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21 Sep
Listen up! Parents.
So schools are resuming and we are like, yaaaaaaayπŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ•ΊπŸ». We are getting caught up in buying new school bags, shoes, socks and other school supplies they would need to pull through.
And guess who is super excited? The kids.
Mega excited over their new face shields, masks and sanitizers.

You know you are doing well πŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½ taking care of these things and you deserve all the accolades but how confident are you about their health and immunity?
How strong do you intend to keep them even as they go to school and mingle especially in these times?

First up, FOOD. 🍲
Cook all food well, especially meat and the likes.
Let there be an amount of fruit 🍎🍏🍐🍍or vegetable πŸ₯• serving regularly, to accompany food.
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17 Sep
Oh my eyes! You have seen a whole lot;

Oh my nose! You have perceived great smells and lovely aromas;

Oh my hands! You have tilled the ground;

Oh my legs! You have treaded many beautiful places.

Now is the time to relax & enjoy the beauty of humanity packaged in one delivery
Enjoy d peppered chicken, dance to d beat of its drumsticks & have tasty bites of d meaty chicken breast.

Open wide the door of your abode, split d curtains apart & have a feel of the view of your neighborhood, listen to the sound of the fulfillment of having your own house.
Sit & relax to enjoy a family time with your favourite programs though there's blackness in the neighborhood. Enjoy the radiance of the power of the sun in your home.

The community residents are pointing their fingers at your home; they love the colours, #solarenergy
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10 Sep
Few years ago before I got married, a senior colleague asked me what my ideal type of guy is and my response was, he must be attractive.

He asked me Further what I meant by attractive and I told him he must be facially attractive to me.
That's how bros enter spiritual with me saying I left important things to be talking about facial attractions so, I asked bros to mention important things to me so I can learn and bros started with, I didn't talk about him being God fearing, homely, respectful, a prayer warrior,
a worshipper and so many other things. Infact, bros told me he was disappointed in me, that he thought I knew much but obviously I'm the one delaying my getting a man.

Bros, told me to change and leave facial attraction and run after everything listed above.
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