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22 Jun
Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim is Jesus should also come down.

They are a form of white supremacy.

Always have been.

In the Bible, when the family of Jesus wanted to hide, and blend in, guess where they went?


Not Denmark.

Tear them down.

All murals and stained glass windows of white Jesus, and his European mother, and their white friends should also come down.

They are a gross form white supremacy.

Created as tools of oppression.
Racist propaganda.

They should all come down.
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19 Jun
Let me ask you this.

At what point would you consider it OK for a statue of a Nazi leader to exist in Germany or elsewhere?

How much “good” could a Nazi do for you to still accept their statue?

For 99% of the world, the answer is none.

That’s how we feel about slave owners.
Seems that the same people who fully understand that’s it wrong to have statues or memorials to Hitler or Nazis just struggle to extend that same understanding to people who were literal monsters to African Americans.

Bought, sold, traded, beat, raped, worked Black folk to death
Don’t play dumb.

You know a statue of Hitler or his crew would never stand. And you know why.

You are just willing to keep the monuments and statues of white men who were monsters to Black people because the pain and suffering of Black people just doesn’t bother you as much.
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30 May
A few respectable people came to me and said, sincerely, that it’s wrong for us to be calling for the men who killed Ahmaud, Breonna, and George Floyd to go to prison, since we also want prisons to be smaller, and fewer people to be incarcerated.

That’s wrong.

We can have both.
The families of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and George Floyd are calling for the TEN MEN who murdered their loved ones to be arrested and held accountable.

I support these families.

These families aren’t calling for mediation. Hell, some are calling for the death penalty.
America’s jails and prisons are awful. I’ve dedicated my whole life to changing this and to drastically reducing the number of incarcerated people.

But I’ll be damned if the 10 men who murdered Ahmaud, Breonna, and George get to be the exception to incarceration. Nah.
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27 May
IMPORTANT NEWS: Today, @TheNorthStar launched our newest podcast, and I'm so proud. It's called Sick Empire and is hosted by the brilliant Branden Janese.
@TheNorthStar Today was a hard day for me. And this is a hard period for all of us. So, so many of you have lost people you're close to during this pandemic. So many of us have lost jobs. This podcast tries to make sense of what has happened in America to make this such a catastrophe.
@TheNorthStar And most importantly, it lifts the voices of everyday heroes. The people that mainstream media cites but never talks to.
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27 May
Sadly, across the years, I have studied nearly 1,000 videos of police killing people. Some I've seen hundreds of times, searching for clues and details.

I regularly think I couldn't see anything worse.

What police did to George Floyd is one of the worst things I've ever seen.
For the past 2 hours, alongside a trained EMT and nurse, I studied the 11 minute video of the lynching of George Floyd.

They showed me things I missed on my own and we discovered gross, perhaps even criminal negligence from the EMT's on the scene who were callous and uncaring.
An EMT from Minneapolis told me that one of the top Level-1 trauma centers in the nation is just 4 minutes from where George Floyd was lynched.

EMT's treated him like roadkill. Made no attempts whatsoever to rescue or save him when he could have perhaps still been saved.
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22 May
It pains me to say this, but I have found the Georgia Republicans in leadership to be far more responsive under pressure in the Ahmaud Arbery case than the key Kentucky Democrats in leadership in the Breonna Taylor case.

Every single decision maker in Georgia was a Republican.
In Louisville, Kentucky where Breonna Taylor was killed, we have a Democratic Governor, a Democratic Mayor in Louisville, and a Democratic District Attorney.

And they have each done a half step above nothing, crumbs really, for Breonna Taylor and her family.

It’s infuriating.
Not a single Democrat in power right now in Kentucky would be there without the near unanimous support of Black voters.

And yet the Democratic Mayor, Governor, and DA have been pretty much all talk for months on Breonna Taylor. And they’ve hardly even talked, to be honest.
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20 May
This could win a Pulitzer.

An absolutely scathing @ProPublica critique of how @NYGovCuomo & @NYCMayor bickered & argued, as they always do, for crucial weeks at the start of the pandemic while their California counterparts worked together & shut it down…
With city workers from New York's Health Department nearly staging a coup to convince @NYCMayor to shut down the city, he finally relented, weeks after he should have, but then @NYGovCuomo responded with derision & scorn - saying it was a dumb decision.…
When the worst of this pandemic is behind us, and we can see clearly, @NYGovCuomo won't be hailed as a hero, but as a slow egomaniac who waited until the Titanic crashed to finally step up.

