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5 Dec 18
#NEO gave an update to the decentralization process today. The long awaited process of making NEO politically decentralized (it is geographically decentralized already) will finally speed up in the next months.
If you missed the blog post, here is the link…
But what does that mean for #NEO?
First, NEO isn't the average PoW- or PoS-blockchain, NEO utilizes dBFT consensus which comes with several advantages but also some downsides. You can read about it here:…
One significant downside to this model is that you have to trust most (66%) of the consensus nodes to not be bad players (its nearly the same for PoW and PoS, isn't it?)
Consensus nodes aren't competing for consensus, they're cooperating. This leads to one significant advantage:
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1 Dec 18
I have a feeling that most people do not understand the scope of the St. Petersburg News for $NEO yet.

If you haven't been following, here is the link:…

Let me try to explain:


Yesterday $NEO held a meetup in Russia and announced a new developer group that will coexist with @coz_official, @NewEconoLab and @NeoResearch_NEO. It is called @neospcc and is actually a research and development company. @fabwa, a CoZ member, put big efforts into this

NSPCC is going to develop NeoFS, a distributed Filesystem on #blockchain for the #smarteconomy.

The development team acquired a lot of great developers, some of them former employeers of Dell, Samsung, Whatsapp etc.

They really seem to be have a top notch team there.

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