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montrealer turned angeleno. basic yet edgy jew. survivor of fb lawyer mom groups. i love Jeopardy! politically homeless. team reality. #HowTheLeftIsLosingMe
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6 Oct
My friend in Toronto just told me a story that needs to be shared.

Her pediatrician, like many, is refusing to see sick children in the office.

Yes, you read that correctly. Doctors will not see sick patients, due to fears of covid.

My friend’s 18 month old was sick. He was acting off. The pediatrician refused to see him, and doesn’t even offer video visits. My friend described the symptoms on the phone to the doctor and the doctor just said to keep an eye on him.

The baby woke up in the middle of the night gasping for air. My friend called an ambulance and they were rushed to the children’s hospital.

The baby has croup. He needed steroids. He will be fine.

The doctor would have caught it if she’d examined him and checked his lungs.

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16 Sep
I’m still untangling things from the FB lawyer mom group world.

Here is one common phenomenon. I am curious whether this happens in other online groups.

1. A member falls out of lockstep with any given groupthink-mandated position.
2. She is kicked out of the group without warning.

3. She contacts a group mod (often someone she considered a friend) to ask why she was kicked out.

4. The mod tells her she wasn’t a good fit, then mocks and defames her within the group, and blocks her.
5. She hears about the lies being told about her and wants them to stop, so she tries again to call or email a mod or admin.

6. The mods and admins paint her as a psycho who stalked them and contacted them at work.
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15 Sep
Media literacy, Covid Edition

There is rampant misinformation coming from all sides, and it is tough to watch otherwise smart people fall for it.

Let's think critically about everything we read.

As a civil litigator, I basically detect BS for a living.

Covid-specific tips:
Demand the denominator.

Percentages can be misleading.

Raw data is often better.
If it sounds too wild to be true, it probably is.

Dig deeper.
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14 Sep
For those (like me) who fully bought into all things covid for awhile, what were the things that changed your mind or got you asking questions?

I had a few watershed moments.

Being forced to re-mask after being fully vaccinated was one of them.
Also, seeing my kids’ daycare stay open with very little masking and only a couple isolated covid cases, no sickness or spread, this whole time. 🤔

Being expected to mask my 2yo at a new preschool (which I promptly pulled her out of) was another big moment.
One day over the summer, I decided to look up how many kids had died of (or with) covid in Florida. I assumed it was hundreds or thousands.

It was 8.

That was a big moment too.
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14 Sep
Something interesting happened last weekend when I suddenly got thousands of followers within the span of a few days.

A friend who I’ve known around 20 years texted me. Let’s call her Lisa. Lisa said “omg, I just saw a tweet my friend retweeted and realized it was you!”

Lisa had no idea I was on twitter and I had no idea she was on twitter.

She told me she loved my tweets and was secretly experiencing a similar shift. Not huge, but moving closer to the center, which is kind of an aberration in our leftie friend group.

I told her that some of our mutual friends knew about my twitter account but that we hadn’t discussed it in depth, and I wasn’t sure if they use twitter or were following me, although they did know I was experiencing a little shift.

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12 Sep
If any of this was *really* about safety, what would be happening?

I’ll start: medical-grade masks would be made available for free to everyone.

Cloth masks would not even exist.
Goggles would also be provided to all.
No professional sports.
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7 Sep
Escaping lawyer mom fb world: A THREAD

People want to know more why about I stayed so long and how I finally left.

I will start at the beginning. If I shared every detail it would take a year so I will try to keep it to key points.

Note: this is my story and nobody else's.

I am sharing this bc it is cathartic and I think it has broader relevance to the state of online discourse today... groupthink, witchhunts, wokeism, I've got it all.

So we start in early 2017. I am a new mom with a 3 month old.

I am returning to my litigation job at a huge int'l law firm. I have other friends with babies but none are lawyers except a couple coworkers. My neighbor invited me into a FB group.

I immediately feel like I've found my "people."

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7 Sep
Why aren’t we hearing more from women whose careers were sidelined due to covid?

I’ll start. My children’s daycare was actually open the whole time, but we were led to believe it was dangerous to send them, so we pulled them out.

We kept them home from March-August and again pulled them out in November due to the scary “fall surge.”

They were 3 and 1. It was impossible to handle my biglaw caseload while home with them in a 1700 sq ft house.

The parks around us were closed. The playground was sealed off with caution tape.

My firm cut my salary but also offered a 3 month sabbatical, which I gratefully took.

The day my sabbatical was over and I returned to work, I quit in the middle of writing a brief.

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6 Sep
I am leaving the “progressive” lawyer mom group toxicity behind me.

I have one last anecdote.

I wrote earlier about how the latest group called itself anti-racist but barred entry of a Black woman because she didn’t write “black” in the box that asked whose lives matter.

Someone reminded me of how it went down publicly in the group and it may be the most interesting part.

So the woman who had invited her Black friend into the group wrote a post about it afterwards that explained what had happened.

The point of her post was to point out the hypocrisy and ask how the group could call itself anti-racist for banning a Black woman in this myopic way.

This is when the admins said “she [the Black woman] isn’t a good fit.”

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5 Sep
The fact that more than a dozen lawyer moms are currently blowing up my inbox in protest over my use of the terms "escaped" and "stock syndrome" pretty much epitomizes one of the reasons why I find these people insufferable and exhausting.

A second thread:
The reaction to my post is predictable. The predominant narrative is that "Sarah fat shamed a dead child" based on an admittedly insensitive comment. They ignore my point, though: obesity is a major comorbidity that must be addressed by the media and public health officials.
One lovely person messaged me to say I am spoon feeding racist and misogynistic trolls for my own ego and entertainment. Which may be accurate lol. But I am not doing it intentionally!
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4 Sep
I recently escaped a hyper progressive FB group for lawyer moms and am realizing I had stockholm syndrome. I’m going to start sharing some of the shit that goes on there.
I don’t even know where to begin. The smugness, the superiority complex, the extreme wokeism weaponized into utter cruelty.
One time, I was asking a question and referred to my nephew as a “terror.” They told me I was “ableist” and offensive to kids with special needs. My nephew has no special needs and his mom calls him a terror, yet I was lambasted and attacked for hours even after apologizing.
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2 Sep
My 4yo and I just got frozen yogurt. We had our masks off for the 1 minute it took to serve ourselves because we were sampling a flavor. Another customer starting screaming at us to put on masks and when I said, “calm down, we’re sitting in 2 secs,” she started filming me! WTF
Don’t worry, she’s a doctor
I told her she was exposing herself to more germs by harassing me and prolonging her yogurt selection. I then put on my mask and dramatically removed it when I sat down a foot away. She and her kids were in N95s. The store gave me our fro yo on the house 😁
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