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10 May
Both Jennifers - Lopez and Aniston have no idea what a huge impact their relationships with Ben and Brad have made on me full chaos I love it
But I also want Jennifer Garner to be very happy
And Aniston to date Brad and dump his ass really bad but maybe that's just wish fulfilment
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3 May
Bill ka Dil toot gaya
I'm sorry it's 2am I should sleep
Ek ka vadda Dil aur dooje ke vadde vadde Bill
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10 Apr
i would legit have a personality if i didn't watch k3g as often as i do
look at bebe aryan khan
just want to be as happy as this cackling kid
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9 Apr
RIP means Rest in Philip
It's okay, I nearly died when I heard You Belong With Me (Taylor's Version) too.
Tharoor packing for a long travel to make a simple request. Image
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