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1 Aug
The national economy is reeling during the #COVID19 pandemic, but MI Republicans have made the 2020 election play that they can blame everything on @GovWhitmer and people will forget Donald Trump is president. It's a bad bet. Me in the @MichiganAdvance…
You can't separate what's going on in DC from Michigan. Republicans in Washington left town without a fiscal deal, leaving millions of unemployed Americans and state governments in the lurch (yes, many red states are in worse shape than we are).…
Nationally, the picture is grim: COVID-19 deaths have soared past 150,000 and the nation’s gross domestic product plummeted by a jaw-dropping 33% last quarter.…
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23 Nov 19
You may have heard that GOP Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey called Gov. Gretchen Whitmer "batshit crazy." I have some thoughts, especially for men in my profession, who are usually in a much better position than women to call sexism out.
Women, especially younger ones, don’t want to be the ones to publicly raise sexism. It’s a great way not to be taken seriously in a still male-dominated profession. So being an ally is a powerful show of solidarity for male journos.…
I've been in journalism for almost 20 years and I've learned a lot from my mistakes, especially being in my 20s and covering Michigan's first female governor, @JenGranholm. Journalists aren’t infallible and we should admit that.…
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27 Aug 18
WOW. Republican Secretary of State nominee Mary Treder Lang said without GOP-led voter purges that kicked legitimate Michigan voters off the rolls, “We wouldn’t have President Trump today as our great president, nor would we be a red state.”
We have a Michigan Secretary of State candidate who is just announcing she's going to use her position to help the Republican Party in elections. This is a pretty big deal.
Michigan's GOP Secretary of State nominee is also a big fan of VP Mike Pence's voter suppression commission, is against @NotPoliticians and for the GOP advantage in redistricting. Might be of interest, @DemFromCT @PoliticsWolf @armandodkos @Taniel
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