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May 18, 2022 36 tweets 15 min read
US #ManagedRetreat policies + funding do not meet community needs. Many reforms are needed from Congress + HUD, FEMA, UDSA, USACE. Here are 13 recs I discuss at the @EESIonline briefing w/ @sruffoocean @ProfRobinCraig and Lydia Olander @NichInstitute. 🧵Add your thoughts & recs! 1/13 A suite of federal reforms are needed to incentivize state & local governments to discourage new development in floodplains (yes, this is #avoidance not #retreat, but the first rule of solving a problem is to stop making it harder to solve) Text reads: The Rule of Holes: "If you are in a hole, s
Jan 14, 2022 33 tweets 21 min read
🧵 #Managedretreat research had a big year in 2021. Here’s some highlights. Obviously this collection is incomplete due to limits in thread lengths & my attention span, so please add! Columbia’s Managed Retreat Conference of course was a highlight for #relocation discussion. A playlist of the talks is available on YT youtube.com/playlist?list=…