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14 Nov
#DEFI Thread

#Defi is one of sectors revolutionizing #Crypto but for a beginner it can be complicated and hard to understand

Starting from small beginnings #defi is now a 270 billion dollar industry.

Below is all you need to know about #defi and how you can profit from it 🧵
1/ Traditional Banking System

Before we understand #defi lets talk about Centralized Finance (CeFi) our current financial system where the authorities control and set the rules for the industry. So when you use CeFi, you put your trust in the authorities like banks or the Govt.
2/ This model worked well in the last century but the Global Recession revealed its flaws. The balance sheet problems of a few large over leveraged financial institutions resulted in a global recession through which millions were impacted and huge bailouts resulted in inflation
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17 Oct
#Metaverse Thread!

If we look at technology trends (Not only crypto).. one of the biggest buzzword right now is #Metaverse

We will take a deeper look at what it is, its history, usual in a newbie friendly way!

Some great #Crypto picks at the end! 🧵

1/ Background: So why is there so much buzz around #Metaverse right now...Well this hype started in Sep 2021 when #FB announced an investment of $50m to develop their Metaverse

There's also a feeling in the tech industry that finally the tech to support #Metaverse is here!!
2/ With advancements in VR gaming and connectivity like 5G being closer to implementation

But the reality is that the #Metaverse has been there for a long time and many companies have invested billions of dollars in it already

Let's look at a brief history of the #Metaverse!
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