guide
2. Practical Example: CoffeeCan Companies
3. Practical Example: Smallcap Consistent compounders
4. Practical Example: Smallcap turnaround
5. Key Takeaway
Feb 22 4 tweets 1 min read
Since a lot of us are working from home, I thought itll be useful for everyone to share their experiences on office chairs.

A good chair can lead to good productivity, & a bad one can lead to poor ergonomics & back ache.

I'll go 1st

Don't buy this one. Not ergonomic. Image Link to avoid the chair:…

I have developed back ache using this chair. Looking to switch. 😅
Feb 17 62 tweets 18 min read
Let's talk about the latest entrant into my portfolio.

IIFL Finance.

Small positions, for big dreams.

Please consider retweeting if you find it useful :D

🧵🧵🧵⤵️ Outline
0. What is IIFL Finance?
1. Business segments
2. Digitisation
3. Co-lending
4. Asset Quality
5. Growth
6. Profitability
7. Management Management Management
8. Anti-thesis
9. Valuations
10. Thesis
Feb 17 6 tweets 2 min read
Says CEO Sandeep Lodha of

“You can’t build a business on free. Our number one strategy for growth is subscription. We have been running pilots (at Rs 99 per month). Over the next two-three years the advertising to subscription ratio should be 60:40"…
Jan 31 26 tweets 4 min read
Let's understand what high NIMs mean for 🏦.

Short 🧵 Lenders work on the law of large numbers. The aim is not to make money on each & very loan. The aim is to model cohorts of lendees & charge each cohort based on 2 aspects :
Jan 29 47 tweets 11 min read
10 investing mistakes I made in last 10 years.

My name is Sahil, & I am a human. Therefore, I err. This is a catalog of those errors & my apology for committing them. A promise to myself, to do better

Includes both errors of commission & errors of omission.

🧵⤵️ Format of the thread:

😄: Why I invested (or didn't).
☹️: Why I now consider my decision to have been wrong.
🧠: What I learned from the mistake.
Jan 28 9 tweets 3 min read
Laurus labs concall happened right now.

Very interesting commentary from dr chava sir. 🐂

My key takeaways 👇
Disclaimer: biased, i am adding today. 🙏 1. Revenue is only 933cr in this Q. 1 B$ sales in fy23 guidance is in tact

In b/w lines: you must have heard by now, the arv sales are down due to inventory stocking by laurus customers. Global customers like global fund did inventory stocking last year. So sale has been low