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25 Nov
Quick little thread to get your Thursday going.

So on 24 July 1991 the New York Times put out an edition consisting of 84 pages and costing 40 cents. The main story was about Soviet plans to sell a stake in a PSU car maker.
Around the same time, in May 1991, the day after Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated, the Times of India in Bombay put out an edition of 28 pages costing INR 2.
With me so far? Keep those two sets of numbers in mind. Pages and price. Ok. Great. Now, earlier this week, on November 22, 2021, the NY Times put out an edition of approx. 100 pages. And it cost 3 dollars.
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10 Nov
Ok so this came up during a phone call today. So I am going to do one thread about an old news story I did during Mint days. Everything is anonymised because court case is pain in the back-end. It all starts with an Indian company that was booming until... 1/n stopped booming. But first... in February 2008 it was the darling of the business papers. Founder was giving lectures at conferences and summits. They had opened branches by the hundreds all over India. Things were looking amazing. And then... the tide turned. 2/n
And suppliers, employees and bankers all started pointing out problems with cash flows, debt, delayed salaries and so on. Keep in mind that the founder had quite recently raised a gigaton of cash from two major VCs. It seemed like the company had just grown out of control. 3/n
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9 Jul
Food memories flooding into my mind. Shawarmas on the weekend in Abu Dhabi with family. Going to Milk Bar in Thrissur during college days and eating steaming porotta and beef. Idlis for breakfast at Annapurneswari, Crosscut Road Coimbatore. Tibetan restaurant in Kodai.
Eating that bloody Britannia cake thing on long bus journeys in the middle of the night. Rice and kadala before running to college on wet rainy mornings.
Pritam Hotel in Dadar used to make this garlicky rolls. Dabeli from one hole in the wall guy opposite Wadala station. Pani puri guy in Vastrapur. Swastik sandwiches in Bombay. Random Malayali hotel in gulf chicken sukka and chappati.
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