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With the sun setting on Raisina Hill on December 16, 1971, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi reached Parliament @ 5:30 pm & informed the world “Dacca is now the free capital of a free country."

Here is a Master 🧵 on 1971 Bangladesh Liberation war
1.The Genocide

Nov 30, 2023 10 tweets 5 min read
Legacy of JC Bose

Sir Jagadish Chandra Bose a Bengali scientist -a biologist, a physicist, a botanist and also a writer of science fiction & was also 1st in the world to initiate interdisciplinary research Image Bose demonstrated how plants responded to various stimuli, demonstrating the electrical nature of this conduction. He is considered a pioneer in the field of biophysics.
Nov 26, 2023 26 tweets 13 min read
Ray Tales - The Chess Player

Academy Museum described Statyajit Ray’s Movie “ Shatranj ke Khiladi” as an “elegant dissection of colonialism”

A 🧵 on the Movie Image Shatranj Ke Khilari was the first and only full-length Hindi / Urdu feature film made by Ray. It had an ensemble star including Sanjeev Kumar, Amjad Khan, Richard Attenborough, Shabana Azmi, and Tom Alter. The movie was released on 3rd October, 1977

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Kolkata’s Durga puja pandals have theme that educate masses on various social/historical/cultural aspects through Art.
One such unique theme is of Dum Dum Park’s Tarun Dol’s puja-depicting history of the Legend of Netaji Subhas Bose & the Women Freedom fighters of Bengal 🔥 Image Durga puja & Netaji has an interesting history entangled - When Subhas Bose was imprisoned in Presidency Jail ( Alipore ,Calcutta),Bose demanded that Bengali prisoners be allowed to perform the Durga Puja in Jail premises & wrote to the Superintendent of the Presidency Jail
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For Sanghis, Bengalis are 2nd in their Hit list for malice & vicious propaganda after minorities
With all due respect to Odhisha’s efforts
Presenting u a 🧵with some Hard facts on Bengal & nullifying the False claim of Sanghis Bengals Durga puja creative economy is more than 30 K crore ++ & contributes 2.58 % in Bengal’s Economy, all organised by local clubs . A fact which is validated by a British council study

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Von Man stein’s Matrix for Managing large organisation & finding Leaders . 🧵 Image General Erich von Manstein was one of the most prominent commanders of the Wehrmacht, Nazi Germany's armed forces during World War II. Attaining the rank of Generalfeldmarschall (Field Marshal), he was held in high esteem as one of Germany's best military strategists. Image
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How is our Political parties funded ? -

Association for Democratic Reforms & the National Election Watch has released a report “Analysis of Donations to Registered Recognised Political Parties, FY 2016-17 to FY 2021-22”,

