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29 Nov

Ordinarily, I would have 'ignored' this #ZabarmariMassacre, but the the humanity in me will not allow me look away. I would have also tagged it 'fake news', but because 43 human beings have been beheaded and, I feel too pale to play it down.
If Arewa does not kill hypocrisy, hypocrisy will kill Arewa. Prior to 2015 Arewa was most louder, firm and critical. They said all manner of things. I am quick to hold that they were that 'vociferous' because a @GEJonathan was involved. Today, Arewa blame everybody but @MBuhari."
Despite the abomination and barbarous cruelty that is ongoing in the north, Arewa has decided to keep a sealed lips. And whenever they speak, it is on non-issues: dressing, 'alcohol' and sinners' crusade. They dare not hold their leaders to account. Woe betide them.
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28 Nov
This very Kano State, the home of Hisba is everything cosmopolitan.

- Big time gambling;
- alcohol guzzlers;
- child prostitution;
- diverse and unimaginable use of illicit and synthetic drugs;
- male prostitution; and
- homosexual brothels..

But let me just mind my business. Image
This Kano is a morally rotten city. I do not know what picture Hisbah Police is trying to paint though. Those days when men used to have firm understanding with alcohol, we used to enter (town to shack away our sorrows, somewhere in GRA).
If you see cars. All in the dark. Big Alahjis trolling, trooping and crawling from the dark. Drunk Muslims. Let us call them Certified Drunk Islamic Entities. In their car is a sealed jar: to fuel the reserve and call the spirit of 'highness' when needed most.
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28 Nov
Let us take your reply in perspective and do a (de)constructive analysis of it.

You said: "And where in the statement they release said one shouldn't shop on that day?"

Even though your reply makes no grammatical sense, it appears I get the gist of what you're trying to say.
The effect of threatening Cool FM to stop using the business phrase "Black Friday Sales" is tantamount to interfering in someone's business, thereby causing loss on all fronts. Like you said, "comprehension is really a problem". I agree. This is what illiteracy causes.

Dear @SSYSaeed,

I did mention yesterday that there are many folks here with the Hisbah Police mindset: a mindset that threatens civilisation, growth and peaceful coexistence. What is haram about the usage of the BUSINESS phrase "Black Friday Sales"?
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27 Nov

Asssalamu Alaykum

Black Friday has two relevant meanings. In history, Black Friday was a stock market catastrophe that took place on September 24, 1869. On that day, after a period of rampant speculation, the price of gold plummeted, and the
markets crashed.

But the more contemporary meaning refers to the day after the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday, which has also traditionally been a holiday itself for many employees.
It is typically a day full of special shopping deals and heavy discounts and is considered the beginning of the holiday shopping season. The tradition is the same, even in Dubai and other Islamic State.

Without more (the Kano State) Hisbah Police is a terrorists organisation.
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26 Nov

As Written By Sen Vandy Michika 26th November, 2020

The @inecnigeria should with a matter of urgency declare the seat of the sex-toy Senator Ishaku Abbo in the Senate vacant.
The Nigerian constitution is clear on this: section 68 (1) of the 1999 constitution which talks about defections states that:

“A member of the senate or of the house of representatives shall vacate his seat in the house of which he is a member if – (g) being a person
whose election to the house was sponsored by a political party, he becomes a member of another political party before the expiration of the period for which that House was elected; provided that his membership of the latter political party is not as a result of a division in the
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26 Nov

(2018) LPELR-45947(CA)


Conditions for the principle of vicarious liability to arise
"After a careful perusal of the issues propositioned by the Appellant and the impact they would
individually have on the appeal,
I feel compelled to consider issue one on its own because it would automatically dispose of this appeal if resolved in favour of the Appellant.

Throughout the length and breadth of the judgment of the lower Court, and the facts averred by the
Respondent, it is distinct that no overt act on the part of the Appellant, triggered or propelled the shooting of the 1st
Respondent by the 2nd Respondent. The Appellant became involved by the reason of it having applied to the Inspector-General
of Police for the posting of
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23 Nov


Sometime in 2014, I'd just graduated from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria. The political atmosphere in country was thick. Tensions were high. Everyone was afraid, especially in the North.

Boko Haram was at its peak.
They became bold and fearless to the extent that they attacked Mai Malari and Giwa Barracks, in Maiduguri. A suicide bomber attempted to sneak into 1 Division of the Nigerian Army in Kaduna.

Nowhere was safe. The convoy of Sheikh Dahiru Usman Bauchi was attacked on Ali Akilu
Road, Kaduna after he closed his Ramadan Tafsir at Murtala Square.

People weren't happy. Everything was placed on the President's shoulders. 'Jonathan is clueless,' they said.