Just read this.

You'll never see him the same again.…
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15 May
36.5 million people have filed jobless claims amid the #COVID19 crisis. Many were already living paycheck to paycheck, and without help they could soon lose housing.

One way to provide immediate relief: Expand the Housing Choice Voucher program.…
These vouchers let recipients pay 30% of their income on rent, with the federal government covering the rest. But due to rationing and restrictions, only 1/4 of eligible households are in the program. Congress can make simple fixes to stabilize housing for millions of people.
There is also broad bipartisan support for HCV expansion. New polling from @dataprogress finds 61% of likely voters — including 58% of Republicans — support expanding the program, compared to just 22% who oppose. Congress, it’s time to get it done!
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12 May
California’s housing crisis is becoming an all out catastrophe in the face of COVID-19, and leaders aren’t doing enough to address it. The brave and brilliant women at @moms4housing have a solution: Make housing a human right under the state constitution.…
California politicians like to talk about the need to address homelessness and housing insecurity, but they haven’t walked the walk. If housing were established as a human right under the constitution, it would be easier to hold them accountable for their inaction.
And the polling shows bipartisan support among California voters for declaring housing a human right: 66% of likely voters, including 54% of Republicans, would back the move, according to polling from @dataprogress.
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4 May
Millions of tenants across the country were unable to pay rent this month, and without relief, many will end up losing their housing. Recent polling shows that voters on both sides of the aisle say we should #CancelRent for the extent of this crisis.…
Around 75% of all California voters — including over 60% of Republicans — would support measures to #CancelRent and #CancelMortgage and make the state responsible for payments missed due to coronavirus.…
How do we pay for it? Let’s fund housing assistance with a mansion tax — call it 1% from the 1%. Because if you happen to be sheltering in place in a mansion, you can afford to contribute more to make sure people don’t lose the roof over their head in the middle of a pandemic.
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27 Apr
Coronavirus is driving California’s housing crisis off a cliff and state voters of both parties know what needs to be done.

74% would support a measure to #CancelRent for the extent of the crisis. 75% would support a measure to #CancelMortgage payments.…
Delaying payments isn’t enough. If people can’t pay now, they won’t be able to pay for multiple months later. The only way to keep this pandemic from making thousands of people homeless is for Gov. @GavinNewsom to suspend and forgive rent and mortgage payments.
Many Californians couldn’t afford to pay April rent. May is just a few days away and things have only gotten worse. On 5/1, renters across the state will join together for a #RentStrike, because nobody should have to choose between food and housing. People need protection!
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24 Apr
We need to talk about the threat of #COVID19 in rural jails and communities.

A new report by @Justice_Collab finds that over 1/3 of the jail population in some states is held in counties with no ICU beds. Many of these counties have no hospitals at all.…
An outbreak in one of these jails would be a nightmare. The people in these lockups are often poor, old, and unhealthy. They're more likely to be held pretrial, without access to legal resources. If they get sick, they’ll have to fight for limited or nonexistent medical care.
Public health experts have been warning about the risk crowded rural jail conditions pose to those both inside and in the surrounding communities, where residents also tend to be older and less healthy.…
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23 Apr
The #COVID19 crisis has exposed just how badly our current systems are failing people in distress. Communities of color & elderly people around the country are bearing the brunt of this catastrophe. Vulnerable people need help *now* - and I’m not talking about a one-time check.
What we’re seeing from Congress - so-called stimulus 3.5 - isn’t going to cut it for working families, small businesses, and communities most in need.

We need the #ABCAct, an Emergency First Responders Corps, paycheck protection legislation, & recurring basic income. Full stop.
Today @rashidatlaib proposed an Emergency First Responders Corps to create jobs for those able to work & provide stability, care, & resources for those who can’t:…
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17 Apr
New polling shows that a majority of California voters, both Democrat and Republican, want district attorneys and sheriffs to do more to reduce jail populations in order to save lives and prevent the spread of #COVID19.

Time for these officials to listen to their constituents.
One poll found that 68% of CA voters, including 62% of Republicans, support DAs releasing people jailed on misdemeanors who have less than 6 months to serve.

We must reduce jail crowding to slow these outbreaks. These people can safely be released.…
Another poll found that 65% of CA voters, including 59% of Republicans, support sheriffs using citations instead of booking people into jail.

Voters also support suspending arrests and bookings over technical parole violations.…
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13 Apr
I'd never vote for Donald Trump.

