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18 Jun
🇺🇸The Attack on American History Must STOP!🇺🇸

The attack on our history is an ongoing and coordinated attack by Democrats and liberals and is being used as a method to pander to whom they see as “their voters”.

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Democrats and liberals are pushing the idea that a vast amount of our county’s history is “racist” and needs to be erased and forgotten.
They are using race as a political tool to help win the support of minorities so they can win an election.

They have total disregard for our true history. The fact that some minorities view our history as “racist” is proof that their “pandering” is nothing new and unfortunately works well for them since their base buy into this divisive narrative every four years.

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12 Jun

1.Why do people suddenly think that the police are mostly racist?
2.Why do people suddenly think that historical monuments are racist?
3.Why do people suddenly think that race is a big issue in 2020 America?
4.Why do people think President Trump is racist?

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5.Why do people suddenly think it is OK to remove historical monuments that have been in place for hundreds of years because they are now viewed as racist?

6.Why do people suddenly think that venues or organizations who honor those who gave their lives for our country are racist for not allowing protesting of our flag and national anthem?
7.Why do people suddenly think that schools named after historical people are racist?

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29 May
What do you see when you see this picture?
If you see a “white” police officer killing a “black” man, you may be part of the problem that has plagued America for too long.
I see a police officer who is using excessive force against another man, ultimately causing his death
I don’t see this as a “black and white” issue but I also understand that I am not “programmed” the same as others and none of us have the same life experiences.
Only I know what is in my head and my heart and the same is true for everyone else as well.
I don’t make assumptions about anyone based on the color of their skin and I hope I am afforded me the same respect.
I do not know what is in the mind or heart of this police officer and cannot say whether he is racist or not.
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