'You've failed. Resign now,' someone said.

It's a conundrum. In the
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23 Nov
Lie Mohammed is becoming petty. Saying that the Lekki Tollgate event of 20.10.20 is " a massacre without dead bodies", is the most crude statement to make. The Minister should ask soldiers what happened to the bodies they took. @jidesanwoolu admitted that people were killed.
It is too early for the Federal Government to take position. We are still on a voyage of 'truth discovery'. Saturday's cross was tremendously revealing. First, footage handpicked from cyberspace were styled 'fake, unreliable and non-credible' by the Government.
But as the rhythm of truth became louder and irresistible, the Federal Government made heavy reliance on the very 'online footage' from the Lekki Tollgate massacre it dubbed fake. At the Panel (as seen last week), the Government went back to the scene of the to conceal evidence.
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21 Nov

"He is just fine for nothing. Is it not an affront or impugnment on the sanctity of human life for agents of the State to kill innocent and peaceful protesters and had the callousness
"to deny ever being present at the scene of the multiple murder and grievous bodily harm to many other, only to shamelessly admit being there and shooting? The State ought to have respected the inalienable right to life and peaceful assembly of
"its citizens and there would not have been all these glaring but fruitless efforts to suppress facts.

"How can LCC claim their CCTV stopped recording at 8:pm and that the cameras did not capture the shootings
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21 Nov

This is how a lawyer captured it:

"Our young men and women of this generation lack good parental up bringing. Marriage is completely different from club and party relationship."

"A situation whereby neither party has never stayed with the parents to learn basic and fundamental issues in marriage, what do you expect from any union therefrom?"

"You cannot place something on nothing and expect it to stand, it will definitely collapse. Materialism and opportunism are the reasons marriages are breaking today. People no longer marry for love."

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21 Nov
The only language these idiots called Bandits and Bokoharam know is force. That is why Government must constantly arrest, prosecute, convict, sentence and EXECUTE them accordingly.

Southern Governors are weak!

See what Zamfara is doing with their gold.
What are they even discussing sef with Agbalumo?

Did they discussing with Zamfara before they granted them
Concession to sell their gold?

Let dem be waiting for meeting there.

Nigeria has evaporated!
Nigerians are compulsive traditionalists! We are innately secretive that’s why God looks at us and laughs. Isn’t it a SHAME that these bandits use local charms and SUCCESSFULLY KILL supposed Christians?
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20 Nov
There is something fundamentally wrong with @femigbaja's explanation on the shooting and killing of the Newspaper vendor, whose death was caused by the security operatives attached to him.

According to the Speaker, the gun was fired 'in the air' to disperse excited crowd.
Generally, a bullet, fired straight up at the maximum speed into the air, will never leave the lowest layer of Earth’s atmosphere. A combination of gravity and air resistance will slow it down until it reaches a maximum height, whereupon it will fall back down to Earth’s surface.
When it does, however, its landing location will be wildly unpredictable owing to the effects of wind and air. It will be traveling much slower than when it was first fired, as its terminal velocity (due to air resistance) is far lower than the initial muzzle speed.
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20 Nov

Today, I celebrate a god
Who rose to being a selfless
fellow: a soldier, general;
A leader, legend and god.
Your numerous contributions
To the development of the legal profession in particular, and
Nigeria in general. And this space?
You have deeply intellectualised
Our cyber space and continuously
Held the fort as a custodian of our
Collective and amazing consciousness
You're a priceless gift to humanity
You came in and filled so many
Huge voids - that is why you are
More than a legend.
If immortality, wisdom and knowledge
Had a face it will look like this 👇

Your service to mankind is selfless
And outstanding. Oh great Oracle!
No one approaches the Sanctum
Sanatorium with an empty hand:
Today, the sacrifices are heavy.
Your presence (here) has been
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18 Nov
People who post screenshots and/or chats of how their inbox were invaded (by the opposite sex) for whatsoever reason(s), are childish and senseless. I strongly believe they do so for clout: retweets, likes and replies.

Maturity should not be used as a licence to be stupid.
Whatever informs that genre of stupidity, some things are meant to remain private.

Learn to minimise what you share here.

Do not reduce Twitter to a dirty linen washing hub. Even if the narrative is less offensive, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF.
If the person that once acted and looked like King Solomon and Cleopatra, decides to behave Agbalumo, you simply walk away - noiselessly.

