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5 Sep
I hadn’t said this before but I have also been dealing with a Covid infection.

Just confirmed by test that I took on Friday.

I have mild symptoms that increased a bit yesterday.

I started taking Ivermectin.

Feverish but nothing high. The headaches suck. Body aches.
A five hour headache is no fun at all.

Seems I’m starting to finally break it.
Right now I have no headache. May not last but I’ll take it.
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7 Aug
Tennessee life!
They even have a mechanical bull!
It’s almost time for the fireworks!
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3 Aug
This is absolute unambiguous nuttery.

It is so sad that there are people on the right that see reality through this lense making things that are so much less important the master of things that are critically important.

Politics will not solve cultural shift.
Moreover it may trigger your idea of freedom or constitutional rights but states outlawing vaccine mandates is both legally dubious and bad policy.

State governments shouldn’t get between employers and their attempts to keep their employees safe.
If they start here, where else does government take this power from private businesses? Who compensates injured employees?

States have neither the funds nor expertise to decide what health requirements businesses use to keep their employees safe.
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27 Jul
🧵From the desk of 45 on crazy Nancy Pelosi:

Nancy Pelosi is spending a great deal of time, effort, and money on the formulation of a Fake and highly partisan January 6 Committee to ask, “what happened?”
Will Nancy investigate herself and those on Capitol Hill who didn’t want additional protection, including more police and National Guard, therefore being unprepared despite the large crowd of people that everyone knew was coming?
Will Nancy and her Committee study the massive Voter Fraud that took place during the 2020 Presidential Election, particularly in swing states, that was the reason hundreds of thousands of people came pouring into Washington and, therefore, must be a big factor…
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24 Jul
I’ll simply say this.

If McConnell wanted to defeat Herschel, he likely would’ve waited longer.

This feels more like an attempt, possibly by team Trump, to inoculate Herschel early against this information.
See in the lead up to considering running Herschel would have reviewed all potential damaging information available or accessible in the public realm.

He knew this could come out.

So then you have a choice. Try to avoid it or confront it early.
If you decide to confront it early then the question is how do you push out this information and what framing is it given.

As a result of this coming out via @AP, team Herschel can make this about McConnell attempting to interfere in Georgia.
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20 Jul
I generally accept and even mostly agree with Jenna’s point.

Except that a fiscal conservative could also be socially liberal.

In fact we have both blue dog Democrats and Republicans Governors of mostly blue states as current examples.

So saying I am a conservative could mean you fiercely believe in defending individual liberties as delineated in the bill of rights AND believe a woman should have the right to an abortion. Or to be a porn star. 2/5
Yes mostly people presume that a conservative is a person committed to maintaining or conserving the culture or even a religious conservative orthodoxy but it is actually false to say that a these are intrinsic to being a conservative.

It’s an aspect of conservatism. 3/5
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9 Jul
The ribs are ready to go on!
At in laws. Gotta make due.
So far so good...
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9 Jul
I’m going to try to break down my issue with how Tucker rolled out the NSA story.

First of all, Tucker broke his own story.

Supposedly because he was approached by an NSA whistleblower. 1/
This meant he had total control of how the story was “reported”.

When he told his audience the story that NSA was collecting his coms he also gave a why. He said they were targeting him specifically with the intent of destroying him, “take my show off the air”. 2/
At the time he was breaking “news”, he withheld a key piece of information that his audience should’ve been told because it would’ve affected their understanding of the story and undercut the claim he was making. It’s like a prosecutor withholding exculpatory evidence. 3/
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2 Jul
“Similarly, Justice Alito criticized attempts made to paint the entire legislature as racist based on a “racially-tinged” video and unfounded claims of voter fraud made by one politician, writing:” 1/3
“Under our form of government, legislators have a duty to exercise their judgment and to represent their constituents. It is insulting to suggest that they are mere dupes or tools.” 2/3
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27 Jun
Maybe you noticed last night but if not I’ll fill you in. There are those on the right, people you would assume would be on “our side” and 100% MAGA who are either angry at Trump or jealous of him.

They believe this is their movement and they want it back.
They’re using all sorts of disinformation tactics to lift themselves up diminish Trump.

They are trolling Trump’s attempts to help people like @MaxMillerOH defeat RINOs like Anthony Gonzales.
Diminishing the incredible political power that has 1 million people watching a rally online and 25,00 people showing up in person 6 months after Trump lost the WH and a year and a half before the mid terms.

As though they or any of their preferred politicians could touch that.
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26 Jun

Will Rumble allow Trump to use them as an ongoing broadcast medium?
It seems Trump does intend to use this channel as an ongoing broadcast distributor.

We will see.
Btw I’m @ sethjlevy on Rumble.

No content there though.
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24 Jun
Did McConnell come forward once and say “We won’t allow Democrats to raid the Treasury and put $6 trillion burden on our grandchildren. Biden can have a bipartisan infrastructure deal or use reconciliation but we won’t provide any votes to a process that attempts to do both”?
Just know that later when McConnell whines about how outrageous Democrat spending is that he did nothing to actually stop it.
Name me the time that Schumer allowed ten Democrat Senators to negotiate with Trump on a bill that was a central tenant of Democrat ideology like debt and spending is for Republicans.

It never happened.

He showed up in person and blocked everything.

