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We all should have a right to grow our own medicine. We shouldn’t be criminalised for doing so. #uniteasone #standproud #endthestigma #UKCANNABIS
30 Apr 20
My fight with cannabis and the law. I stand up because I have seen far too many people suffer! My grandad died of cancer!! I no cannabis could of helped in some way. But I was too young to understand.
It could of kept him comfortable from pain, it would of given him an appetite
when he couldn’t eat. It would of stopped him from being sick! When the chemo got to much!!
Cannabis could of helped!!
My uncle!!! Died just before he was 50!!! He has left 3 amazing children 2 beautiful grandchildren and a wife my auntie that loved him so dearly cancer again
Cancer again!! Cannabis could of helped him!! My nans sisters husband. Died of cancer.. cannabis could of helped him!! My nans sister.. my beautiful aunt died of cancer.. cannabis could of helped..
Me... I have mental health! I suffer so very much inside! It’s invisible no one
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