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6 May 19
Hello, #Exvangelical fam. What a fucking week it has been. Are you okay? Are you holding up? It has been... a very sad and difficult time. I have been really grateful for everyone's presence this week as we lost one of our own way too soon. I love y'all a lot.
I decided I was going to do an Elisabeth Elliot thread tonight. I've been working on homework for 2 days straight and I'm tired and cranky but I also missed last week and was cranky about that too. So let's talk some shit about purity culture, I think #RHE would be down with that
As always, but ESPECIALLY this week, if you are not feeling up to this, please take care of yourself. I'm gonna dive into all kinds of nonsense. These threads will still be up later, or never. You're more important. Be very good to yourself, you are loved and needed.
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17 Apr 19
All right, my #Exvangelical bbs. I meant to do this a couple of nights ago but life has gotten in my way and it's taken longer than I intended (literally my mantra these days). But I want to talk about stories and community and #ExvangelicalHealing and some thoughts.
When I was still a teenager, in an abusive home that I couldn't even recognize as abusive yet, I came to a conclusion that has stuck with me ever since, and I refer back to it fairly often. See, I didn't know that my parents were abusive, but I DID know I didn't want to be them.
And I had a realization one day - it wasn't enough to know that I did NOT want to be something, to be trying to get AWAY from something. I had to be working TOWARDS something. I think this is true in a lot of situations, and I think it is such an easy place to land.
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