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Steffan Watkins is a OSINT research consultant mostly focused on debunking #disinformation about planes, ships, & the #OpenSkiesTreaty
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7 Jun
I noticed an uptick in TASS #OpenSkiesTreaty aricles being published, so I took a 2nd look, and wow! They are churning out quite an amount of information, it's a real treasure trove.
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3 May
That's not really want I want to know; I'd like to know if that's a Motorola XPR 3500e that was allegedly taken from the mercenaries.

What frequencies were programmed?
The captured transceiver is capable of transmitting VHF 136-174MHz 5W and UHF 403-527MHz 4W; digital or analog.

Using a Motorola with DMR compatibility MAY allow encryption compatibility with other cheaper more readily available radios; and the encryption key is stored on the radio; a valuable intelligence find.
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4 Jan
I enjoy, no, I *LOVE IT* when people find, and continually discover, new and interesting flights that take place worldwide with flight tracking sites like @ADSBexchange, but I'm dreading the conspiracy theories this will make with the absence of context/history/probability. #ADSB
@ADSBexchange I can no better debunk this than anyone can prove who was on the plane, but I can add some context, so, sorry @realdivipro, nothing personal, but I have to be a wet blanket before this gets out of control (I have no doubt I'm too late and Palmer/etc will hype this anyway *sigh*)
@ADSBexchange @realdivipro 🇷🇺 Jet Air Group (ICAO:JSI) Gulfstream G650 bizjet RA-10204|#1427DC, in the past 90 days (b/c that's my "history window with @RadarBox24) has been in the air on 38 of those 90 days, or 42% of the time.

📷 2019-08-28
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15 Dec 19
Sounds like the new German #OpenSkiesTreaty plane has terrified the NSC, and while they're incapable of understanding what intelligence might be given up, they're sure whatever it is will be bad, and they don't want anything to do with it.

Sounds like anxiety; see a doctor.
"infra-red .. may also be used during overflights with minimum ground resolution values of 50 cm .. for the resulting images."

Open Skies: Aerial Observation to Help Prevent Conflicts Between Countries
Gordon Petrie, University of Glasgow (2007)…
No #OpenSkiesTreaty sensor configurations presently certify the use of IR, but Turkey had previously been using "the old Honeywell AN-AA5 infra-red line scanner"
I'm not sure what the history is there, but they are no longer/haven't been using it lately.

#IRLS #OpenSkiesTreaty
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29 Oct 19
Oh my. This is a buffet of propaganda. Debunking this and dragging it through the street tarred and feathered is going to be the highlight of my week, possibly month. This is going to be legendary.…
"the costs of the treaty to the United States now outweigh the benefits"

Really? What are those costs? Financial? It costs peanuts, especially compared with anything satellite related. The US will fly 16 flights over Russia this year, half of them ride-alongs with allies.
Costs to security? What exactly is exposed out in the open that 30cm optical imagery, worse than Russian spy satellite imagery, will see? Russia uses the same resolution camera as we do over them. What "cost", exactly? This is fluff.
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28 Sep 19
🇳🇴 Fascinating story out of Norway allegedly based on leaks of U.S. 🇺🇸 TS/SCI(?) ELINT/COMINT/SIGINT intelligence, allegedly confirmed by personnel from other NATO countries, that allege Russia 🇷🇺 is conducting reconnaissance with special forces in Norway.…
I do love news stories based on anonymous officials leaking the HIGHEST classifications of American intelligence. If that is to be believed, they have put their entire career in jeopardy to disclose this information to a journalist, and are now being hunted by their own.
Good journalism means confirming with multiple sources, and they did! They asked multiple other officials, in 3 countries, who had access to the same highly classified American intelligence; and they confirmed the information, putting their jobs in jeopardy too.
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2 Sep 19
How do conventional weapons make it across borders to fuel the world's dirty wars? Let @dgaytandzhieva show you.
@dgaytandzhieva I've been looking at ships and planes for yrs, and I certainly haven't seen everything, or know half of what's covertly being moved, but I see certain similarities.
One thing is consistent, shipments of licit and illicit arms are business, and business leaves a paper trail.
A quick look nets ~31 planes that are registered to Silk Way Airlines, as well as their most obvious shell companies in Azerbaijan.

How many of those have flown in the past year, and where are they flying to?
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3 Jul 19
There are so many things wrong with what the #USAF is doing here, that are very much not evident to the casual observer.