Here is a 🧵on the Specific pointers from the report The total donations received by the 31 political parties during the 6 yr period was Rs 16,437.64cr. Donations worth Rs 9188.36 cr were received from Electoral Bonds (55.90%), Rs 4614.53 cr were received from corporate sector (28.07%) & Rs 2634.75 cr from other sources (16.03%).
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June 29, is Celebrated as ‘Statistics Day’ in India , recognising the contributions of a man who envisioned & built the foundation for Big Data & Analytics for Nation building almost 7 decades ago ~ Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis . A 🧵 on his works Prasanta Chandra Mahalanobis was born on 29 June 1893 in Bikrampur, in undivided Bengal (present day Bangladesh) .The influence of an affluent & educated family background made him naturally gravitated towards academic excellence .
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Few unknown Bengali Scientist🧵 : The roots of Modern Science in Bengal can be traced to the renaissance period . Scientist like JC Bose,SN Bose,Prafulla Ray ,Meghnad Saha had international acclaim but there are also many whose contribution has enriched Science & Humanity Image The Bengal Renaissance movement had a blend of people from all walks of life starting from writers to scientist & artists,Bengal underwent an intellectual & cultural awakening that has no parallels in the history of Indian Sub continent. Image
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Slice of History : The Ancient prophecy on Delhi 🧵
Every Rulers who made Delhi their Capital,redesigned & estd monuments with to stamp their authority & legacy. From Mahabharata period to British Raj.
In a twist of fate every one lost their Empire /Political Power. Image And it is well documented in History- from Pandavas ,Prithviraj Chauhan ,Feroz shah Tughlaq ,Shah Jahan British Empire , INC govt.All of them lost their empire / political power. ImageImageImageImage
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The lost blood line of the last Nawab of Bengal : Nawab Siraj ud daullah was the last Nawab of Bengal, but what happened to his descendants is an interesting & mystifying history unraveled by historian Amalendu De a decade ago . 🧵 Image Siraj-ud-Daulah the grand son of Nawab Alivardi Khan, became the Nawab of Bengal at the age of 27 in 1756 . He could rule little more than a year before he was deposed by the East India Company Image
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In North Bengal aprox 20 KM from the Siliguri city,stands a magnificent Roman architectural style spandrel-arch bridge across river Teesta,known as Coronation bridge connecting Darjeeling & Jalpaiguri district of Bengal. Read the 🧵to know some interesting insights The spandrel arch bridge is located next to the Sevokeshwari Kali Temple in Siliguri,hence it is also known as "Sevoke Bridge" locally .
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Howrah Bridge~The architectural marvel over River Hooghly was inaugurated on 3rd February 1943.The bridge which is now an intrinsic part of Bengal’s cultural identity from poetry to Cinema,its inauguration was very low key .Do read this 🧵 to know some fascinating details Image As the then 2nd biggest city of the Empire, Calcutta grew in size & became increasingly busier, there was an urgent necessity for building a bridge over the Hooghly River. ImageImage
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Feb 14 is celebrated as Valentines day & 24 Feb 24 is considered as Kalyani town establishment day, but the town has a very interesting history and is a lovelorn man’s tribute to his lost love. Dr. Bidhan Roy had dreamt of a satellite township to ease the population from the city of Kolkata & that is how Kalyani was born, phoenix-like, out of the ashes of World War II.
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আজাদির ডাক লাখ লাখ লাখ 
শত্রুর চোখে চোখ রাখ রাখ 
রেঙ্গুন থেকে টোকিও সবাক 
প্রেম দৃঢ় বক্তব্য কারো 
সাহস ধারালো উঠে সে দাঁড়ালো 
নতুনের দাবি, স্বাধীনতা চাবি 
আজাদ হিন্দ চাই মনে মনে ভাবি 
বিপ্লবী তুমি, বিপ্লব চাই, বিপ্লব আনে রক্ত 
শতজ সময় বিবশ এদেশে 
সুভাষ কে বোঝা শক্ত অরণ্যে তুমি সাজালে সৈন্যবাহিনী 
তোমারে কাহিনী সাজাও তরণী 
মরনি মরনি মরনি, তুমি তো মরনি 
সংকল্প এর রাশটা ছাড়নি 
জাগালে, দেখালে ভারতীয় প্রাণে 
শেখালে, পড়ালে দেশটার মানে 
অমর হলে যে অন্তর্ধান এ
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The Great Escape 🧵Part 2: From Kabul to Berlin ,a perilous journey .
Illustrations in the 🧵done by @horek_rokom

Subhas Bose made a daring escape from Calcutta to Kabul ,on 27 th Jan 1941 it became known to the world that Bose managed to hood wink the British & the ruthless British intelligence was searching frantically for Bose .
Jan 16, 2023 34 tweets 14 min read
The Great Escape by Subhas Bose ~Part 1 🧵 from Calcutta to Kabul with illustrations by @horek_rokom
Subhas Bose great escape from Calcutta is a stuff of legend,though the broad story is known but there are fine details during the escape which makes it fascinating & thrilling. Image The back ground : In 1939, when Bose sought a 2nd term as Congress President ,Sardar Patel & Gandhi opposed him but Congress party’s majority delegates ignored Gandhi & Patel’s appeals & voted for Bose & he won the 2nd term by 205 votes Image
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Christmas Charm of Bow Barracks :
Bengal has always a melting pot of cultures & Kolkata with its British & European legacy has unique Anglo Indian heritage which adds to its charm & Bow Barracks is a fine example of it Image With the establishment of British power,the white troops stationed also used to inter mingle with locals , the Children born to the people of British / European ancestry and Indian ancestry came to be known as Anglo-Indians. Image
Dec 18, 2022 38 tweets 17 min read
European enclaves in Bengal 🧵 :Bengal has been & even still today a melting pot of cultures,its geography blessed with rivers connecting land & sea along with its rich fertile lands.European power came as traders & established their Colonies Historians for reasons unknown to me never really accorded River Hooghly the civillization status accorded to the Indus, or Nile, or Amazon, or Ganges, or even the Mississippi.
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16 Dec,1971 -Conversation b/w Lt. Gen JFR Jacob (AKA Jake)& Pakistani Gen AAK Niazi
Niazi: “I will surrender in my office”
Jake : “You will surrender at the racecourse,in front of the people of Dhaka” Niazi : “I won't,"
Jake: “You will”
“You will also provide a guard of honour."
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“It’s been a long love story between me, Kolkata & the people of Bengal. There are just so many facets to this city & more than anything else it’s the people of the city who’ve fascinated me.” ~ Author Dominique Lapierre Image “They smile through every adversity, and even the poorest of the poor finds something to laugh about” - Author Dominique Lapierre Image