You don't need to host a festival of unsolicited violence on Twitter. Trust me, there will always be roaming idiots, fueling from the back.
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17 Nov
PRESS STATEMENT 17TH October, 2020

The dastardly murder of the District Head of Mazaki, in Atyap Chiefdom, Zangon Kataf LGA, Mr Haruna Kuye and his teenage son, Destiny Kuye stands totally condemned.
It is an abhorable crime which aim is cause communal strife, and this our people must resist.
It was a well-planned murder by evil men who sneaked into the village and headed for his home and unleashed terror. The heartless killers also attacked his wife and daughter but
they survived with injuries.
The late District head was a man of peace who cared for the wellbeing of his constituency both natives and non-natives.
We hereby send our sincere condolence to his family, Atyap Chiefdom and the entire Southern Kaduna family over this great lose.
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17 Nov
There is a limit to which I can allow you spew rubbish on my timeline. A certain worthless individual, poor knowledge of the law, with an over bloated ego, invaded one of my tweets, dishing out unrelated principles of law, unfounded rules of law, as justification for the
attempted demolition Lobito Crescent, Wuse, Abuja. He cited all manner of authorities. None of them applied to the fact in issue.

He went further to litter my timeline with a tweet from FCDAFCT. Sadly, the excuse given for the attempted demolition is not justified by law.
More painful is the fact is that, the whole reply from morning by that agent and sympathiser of Agbalumo were based on speculation of his own imagination. I tried to endure him since morning. I also accommodated his brazen idiocy.

However, there is a limit to which I can take.
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17 Nov
Contrary to the Agbalumo link you have been brandishing, dear Professor of Law, Kindly note that:

1 You can hear people in the background screaming that THEY WERE NOT ISSUED ANY NOTICE WHATSOEVER.

2 As a professor of law, YOU WOULD HAVE KNOWN THAT no law SUPPORTS the demolition
Of a building with human beings in it. Let me not also mention that their goods worth millions of naira is also in it.

3. According to your Agbalumo link, the owner of the building flouted the FCDA Housing scheme. When he converted what was designed for 'car park' to a shop.
4. When it comes to Housing scheme in Abuja and the entire Federation, where does the Buck stop? Can you say that FCT and Agbalumo nonsense again?

5. Mind you, you are dealing with people's source of livelihood, hence the need for governance to have human face.
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9 Nov

The Kano State Government in a dramatic show of shame and hypocrisy has destroyed liquid contents of alcohol (bear) worth 200 million naira, in a secular Nigeria.
Our take is that the act is retrogressive and, a direct hypocritical application of the letters and adherence of the hadith as we shall see. The dominant belief in Islam is that, not only is the consumption of alcohol in any of its forms forbidden,

A well-known hadith attests that God has cursed ten different behaviors—not only the drinking of alcohol, but nine kinds of acts that facilitate the drinking of alcohol:
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8 Nov
As a matter of principle, I've no interest in the U.S. politics. I follow it only for academic purposes. Whoever wins, AMERICA WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER THAN NIGERIA.

For those following the American electoral process, I hope you are learning something. Do not create enemies!
For those who sincerely might not know and to those who have chosen to be grandiosely ignorant: there is no President-elect in America until the electoral collage declares one! And the election isn't over until it is called off by electoral collage.
As a matter of law, when electoral matters gets to SCOTUS, electoral collage declaration is over ruled.

I have observed painfully that most of the people creating unnecessary enemies because of the U.S. electoral system, know little or absolutely nothing concerning the U.S.
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8 Nov
Dearest H.E. @MrUdomEmmanuel,

Sir, may respectfully say thank you for your loud and sterling leadership style that has contributed in no small way, in transforming Akwa Ibom State. Your achievements speaks for themselves.

Sir, you have done noble in that regard. Image
Respectfully sir, I know that the Akwa Ibom State Government is being peopled and driven by spotless reformers with impeccable credentials. But the stark irony is that, there is not reformable about their style of Governance.
Sir, I think they can do better. It is always very difficult to transform a state from a civil servant state, to a commercial hub, for business to thrive. It will always take unequaled industry and time. I believe the Government has the capacity to do it.
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8 Nov
Dear #EndSARS protesters,

1. Whenever you go out for any peaceful protest, put on a Facemask...conceal your identity.

2. Avoid covens. Avoid unnecessary WhatsApp groups. Phone calls will do.

3. Be discreet. E get why.

4. Some feats are not meant for public consumption.
In response to Dr. Omole, I did a thread on the uselessness of leaderless protest in a time like this. I remember reading from my boss and chief, the Great Oracle @AbdulMahmud01, where he cautioned that strategies and activities be kept secret.

Some of these seemingly 'active Twitter and WhatsApp users' are well trained Policemen and DSS officials trailing and tracking Govt critics.

Trust me: you won't know. Some do not even say anything about politics. Others try to assume an apolitical position.

I know a few here.
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