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17 Oct
Evening. Me again. Here is a list of some of my favourite live performances. The kind of performances you would hope will happen next year. The type of performances that many musicians need support with now, so they can make it through.
The Arcade Fire once played the 13th note on King street in Glasgow. Small venues are integral to this as well. Here they are playing one of my favourite songs in a lift. The percussion is inspired -
Here are Big Thief playing the tiny desk concert. Yes, the rhythm guitarist is distracting but don't let that spoil what is a predictably brilliant version of "Masterpiece" -
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16 Oct
When you are governed by a party that has so little understanding and appreciation of artistic culture (especially music) then the outlook for support is particularly grim right now. So it's down to us. Fwiw, here is a list of music I have enjoyed recently.
Adrianne Lenker is one of the most consistently brilliant songwriters and musicians around. I can't wait for the new album adriannelenker.bandcamp.com/track/dragon-e…
Fantastic atmospheric vocal led ambience by Julianna Barwick juliannabarwick.bandcamp.com/track/healing-…
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