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4 Apr 20
I finally watched Ready or Not and uh...not to make everything a Sheith AU but Sheith AU where rough around the edges Keith marries heir to the Shirogane fortune Takashi Shirogane & discovers on his wedding night that Shiro REALLY wasn’t lying about his family being THE WORST
Keith (like the protagonist Grace) came from a long string of foster families & KNOWS he doesn’t fit in with the blueblood Shiroganes, but he’s so excited to finally have a solid family & he loves Shiro so much, he seems like the perfect guy & Keith couldn’t not propose to him.
Of course Shiro said yes, but he’s been really weird about the whole wedding, keeps telling Keith they don’t HAVE to go through with this, warning Keith that his family is REALLY a mess & Keith doesn’t deserve having to deal with them, but Keith is unmoved. He’s marrying Shiro.
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10 Jan 20
I know it’s a popular fandom hc that Shiro can’t cook but...what if, after the arena, after voltron, he learns to cook bc it’s calming, a way to ground himself & slowly but surely improve at something with tangible (& tasty) rewards. It’s silly, but it makes him feel human again.
In his junior officer days, Shiro’s tragic cooking skills were smth he was often teased for by his friends & by Adam. They didn’t mean any harm by it, but Shiro’s not perfect — his pride was more than a little wounded — so now, he’s wary about trying again, and failing.
He doesn’t tell anyone he’s even attempting it, except for Hunk, who he swears to secrecy. Hunk thankfully doesn’t know Shiro’s reputation as Master Chef Of Setting Shit Aflame, & is excited to share his culinary expertise. They start simple: snickerdoodles.

It’s a disaster.
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28 Apr 19
I like to think that Shiro & Keith’s first kiss was actually on the rooftop of the Garrison while they were stargazing before Shiro left for Kerberos and Shiro didn’t know what to do & Keith ran away thinking it was unrequited and they don’t talk about it until years later 😬
Keith doesn’t mean to do it. He doesn’t mean to. But Shiro is so close & the way the corners of his mouth crinkle when he laughs makes Keith reach out & touch. Shiro stops laughing, holds very still, breath warm, eyes wide, & Keith can’t not lean in and press his lips to Shiro’s.
It’s quick. Keith is brave in everything except kissing Shiro, and before Shiro can even move, he’s off & running with a hasty apology-excuse, scrambling down the ladder and out of Shiro’s life. Shiro watches him go, and touches his lips, and tries not to cry.
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2 Feb 19
thinkin bout dark fantasy/Japanese demons #sheith since watchin The Handmaiden...so here's a thread.

Once upon a time in a pretty little forest near the sea, there lived a creature too beautiful to be kind who lured men into his den & ate their hearts when he was done with them.
Many a man had vowed to slay the creature, but every one of them met the same fate as the last. Over the centuries, the pretty little forest was known as cursed, and no one, man or woman or child, ventured into it, for fear of death by the creature who had killed so many before.
It was by accident then that after 100 years of solitude, a lone survivor of a terrible shipwreck washed up on the shores of the pretty little forest, barely conscious & badly injured, with a length of rope tangled tight round his right arm, turning the flesh numb & necrotic.
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4 Jan 19
I had a weird but enchanting sheith dream last night about ancient mountain guardian Shiro and humble knight Keith, so here’s a thread. Hear me out....
Keith was born a commoner, not into nobility. He was trained by his mother to wield a sword & defend their farm against bandits and predators, & quickly became known as the best swordsman in the land. He lent his sword to other farms, & never demanded more than they could pay.
The kingdom Keith was born in was a lush valley overshadowed by a great mountain called The Champion, bc no invaders had ever managed to get past it, leaving the kingdom to prosper in peace. Legend told of a guardian atop the peak, who watched over the kingdom & kept it safe.
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