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6 Apr
Yes. This dreaded Gangster #MukhtarAnsari is the nephew of Ex VP Hamid Ansari and the grandson of Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari, an early president of both the Muslim League and the Indian National Congress and an outspoken supporter of the Khilafat Movement.
Mukhtar Ahmad Ansari was the leader of both the Muslim League and INC and along with Mohammad Ali Jinnah, played a key role in the negotiation of the 1916 Lucknow Pact which sowed the seeds of separate electorates for Muslims and one-third representation for Muslims Govt.
When Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari moved to Hyderabad where his two brothers were in the service of the Nizam.
MukhtarAhmad proceeded to England on Nizam’s Scholarship for higher education.
One of brother's grandson is Hamid Ansari who as VP of India tried to further his Izlamist agenda.
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5 Apr
A THREAD on #MaoistTerror:
Blood boils every time our brave soldiers lost their lives. The threat from this violent imported ideology is real and must be dealt with an iron fist.
No terrorists or their sympathizers have a place in a peaceful democratic society.
In the last two decades @ShashiTharoor, more than 14,000 (reported) people have been killed as a result of #MaoistTerror alone. It is undoubtedly the biggest and most grievous terror network that is operating in India and a grave threat to domestic security.
NOT misguided youths.
This terror movement began in the late 1960s when communists across the world were in great turmoil following the Sino-Soviet split.
This #MaoistTerror idea was to convert the country into a “dictatorship” that needed a fitting narrative and a devoted army.
Not Naxals-Terrorists.
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12 Jan
@brakoo Though I speak Bhojpuri, I i'll try some examples:
Braj Bhasha: तू कब आवेगो, का हो रयो है? कहाँ जाए रयो हे

Awadhi: ल्याव थोड़ा खाई लेई, हुआँ कउन रहेन?

KhadiBoli is the Hindi we use today.

These are more than dialects with sufficiently rich literature. I'll try to elaborate.
@brakoo Braj & Awadhi are part of the Apabhramsa, a stage of Indic Language post-Prakrit. The stages are known as Sanskrit > Pali > Prakrit >Apabhrasmsha > Hindi

Both were heavily used as a vehicle for poetry from approx the 6th to 12th centuries, the Bhakti Kaal of the Indic literature
@brakoo The Brajbhasha, in literature, was mostly used to praise Krishna, originated from western UP, Mathura and near about and is practiced up till Rajasthan. The lead poets were Soorrdas, Raskhaan, Bhartendu, etc.
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30 Dec 20
A THREAD on Saint #AmartyaSen.
A comprehensive story of how the Nobel Laureate in economics (a committed communist klutz to be precise) thoroughly botched up the revival of the Nalanda University using a mix of nepotism, incompetency, and ad hoc functioning.

