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Fighting for open society. I want Western Balkans in the EU. Wanna be Mangaka. @EuropesFutures @IWM_Vienna fellow. @BiEPAG member, in @OpenSociety Tweets my own
Apr 9 21 tweets 4 min read
A 🧵 on the distribution of parliamentary seats (smaller changes possible) in the Serbian parliament and the likely coalitions and what could that mean for: 1-Serbia’s alignment with western sanctions towards 🇷🇺, 2-Environmental agenda, 3-rule of law👇🏻 1 This is the pie chart on the distribution of parliamentary seats PER COALITION👇🏻Serbian parliament has 250 MPs total.

*this can still change but not significantly
Mar 22 8 tweets 2 min read
Six years ago, Brussels was a victim of two coordinated terrorist attacks. One at the airport, other at the Maalbeek metro station. This is a small 🧵 about that day 1️⃣After having dropped off my girls at school, like every morning, I catched the tram. I was heading to a meeting in the vicinity of the European Parliament and the European Commission.
Mar 2 15 tweets 6 min read
A 🧵 on Serbia’s stance towards Russia’s aggression on Ukraine and what’s at stake👇🏻

1️⃣Serbia remains the only country in Europe (with Belarus) that did not align with the EU sanctions towards 🇷🇺 Image 2️⃣On 25 February, Serbian National Security Council adopted conclusions on the war in 🇺🇦 expressing support for the territorial integrity of 🇺🇦 (previous position after the illegal annexation of Crimea) but refraining from imposing sanctions on 🇷🇺…
Sep 29, 2021 14 tweets 9 min read
A 🧵about a confusing signals on 🇪🇺 enlargement to the #WesternBalkans 👇 1⃣ During her ongoing #WB6 tour @vonderleyen is sending clear messages of hope, to 🇲🇰"You will be part of the EU, It is not a question of if, but when", to 🇦🇱"as future EU member, I also want Albania to fully take part in the Conference on the future of Europe"
Feb 2, 2021 25 tweets 17 min read
1-[THREAD] on French politics and #WesternBalkans enlargement. Our NEW research breaking the myths!… More on @BalkanInsight… or an in depth analysis with @Sebgricourt on @j_jaures tomorrow. @osfEUpolicy @d_part Image 2-Until a few years ago, French enlargement policies were decided by the executive and a “close-knit community” of people. French public opinion mattered little. #NatashaWunsch @BiEPAG wrote about it… ⬇️ Image
Nov 23, 2020 21 tweets 6 min read
1-Who is @ABlinken Biden’s nominee for the Secretary of State? A very good summary of @guardian.… and priceless piece on his life and background… Here mainly a Balkan angle. My thread 2-Antony Blinken is a seasoned diplomat involved with the US foreign policy ever since the Clinton years. He is usually described as a “pragmatic realist” and, like Biden, a “liberal internationalist”
Nov 20, 2020 23 tweets 8 min read
1-The election of the new 46th Serbian Patriarch (Full title: Archbishop of Peć, Metropolitan of Belgrade and Karlovci, and Serbian Patriarch), who are the candidates, the election process and what's at stake. My thread 2-During the period of interregnum, the church will be lead by a caretaker, most probably Hrizostom, the Metropolitan Bishop of Dabrobosna, Archbishop of Sarajevo and Exarch of all Dalmatia. A Bishop unlikely to become the Patriarch