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8 Apr
Here’s how Jesus was a fence to me this morning: we thought that the vent cleaners were coming at 9, but they arrived while I was in the shower. I was trapped in the bathroom! My bashful kids stayed in their rooms. So just my blue-eyed, alabaster-skinned husband presented.
The vent cleaner walked around the house with my husband. He said we didn’t need his services! We get to keep our money!🙌🏾

He complimented our house, and then...he started complaining about the people of color who are ruining his neighborhood with their criming.
My husband walked him to and through the door.

If I had greeted him, would he have charged us for services we didn’t need? Would he have treated me with dignity?

I live with constant anxiety about whether I will be unfairly treated and overcharged b/c of my gender and race.
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12 Jan 20
What does Bryan Stevenson do for self-care? How does he guard his hope? I need to know.
Black women like Minnie McMillian continue to amaze me. The movie is telling me to focus on Eva Ansley, and bless her, but I am focused on Miss Minnie. #JustMercy
What is Alabama’s municipalities’ reaction to #JustMercy? Their dirty drawers are out in the open. (But I guess that hasn’t stopped systemic racism in the US before.) The 90s weren’t that long ago. Sheriff Tate freshly retired in 2019.
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