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4 May
$AKT - Why I chose to become a part of this

1. The Team
The team at @akashnet_ is one of the best out there. Their team in the past have contributed a lot to the @kubernetesio platform and recently to the IBC platform for the $ATOM @cosmos ecosystem.
@akashnet_ $AKT community

The @cosmos community is awesome and you just feel like contributing to that ecosystem. @akashnet_ has some great amicable folks genuinely trying to make a difference.

Check out this page contributed by a community member:
2. Fundamentals
I see projects like $FIL and $LINK valued in the billions. Well, guess what? There is a possibility an app might not need an Oracle integration like $LINK, $BAND, $RAZOR, etc but would definitely need compute. It doesn’t get any basic than this.
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