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Design Researcher & Strategist / mixed race ハーフ🇯🇵🇨🇦 / MBA / I nerd out on: tech ethics, human-computer interaction, human behaviour 🤖👩🏻‍💻(she/her)🏳️‍🌈
Feb 26, 2021 23 tweets 14 min read
This is the part where I live tweet my #uxrconf talk (thx for the idea @albanvillamil @uxrcollective).

1/ We all have those phases in our lives where we’re not sure what we’re doing with our career. I’m going to talk about a concept called #Ikigai that can help navigate this. 2/ Even if you know what you’re doing, Ikigai is that inner compass that can give you clarity/courage when things get hard.

e.g. As researcher, we have to speak truth to power. Drawing attention to problematic findings can be tricky depending on the clients/leadership.