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Ed Psych PhD candidate @edIllinois. @APAMFP predoc fellow. Advocacy @AMENAPsy. Identity, Belonging, Radical Healing Iranian American, Immigrant, he/him/او
Jul 10, 2021 29 tweets 19 min read
Tuning into this important, final plenary session of #2021apadiv45 : The Impact of COVID-19 on Communities of Color @apadiv45 Starting off with the incomparable Dr. Mona Amer, founding member of @amenapsy. "How many of these stories [of COVID19 racial traumas] impact the Arab American community? We don't know, b/c Arabs are subsumed under the racial category of white." #2021apadiv45 @apadiv45
Jul 9, 2021 12 tweets 9 min read
I am so thrilled to hear from Dr. @HelenNeville12 , Dr. Bill Cross, Dr. Tiffany Yip, and Dr. Art Blume, moderated by @Dr_GigiAwad, about studying structural racism in psychology. Soaking in their brilliance! Thank you #2021apadiv45 for creating space for this content! @apadiv45 Image .@HelenNeville12 cautions us against forgetting resilience and healing when considering structural racism, and she reminds us that this healing includes and incorporates resistance at the structural level #2021apadiv45 @apadiv45 Image