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IIMC 2021 Copywriter, Storyteller
23 Feb
The winters were here,
It was time, for flowers to bloom.
It was time, for new to replace the old.
It was time that the tree shrugged off the old leaves to bear a new ones.
So, the tree shrugged it off, like the leaf meant nothing to it.
It was cold, chilly cold.
Cold enough with no remorse.
Because winters were near.
The tree has hurt the leaf, the once beloved green leaf, which is now pale yellow.
Or brown I say, it wasn't flexible like it once was.
It hurt the leaf, the idea of letting go
It crunched it's inner soul if it ever had one
But the leaf gathered its courage, collected itself.
Told itself, that it was about time।
The leaf had it coming, always.
It was time that the leaf would stop running away from reality and accept its solace.
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