Please read & share:
First, the appointment of #AmartyaSen, who throughout his career has heaped scorn on everything that is rooted in the Indian tradition, was outrageous for Nalanda University, that had once symbolized Indian culture and the world’s best traditions of excellence in learning.
Indeed, it is open knowledge that the sole qualification of #AmartyaSen to head the Nalanda University was his proximity with Manmohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi.
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26 Nov 20
A THREAD on #AhmedPatel as Congress Chairperson’s chief Political adviser since he became the Congress’s central piece, post-Rajiv-era.
Here my focus is how Modern Congress's (established by Sonia and Ahmed Bhai) conduct marks a distinct break from the party’s past.
It was #AhmedPatel who executed a dramatic coup by locking Sitaram Kesri in the bathroom in Congress's Akbar Road headquarters.
Sonia entered the Congress headquarters triumphant. The permanent change in Congress leadership was scandalous but swift.…
When former PM PVN Rao’s mortal remains were flown to Hyderabad, he was insulted even in death as his body was not allowed to enter Congress headquarters. Once again it was #AhmedPatel entrusted by Sonia Gandhi to do the dirty job. And he did, swiftly.…
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26 Nov 20
Remembering 26/11...!!
10 Pakistani "misguided youth' of Lashkar-e-Taiba, carried out a series of 12 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks, lasting four days of mayhem across Mumbai killing 164 people and wounding many hundreds.
Immediately, the Congress establishment was busy running a narrative- "26/11- RSS Ki Sajish."
Party VP Rahul Gandhi remarked to US Ambassador Timothy Roemer, at a lunch hosted by PM Dr. Singh in 2009, that RSS was a "bigger threat" to India than LeT.
From the Anti-Godhra campaign to Samjhauta Blast, from Col Purohit to Sadhvi Pragya, Congress had a cloaked dagger.
Never in the history of India did anyone drive the Communal wedge as deep and in such a conspiratorial manner, as Sonia-led Congress.
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17 Nov 20
To answer why no representation of the Minority Community (MC), inherently lies in the question "in which constituency, MC voted BJP's candidate to victory?"
A THREAD on why this bigotry of left-liberal-jihadi cabal is the worst damage they’ve inflicted on their community.
In this Bihar Election (especially Seemanchal, where demography favors the Minority Community) they preferred the Razakar Owaisi over JDU as an alternative of the MGB.
Nitish was secular until he allied with BJP. But the onus of their representation lies with BJP. Wow!
In 2014, BJP fielded Shahnawaz Hussein (youngest Cabinet Minister in Vajpayee Govt) from Bhagalpur (with a sizeable MC pop). But even during the Modi tsunami, he lost. Because MC voted en block in favor of a non-Muslim candidate - Bulo Mandal of RJD only to defeat BJP.
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26 Oct 20
आज तो चंपारन मटन बनेगा!
#चम्पारण_मटन recipe:
First set of Ingredients:
Muttin- 1kg
Mustard Oil
Whole spices (black peppers, cloves, cardamom small n big, cinnamon, bay leaves, dried red chilies
Garlic, ginger paste,
sliced onions - 300g,
green chilies
In this process the mutton is first cooked in hot oil before putting onions in it. Let the mutton first be well fried.
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26 Oct 20
#BiharElections2020 - Although the arithmetic favors NDA at this point, it won't be a walk in the park for either alliance.
[My piece on #BiharPolls ] cc: @alok_ajay…
The problem of Nitish doubles this election. 15 Yrs in power is a long time, and it leaves leaders toxic in the voters' eyes. Take the case of Sheila Dixit or Shivraj Singh Chowhan... they were voted out irrespective of their development work.
Nitish’s popularity is plummeting, mainly due to his flip flop from BJP to RJD and back. And if that was not enough, the ire of migrant workers and poor handling of the COVID creates an acute anti-Nitish feeling on the ground. Only saving grace in his favor is TINA.
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22 Sep 20
कृषि विधेयक पर हर तरह के शब्द-जाल को छोड़ केवल एक बात देखने की जरूरत है। अब तक किसान के पास मंडी से बाहर फसल बेचने का अधिकार नहीं था और मंडी के अंदर वह मजबूर था। अब किसान आजाद है, वह मंडी में आढ़तियों और दलालों के तय किये हुए दाम पर फसल बेचने को मजबूर नहीं रहेगा।
क्या आपने कभी मंडी में अनाज बेचा है? कभी देखा है वहाँ होता क्या है? मैं बताता हूँ.
मंडी में किसान अपना माल फैला कर एक कोन में हाथ बांध कर मज़दूरों की तरह बैठ जाता है और बार बार मंडी के दलाल से विनती करता रहता है कि साहब मेरे माल की भी बोली लगवा दो। बिल्कुल निरीह!
बार-बार मिन्नत करने के बाद जब दलाल किसान पर एहसान जताते हुए आता है और एक मुट्ठी अनाज अपने हाथ मे लेकर बोलता है, सी ग्रेड का माल है... तब किसान के पास एक ही उपाय रह जाता है "जैसा भी है, आप समझ के दाम लगा लो"
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8 Sep 20
So tonight the consensus is on #PaneerKathiRolls from #ChefShwetank’s 👨‍🍳 kitchen!
Gonna take some 15-20 mins time to prepare. Recipe to follow once I am ready to cook.
Here’s the preparation of the filler:
Marinate Paneer chunks with
yogurt, ginger-garlic paste, red chilli powder, turmeric powder, gram flour(Besan), Kasturi methi, chaat masala, black pepper, and salt. Add paneer and tomatoes, toss lightly. Set aside for 10-15 mins.
Next step.
Fry the marinated step on high flame in min possible oil.
Kneed the flour. Preferably in skimmed milk with salt. The Chapatis come really soft.
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14 Aug 20
Guess what’s cooking 🥘??

