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20 Jul
It's so genuinely frustrating that people talk more whether it's better to eat organic or GMO than how crops are actually grown.

I don't give a damn if the food I eat is a GMO, all I care about if the person growing the food uses environmentally sustainable growing techniques
Like for the love of God, can the left stop telling people who want to eat higher quality food that they're being privileged??

Can we stop simping for large corps who make their food so cheap by essentially raping the landscape using environmentally shitty practices??
I'm sorry that I feel so strongly about this, but it's genuinely upsetting to see people who claim to care about the environment turn a blind eye to these issues

Regenerative agriculture is a net carbon sink, at least compared to monoculture. The left needs to promote it, *now*.
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19 Jul
Capitalism that supports regenerative farming is more likely to help climate change than socialism that doesn't
The broader point being: Capitalism and socialism are morally neutral systems that function based on what is incentivized. Just because you replace capitalism with socialism doesn't mean you get rid of the extractive culture that is our current system.
Socialism is just as able to prop up environmentally destructive behaviors as capitalism

To suggest that socialism by its nature will fix climate change is naive and instills complacency in trying to fix our current capitalist system if we are unable to achieve socialism in time
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12 Jul
There's a lot of benefit to having a childlike mindset towards life. Allowing yourself to be more like that of a child can be paradoxically empowering in a way that pushes back against the drudgery of modern adult life.
That said, childlike ≠ immature. You can still have a childlike sense of wonder about the world without having to act rude or disrespectful towards others.
Still though, it's sad that our culture has associated being rude and temperamental with acting like a child.

There are plenty of positive connotations to being childlike, we should use them more.
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11 Jul
Decided to buy the cheapest bag of frozen strawberries at walmart and literally 1 out of every dozen strawberries has this weird gross chemical taste to it, it's gross
I've been told in the past that my choice to buy more costly organic food was a privileged one.

Sure, it's a privilege, but you can literally taste the difference, especially in fresh foods like vegetables. It turns out that pesticides in your food doesn't taste all that good.
I'm not even principally against GMOs, but having a "race to the bottom" food system that priorities maximizing yield over food quality is probably not going to lead to positive health outcomes imo.
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