But for me to actually campaign, volunteer, donate, and endorse @JoeBiden - here are the 5 things I'd have to see first.…

I hope they happen. Truly.

A thread....
1. I need @JoeBiden to admit that he was the architect of modern day mass incarceration. Not just with the crime bill, but dozens of bills & laws. He also required states to follow them for funding.

And he needs to apologize for it.

And propose the most robust solution ever.
2. Right now the minimum age for Medicare is 65.

I am a part of a movement that wants to make that age 0.

Biden just announced he'll move it to 60.

That was an insult. Biden needs to try again.

Bernie proposes taking it down to zero over the course of 4 years.
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13 Apr
I can hardly believe what I am watching.

In his conversation with @BernieSanders - @JoeBiden is clearly reading from a TelePrompTer.

It's supposed to be a CONVERSATION.

I've never seen this happen in my entire life.
I had to click away.

Never in my life have I seen a leader require a Teleprompter and script TO HAVE A CONVERSATION with someone.

It's insulting. It's bizarre.

And frankly, frightening.

Why in the hell does he need a Teleprompter to have a conversation with somebody?
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24 Mar
For the past week, as the approval numbers for Trump's handling of the coronavirus have steadily improved, I repeatedly said that it was unthinkable that @JoeBiden was not on television.

I change my mind.

I now understand why they didn't put him on TV.

These 5 moments...
#5 Bad TV Moment of the Day for @JoeBiden.

Here he is on @TheView rambling incoherently saying "The cure, that will make the problem worse no matter what."

I honestly don't know what he meant here.
#4 Bad TV Moment of the Day for @JoeBiden.

@JakeTapper has to teach @JoeBiden how to properly cough, on air.
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21 Mar
🚨 Please read! 🚨

Christopher Kearney was arrested and charged for a crime he didn’t commit. On Dec. 2, 2017, Daniel Salcido was shot & killed while in a car. Chris didn’t fit the description of the shooter but was arrested by police anyways.

#FreeChris Image
Chris didn’t fit the description of the shooter given by witnesses. The evidence against Chris is purely circumstantial.

❌There is NO physical evidence
❌There is NO testimonial evidence

#FreeChris Image
And STILL, despite NO evidence, NO witness ID & witnesses who would NOT speak at trial, Chris is behind bars for a murder he didn’t commit.

He needs our help. He doesn’t have the funds for a lawyer and is desperate for justice.
#FreeChris Image
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8 Mar
Bernie and Jesse Jackson have been close for nearly 40 years.

Today, after @BernieSanders has supported him for generations, @RevJJackson endorsed Bernie for President.

I love it so much.
I just spoke to a staffer of Jesse Jackson’s 1988 presidential campaign.

“We hated Joe Biden’s ass. He mistreated us that entire campaign. He would only tell those lies about marching and doing sit-ins in the Civil Rights Movement when he wasn’t around Jesse.”
“That’s what all those lies from @JoeBiden in ‘87 & ‘88 were all about. Jesse was an actual civil rights leader running for President & Joe Biden wanted so badly for folk to believe he was to. Then his campaign just torpedoed with his lies.”

-Jesse Jackson ‘88 campaign staffer
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6 Mar
And it is done.

The State of Alabama just executed an innocent man. Nate Woods is dead.

We are crushed that Nate experienced this grizzly injustice and crushed for his family.

This is a modern day lynching. He broke no laws, at all. Never fired a gun. And surrendered.
The State of Alabama began their process of murdering Nate Woods at 9:38 PM EST.

He was not officially pronounced dead until 10:01 PM.

23 cruel minutes.

It’s one of the most grizzly acts of injustice in modern American history.

He didn’t break a single law.
The only peace I have right now is the fact that Nate Woods knew that hundreds of thousands of us cared.

He did not die wondering if he mattered to anybody. He died knowing that we were fighting until the very last minute to save his life.

It’s not much but that’s all I’ve got.
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6 Mar
‼️‼️‼️ BREAKING: The Supreme Court has issued a temporary stay of execution just minutes before Nate Woods was scheduled to be executed.

More news later.
Just learned that the Supreme Court could still remove the temporary stay and Nate Woods could still be executed tonight.

Death warrant expires at midnight.
BREAKING: @GovernorKayIvey has announced that she will NOT be issuing a stay of execution for Nate Woods tonight.

It is not all in the hands of the courts.

Go now to OK?
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