It’s my one of very favorite, deliciously spicy chicken preparation- #HaraBharaMurg

Recipie in below tweet:
Marinate 1 kg Chicken in green paste made of:
Spinach (पालक) 200g
Fenugreek leaves (मेथी) 300g
Green Chili, Garlic
2 hrs.
Add a lot of grinded Black peppers in hot oil in the pan before tossing the chicken. Add turmeric, red chili powder & salt.
Cook patiently on medium flame.
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31 Jul 20
As Ayodhya Ji finally looks set to welcome Maryada Purushottam Shri Ram, after the inevitable, it is essential to look back at the historical events post-independence and recognize the roles of the Heroes, who shaped the trajectory of this civilizational triumph.
Abhiram Das (born as Abhinandan Mishra in Darbhanga district of Bihar) should have been a household name. Still, hardly anyone knows that it was his 'daredevil' entry into Babri on the midnight of Dec 22 in 1949, with an idol of Shri Ram Lalla, and changed the course of history.
This act helped legally, as the other party couldn't establish adverse possession after 1949. Abhiram Das was selected by the principal architects of the plan - Maharaja Pateshwari Prasad Singh of Balrampur, Mahant Digvijay Nath of Gorakhnath Muth, and Faizabad DM, KK Nayar.
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28 Jul 20
At a time, #Bihar is witnessing the double disaster of the rapid spread of Corona and a disastrous flood, the deputy CM is focused on what Congress is doing in Rajasthan.
This (@NitishKumar + @SushilModi) duo are the most NIKAMMA politicians India has today.
As per the reports from the ground, there's a massive community level spread. But the malicious attempt is to suppress the news.
Much smaller states like Haryana, Punjab, & J&K have done more tests than Bihar. But @NitishKumar & @SushilModi have their eyes set on the election. Image
In the background, is a designated COVID CARE CENTER.
Look at the state of healthcare and imagine the plight!
@NitishKumar is brazenly incompetent. And this shameless man @SushilModi's governance is limited to - give a statement, get it published, then tweet its paper cutting. Image
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22 Jul 20
Remembering the great singer #Mukesh
Sharing here Top-10 songs from dad's collection, when we first started listening to Mukesh.
The first that comes to mind - SAB KUCHH SEEKHA HAMNE
The legendary troika of Mukesh, Shankar Jaikishan & Shailendra
The next is one of the Most Romantic songs of all time.
Again, the same troika of #Mukesh, Shailendra, and Shankar Jaikishan joined by Lata and to top it up - the screen magic of Raj Kapoor & Nargis.
Again in TEESRI KASAM, the troika of #Mukesh, Shailendra, and Shankar Jaikishan mesmerized with amazingly beautiful songs.
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19 Jul 20
The most deserving person (if it has to be a politician) is Shraddhey LAL KRISHNA ADVANI JI to do this ritual who single-handedly made it one of the biggest political movement of India.
Advani Ji's role in making Ramjanambhoomi a national movement:
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13 Jul 20
As #biharelection2020 approaches, this rag @NalinAnant, masquerading as a journalist is helping normalize a convicted criminal, who ran arguably the worst regime in recent history where rape, extortion, and murder were the pillars of his governance.…
In the above piece, @NalinAnant compares the Lalu’s 15 vs Nitish’s 15, whitewashing the truth, full of lies and propaganda to cheat this generation and to absolve Lalu Yadav's nightmarish regime of the grave charges. The @ttindia is full of such frauds.
Writing a piece in a rag called @ttindia, comparing the political rivals in Bihar, as the #biharelection2020 approaching, without giving any hint that the writer @NalinAnant also happens to be Lalu Yadav's autobiographer, is plain FRAUD. ImageImage
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4 Jul 20
Post-Galwan Valley bloody clash between the Indian and Chinese Armies, there is a fast and significant military escalation on both sides, across the LAC. A military clash looming between two nuclear-armed countries cannot be ruled out.
It’s the most unpredictable phase.
From Doklam to Galwan, for the second time in two years, India has sent its message clear… and demonstrated its resolve to the world, it will not tolerate any such Chinese misadventures, and such provocations will result in a violent Indian response.
This change in attitude also pushes India into a new phase of a much significant strategic & security challenge - counterbalancing China. India will have to decide its allies, overtly and covertly. So far, PM Modi has maintained suspense over the shift in the global power game.
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11 Jun 20
Difficult to express disgust every time MSM attempts to portray this rustic criminal #LaluPrasadYadav, convicted of many scams as Bihar’s Nelson Mandela.
A shame that we have to remind people about his #JungleRaj! But we shall do it every time there is such an attempt.

There are not only tweets and subtle references, but a range of full-length articles whitewashing the truth, full of lies and propaganda to cheat this generation and to absolve #LaluPrasadYadav's nightmarish #JungleRaj regime of the grave charges.
Ask any #Bihari who grew up in that period in Bihar... a LIVING HELL. Moving out of the house after dark was scary. The scams for which #LaluPrasadYadav is convicted are nothing compared to the #JungleRaj... organized crimes flourished, all under the close watch of CM House.
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