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27 Jul
If you read one piece today, make it @natashakorecki’s dispatch from the Lake of the Ozarks, where vaccines are shunned, masks are mocked, and the long-term consequences take a back seat to the good time at hand.…
@natashakorecki there is so much in here, it’s hard to know what to choose. The artwork alone is worth the click
@natashakorecki "Two bartenders floated in and out of the conversation, dropping comments like “what’s Covid?” to laughter. Just recently, a beloved cook at the restaurant had died from the virus."…
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29 May
Finding it tough to contain my excitement over the prospect of having a three day memorial weekend with two small kids and rain every day.
The 1.5 yr old has already climbed up every chair, laughed at me as I frantically run over to make sure he doesn't kill himself. And then crawled back off. So I guess that activity is down with for now. Only 2.9 more days to go!
The older one is currently working his way through the ENTIRE catalogue on Alexa's fart sound program. Literally, 20 minutes straight of fart sounds and counting. Only 2.85 days to go!
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25 May
As I watch Marjorie Taylor Greene equate Covid vaccination efforts to the Holocaust, I can’t escape the memory of going to Yad Vashem and seeing the exhibit of shoes, preserved from Holocaust victims. (a thread, if you’ll oblige me)
Like so much of the museum, it grips you to a point of near paralysis. The sheer quantity of those shoes—piles and piles— is haunting. Human beings wore them at some point in time.
But, of course, they were not seen as humans by the Nazis. They were sub-human. And so, the shoes eventually became all that was left to preserve.
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19 Jan
On inauguration day '17, Obama briefed Trump on a natl security matter.

“Trump,” Mosteller recalled, “says, ‘Well what would *you* do in this situation?’”

Mosteller exchanged a glance with Pete Souza. “We had this realization that this was really bad”…
“Jesus that day sucked,” said Ben Rhodes, Obama’s longtime adviser, who was with him that day.…
At the ’09 inaugural, Obama paused and closed his eyes before heading out. “It was clear to me that he was saying a prayer," said Souza

In ’17, there was no attempt to summon the divinities.

“I don’t remember him closing his eyes,” Souza said. “Maybe he should have.”
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9 Dec 20
NEW — During the campaign, a top Dem group secretly did a study to see if the most viral Lincoln Project ads were persuading persuadable swing state voters. It turns out, they weren’t.…
The ads were proving motivational. But "the correlation of Twitter metrics—likes and retweets—and persuasion was -0.3, 'meaning that the better the ad did on Twitter, the less it persuaded battleground state voters.’"
The Lincoln Project didn’t argue with the conclusions. They had two tracts of ads, as they saw it. And the ones going viral on twitter weren’t supposed to change someone’s mind in PA.
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1 Nov 20
NEW—Joe Biden made a bet: the majority of voters didn’t want the Democratic version of Trump but, rather, the polar opposite of him. On Tuesday, we’ll see if it works.…

A detailed look at how we got her, with @HCTrudo
@HCTrudo A few campaign moments that get overlooked that Biden’s team points to as important.

1. The Zelensky phone call. It allowed Biden to say: here’s proof Trump himself believes Biden is his toughest re-election opponent, at a time when defeating Trump was the top primary issue.
2. Finishing 2nd in Nevada. It was a ~25 point loss to Sanders. A complete drubbing. But a campaign aide told us: “Had we finished third or fourth, I do not think we could have made it to South Carolina.”
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26 Oct 20
Back when I did Candidate Confessional, we interviewed @stuartpstevens about Romney-Obama ’12. One thing that stuck with me is how confident he said the campaign felt that they would win. One of the reasons they were confident? Because Obama was flailing. (cont…)
@stuartpstevens Stu chuckled at one attack line in particular: a riff Obama did in mid Oct. about Romney suffering from “Romneysia.” It was cheap and silly. And for the Romney campaign it was a sign that Obama was still scrambling for a message.…

In the end, Romneysia didn’t stick. But that’s because a separate story overtook it and everything else: Hurricane Sandy.
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8 Sep 20
A thread about what's happening now on the Left.

Last week, a coalition of leading progressive groups that make up the relatively secretive Fight Back Table discussed, for the first time, how to organize and prepare for post-Election Day chaos.…
The meeting was two hours. And touched on operational questions: setting up a communications infrastructure, how to fight against disinfo, how to get quick transportation in place if a pol location mysteriously closes, etc...…
There is wide consensus that this could be the biggest mass civil unrest moment in decades. One source described the plan as: “Occupy shit, hold space, and shut things down, not just on Election Day but for weeks."…
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25 Feb 20
I don’t think people appreciate just how bad Donald Trump was during the Ebola outbreak of 2014. Here’s a short list of the things he said, which were amplified (rather inexplicably) by the media. (Seriously, what was the reason for that?)
He infamously insisted that the U.S. could not allow those infected back into the country, saying that had to “suffer the consequences” -- including doctors who’d gone to treat patients.
He said that the CDC was not being honest with how contagious the disease actually was

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11 Dec 19
Some personal news. I am a father again. Harry Leinwand Stein was born four weeks ago. I've held off on saying anything because he's been in the NICU since his birth. He came pretty early.
The NICU can be a trying place. But my wife and I are fortunate. Harry is doing great and his big brother is loving him being home
Most important we had exceptional care. The staff at @MedStarGUH are truly amazing people. But especially the nurses. They lifted our spirits when they were low. They helped us through emotionally difficult times.
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7 Dec 19
At the risk of incurring just a horrifying backlash, i have a few thoughts on Mayor Pete's "McKinley problem" that I've hesitated on sharing because of fear of the Twitter mob---but, you know what, F the mob.
The "problem"--if we must call it that-- is both real and, obviously, overstated. 

It's real in that we absolutely should know this part of his bio. He's running for president. This is fair game. And I trust his aides know they need to push to disclose this stuff.
It's also real in that he almost certainly worked on some project that involved "creating efficiencies" -- i.e. laying people off-- on behalf of a corporation. This is what consultancies do. And that's a problem, politically and culturally.
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18 Sep 19
I'll probably regret tweeting all this because i don't actually know the motivations, reasoning and process behind the booking. Still, Lewandowski's appearance on CNN this morning left me feeling intense despair.  (1/?)…
It wasn't even 24 hrs ago that he admitted he lies to the media and, even worse, feels no obligation to tell us the truth. We are in truth business. To book an admitted liar runs contrary to that mission. And the impact of doing so, i fear, is more profound than appreciated (2/?)
There is an inclination to believe that the media industry suffers from a lack of trust because we are perceived as "unfair" and that the way to build that trust is to show "fairness." That, in turns, compels the booking of people like Lewandowski. We need to show ALL sides.
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2 Jun 19
Indulge me in a thread about a man named Rufus Rochell who you almost certainly do not know and have never heard of before. (1/???)…
That's because 31 years ago, Rufus was convicted of selling crack. He was 36 at the time and given a 40 year sentence with no chance of parole. He is currently in the federal prison facility in Coleman, Florida. (2)…
I met Rufus over email. I was looking to profile a prisoner who didn't get a commutation under Obama and was now petitioning Trump, who was, at least then, presenting himself as a throwback on crime. (3)…
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30 Dec 17
i sincerely don’t care that Trump plays golf. god speed. but the sheer amount he plays does spotlight how insincere Obama’s critics were about his golfing habits. here’s a little sampling of people who’ve gone suddenly quiet on the topic
Mark Levin
Sean Hannity
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