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24 Nov 19
As a low income black mom I call bullshit.
I've worked in tutoring progs & a charter school but as an organizer I know this isn't true.
What is true is this is an old tired racist and classist stereotype born of ignorance.
Do better. #MayoPete #MayoPeteGottaGo #MayorPete
Not only have I always fought for my kids education but so do low income black parents in South Bend the very black voters he ignores and fails to communicate with.
Perhaps he should try meeting with them? #MayoPeteGottaGo #MayorPete
I was a Girl Scout leader and PTA president, VP and parent council president at Head Start as well as serving on Policy Council.
He shld ask the Michigan City IN school board abt me disrupting meetings to advocate for my kids when I was 19.
#MayoPeteGottaGo #MayorPete.
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