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1 Nov
Super Beitrag von @c_drosten (long play)

Die westlichen Länder haben nicht gelernt mit diesem neuen Virus zu tanzen, (sprich Kontakt-Tracing und Verhaltensänderungen) und deswegen muss man wieder den Hammer herausholen (Varianten con Lockdowns)
« Wenn man das Lockdown zu spät macht, muss man agressiver und länger intervenieren »
« Wenn Leute Maske tragen und Abstand halten, reicht es nicht. Nein. Das haben wir gerechnet. »
« Auch ein Lockdown reicht nicht aus, wenn man nachher nichts ändert »
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17 Oct
A must read to better understand the spreading pattern of COVID-19.
After 9 months of collecting epidemiological data, we know that this is an overdispersed pathogen, meaning that it tends to spread in clusters, but this knowledge hasn’t yet fully entered our preventive practices
“Diseases like the flu are pretty nearly deterministic and R0 (while flawed) paints about the right picture (nearly impossible to stop until there’s a vaccine).” That’s not necessarily the case with super-spreading diseases.
Hitoshi Oshitani of the COVID-19 Cluster Taskforce at Japan’s Ministry of Health and a professor at Tohoku University: Japan focused on the overdispersion impact from early on, likens his country’s approach to looking at a forest and trying to find the clusters, not the trees
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26 Aug
I have growing concerns regarding the consequences of COVID mitigation measures on the social fabric. I fully support these measures of course. Yet as the virus will stay with us for a while, we need to assess the impact of such measures beyond their strick medical impact.
People need to be able to communicate IRL as freely as possible, to go together through positive experiences, to develop new projects together. We need a vibrant society. Yet, presently the "other" is featured as a potential danger, and tends to be reduced to that.
If people don't talk to each other, the risk of conflict grows. COVID mitigation measures, including travel restrictions, restrict our interaction opportunities with others. Again, I am in favor of such measures.
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