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Chief of Cardiology. Aster-RV Hospital, Bangalore #Cardiologist by day & Blogger/Bibliophile by night. LowCarb advocate, National High School/PGIMER alumnus
2 May
Doctors Dilemma: thread.

Chemistry professor. Wrote textbooks we read in class 11 & 12.

Had a heart attack & I performed a ‘life saving’ angioplasty that night. Family consults me even for common cold since then.

He comes down with Cancer
Surgery, several months of chemotherapy ensue. Cancer docs & children decide not to tell him the diagnosis. Has a remission fir a year.

Relapses a year later. Chemo again at a reputed onco centre in Bangalore. Still not told openly that it’s a cancer.
One fine night, son calls me to tell that the Professor is too sick & the docs told the family that he needs ICU care.

“Can you help”.

Of course, get him over.
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24 Apr
Thread: A mab/steroid related fungal horror story from Covid 2020.

46 yr old friends brother survived severe Covid pneumonia & myocarditis after weeks on ventilator. Received Tocluzimab kilo loads of steroids where he was admitted.

Admitted with fever/heart failure with us.
Urine exam showed Candida infection. CT abdomen showed an infarcted right kidney, thrombosis renal artery & vein
Taken into the OT for right nephrectomy, the surgeon saw completely necrosis kidney. A GI surgeon was called in to inspect the retroperitoneum/duodenum/Transverse colon which were intact. Histo & microbiology later showed INVASIVE MUCORMYCOSIS.
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8 Dec 20
Twitter should be called Fickle really. Some people can swing wildly on the one hand and on the other, the cancel culture doesn’t tolerate a speck of dust on uniform boot of others.

Political correctness decides what you can get away with

I ran into Dr Anish Koka on Twitter.

Cardiologist, Blogger & Podcaster. Came across as conscientious, sensible, caring as a doctor, slightly right of centre & with astute questioning of health policy in his blogs & podcasts often with contrarian, yet logical views

A recent tweet of his raised my eyebrows & I said ‘Uh oh’. Obviously a satire on Affirmative Action policy or rush of blood to the head. After some radio silence, realised he had deleted the said tweet, apologised for it & later his account was deleted.

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