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16 Oct
Anyone notice how Health Insurance (Mediclaim) companies have hiked up premiums without any hospitalisation/illnesses reported? And with unsatisfactory explanation.

All because we're living in a pandemic?

I can understand 10-12% hike maybe, but 40-45%?
Update spoke to my insurance provider

1. Partial Price Hike cause I changed my address. (Non Metro to Metro) - Valid and Fair. Increment adds up.
2. Remainder Hike cause Version 4 of my health plan got upgraded to Version 5 in accordance/approval from IRDAI (1/n)
Here's the funny part though.

1. Spoke to a rep who explained a bunch of these things on a 40 min call.
2. The rep emailed the differences of Version 4 and Version 5.
3. And explained things patiently and helped me understand some really simple things. (2/n)
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