McConnell sold you out.
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18 Jun
Name me the last time that a Republican House or a Republican Senate forced a vote to require free speech rights on social media?

On constitutional carry?

On ending the abuses of our alphabet agencies using national security to intrude on my privacy?
These are the issues Republicans should be dying on a hill for.

What was the biggest Republican opposition to Trump?

He might end foreign interventions.

He might end or severely curtail immigration.
They allowed people like Sasse and Cheney to openly oppose Trump on the most important issues of our day inside of some rally cry to protect “conservatism”.

Even today their opposition to Trump, including Mitch McConnell himself, is that Trump won’t just co-sign election fraud.
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16 Jun
I had missed this.

But I think the reporter is misinterpreting the significance.

It’s another sign that Noem will challenge Thune.…
“Given Noem’s ascendant profile among conservatives, the federal PAC registration is “a pretty strong signal that she probably has national aspirations,” Edwin Bender, the head of The National Institute on Money in State Politics, said.”
Of course because the national media can’t accept that the nomination in 2024 will be Donald Trump, they assume the PAC is a signal that Noem will run for President.

But if you look at how these funds can be used I think you find the true answer.
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10 Jun
1/ “Ms. Noem is trying to cement her place as the only female Trump ally echoing the former president’s trigger-the-left approach among the upper tiers of potential 2024 candidates.”…
2/ “Ms. Noem had a relatively modest profile during four terms serving in Congress and in her first year as governor. By the end of 2020, however, she had gained the notice of Mr. Trump, who was egging her on to challenge Mr. Thune in his primary next year.”
3/ “She has disclaimed any interest in such a challenge. But her coziness with Mr. Trump and her hiring of the hard-charging Lewandowski, the former president’s onetime campaign manager, has put a chill in her relationship with Mr. Thune, the second-ranking Senate Republican.”
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19 May
Here’s the other part of what happened.

Republicans have long complained about dirty voter rolls. But they were always very timid about doing anything about it.

Think about the key states we lost.

In some of the key states there has been Republican control of the legislature and the governorship for many cycles.

Yet it took the calamity of 2020 for them to finally take action to clean voter roles.

It was tinder for the 2020 fire.

Millions of “registered” voters who haven’t actually voted under that registration for many cycles.

They either lost hope in the political process or moved or died. But the registration is still open.

Republicans could have fixed this long ago. It’s long been a problem.

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19 May
This is the fact of the matter.

This is what Democrats learned in the 2018 Scott/Nelson loss.

Arguing that already categorized “invalid” ballots should be counted was a losing approach.

Because courts wouldn’t get in the middle of election processes.


But at the same time if the election official said the ballot was valid, whether it was or wasn’t, then by the same token the courts wouldn’t get into the middle of those decisions.

Courts assume election officials are operating in good faith.


Unless you have direct evidence of fraud or conspiracy. Not circumstantial. Direct. It needs to be like an official coming forward or an email describing the intent to violate the law.

Short of that the court assumes all actions were taken in good faith.


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2 May
Did you see how McConnell recently snapped about focusing on the (non Trump) future?

There’s gotta be a ton of cash behind that effort.

That cash goes to the publishers of right wing media and flows downward to the writers and media personalities.

If you were wondering...
The Republican establishment did everything in their power to prevent Trump in 2016.

Do you really think they are not going to do the same now?

If you can’t stop him then create conditions to limit his affect.

Their goals:

1) Prevent Trump

2) Maintain Senate leadership
The right wing media types make their money and forward their careers by forwarding the interests of the money that makes their careers possible.

Those are the facts of life.

As @SuitableAlias points out, sadly we don’t have Greenwood’s or Tracey’s on the right.
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27 Apr
Not sure if this will interest anyone but my family and I have had the flu this week.

My two year old son was very sick a few nights ago. Last year he was in the hospital three times with a respiratory virus right at the begging game of the Covid thing.
They weren’t testing then unless you had been in certain countries. So I don’t really know what he had. Anyway, one night he was struggling to breath. We have a nebulizer so we gave him a treatment and he got through the night.
The next morning it started up again so out of caution we brought him to the emergency room of the local children’s hospital.

I was expecting they would ask us all of the Covid questions and do a rapid test but no. They did ask he he had traveled out of the country. That’s it.
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23 Apr
When I was a kid my mom would tell me, “Seth, be careful who you are with and where you go because if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time you will get in as much trouble as the person who did something.”
She was explaining that life isn’t fair. That sometimes you get punishments you don’t necessarily deserve. That if you are putting yourself in bad situations, bad things happen.

She was helping me confront reality.
Did Ma’Khia Bryant “deserve to die”? Maybe not. Was she a bad kid? Maybe not.

But she had a knife in her hand and was lunging at another girl in front of a police officer.
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15 Apr
The idea that in the world of political news or events there are absolute truths is narrow minded and silly.

Like yes, if a vote count in the Senate was 56-44 that’s a fact. Why a bill was brought to a vote or the motivations behind the vote are impossible to know.
The entire point of free speech is that you can criticize and question things, particularly the actions of government entities. The idea that we should force adherence to the official account of things is the opposite of free speech and weakens us as a country.
Places like YouTube and Twitter are the modern public square. Particularly in a time when we have empowered governments to lock us away in our homes for our own safety.

These companies have proven they cannot be trusted to protect our rights.
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