1) The RC-135 has changed its unique transponder number to 730000 (hex), an Iranian assigned code. So, the USAF is impersonating an Iranian plane.
2) As @GDarkconrad pointed out, this isn't an accident, the USAF did this with Venezuelan codes off the coast of #Venezuela too. US reconnaissance planes are impersonating the codes of the countries they are conducting reconaissance on, endangering future civilian flights.
3) I'm waiting for someone to tell me it's for #OPSEC. Clearly that doesn't work, as Spanish and Canadian citizens have called them out while we're still in out PJs. The Iranians see them plain as day, they're only hiding their activities from the American (and world) public.
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3 Apr 19
🇷🇺 #Russia|n Air Force #RuAF Tu-154M-ON #OpenSkiesTreaty plane RF-85655|#194E97 conducted ops over the United States March 25-29 2019. Here is a dynamic map so you can name what they were looking at. #MLAT

(Green = roughly correct altitude to take pics)…
Remember, the #USAF and #DTRA go out of their way to ensure the American public don't know what the Russians are looking at with their yearly observation flights (blocking #FOIA requests for the same data) so for god sake don't retweet this far and wide. 😏
The green dots show you where the plane was triangulated (MLAT) by ground stations, and the altitude is a tell for where they might be taking pictures, but to further refine your guess, check the speed with which they are flying.

They should be ~10,800 ft AGL doing ~300kn.
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21 Feb 19
Courtney, you don't know me, but you're going to remember me. I hope that the information I provide you with in the following thread prevents such an atrocity from ever happening again. Atrocity? I mean this article.
No. The USAF is not conducting a surveillance flight over Russia. They are conducting an observation flight with Russians aboard. Surveillance flights, as you linked to, are done with surveillance planes. The OC-135 is not such a plane, it is a treaty-compliant observation plane.
1) Please remove the link relating to surveillance flights, it is damaging to the treaty and the concept, and has absolutely nothing to do with the topic.

2) Please call it an "observation flight", as the Dept of State would like you to do; because that's what it is.
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19 Feb 19
🇧🇲 Bermuda-flagged 142.81m (~470') yacht (Sailing Yacht) "A" (IMO:1012141|MMSI:310763000|CS:ZCEU9) owned by Andrey Melnichenko (🇷🇺) in Simpson Bay, Sint-Maarten.

Guess who else? It's a who's who of your favourite #Russia|n billionaires... and... wait for it!

🇧🇲 Bermuda-flagged 163m (~530') yacht Eclipse (IMO:1009613|MMSI:310593000|CS:ZCDX4) owned by Roman Abramovich (🇮🇱/🇷🇺)

#RomanAbramovich #Eclipse…
🇧🇲 Bermuda-flagged 113m (~370') yacht Le Grand Bleu (IMO:1006829|MMSI:310380000|CS:ZCDF7) owned by Eugene Shvidler (🇺🇸/🇷🇺)

#EugeneShvidler #LeGrandBleu…
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6 Feb 19
🇻🇪 CIA weapons shipment destined for #Venezuela|n rebels?
That's what the authorities are saying.
O/C that would be completely out of character... 🙄

While @CalibreObscura is pouring over the pictures of the guns, I'm way more interested in the plane!…
🇺🇸 American-registered N881YV (ICAO:AC23C6) is a Boeing 767 Cargo plane (no windows) operated by 21 Air, LLC. The company was registered in 2014 to fly cargo from Orlando to Miami with two planes.

Two? How do you run a cargo company with 2 planes?…
That's okay, don't be worried about their business; they're super busy, and do not just fly the Miami-Orlando cargo circuit as documented; they fly all over! They're into wet leasing. What's wet leasing?
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23 Dec 18
The Caribbean is where all the beautiful people go in the winter, and their yachts predictably show up near their business associates and friends (other Billionaires).

You'll notice they don't hide, they have their transponders on 24x7, AIS-T and AIS-S.

The start of a recap:
🇧🇲 Bermuda-flagged 113m (~370') yacht Le Grand Bleu (IMO:1006829|MMSI:310380000|CS:ZCDF7) owned by Eugene Shvidler

#EugeneShvidler #LeGrandBleu #AIS…
🇧🇲 Bermuda-flagged 163m (~530') yacht Eclipse (IMO:1009613|MMSI:310593000|CS:ZCDX4) owned by Roman Abramovich

#RomanAbramovich #Eclipse #AIS…
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12 Sep 18
I'd like to tell you that TASS is spreading #OpenSkiesTreaty disinfo, but no, they are 100% correct.

The US delegation, for absolutely no technical or treaty-related reason, refuses to certify the new Tu-214, that uses the exact same digital camera as their Tu-154, used in 2017.
The OSCC vote to certify the Tu-214ON was unanimous, other than the US delegation who were told "from the top" not to sign-off. All provisions, limitations, and questions, were addressed before the final vote, and the US pulling out seems to have caught all allies unaware.
Certification of a new aircraft requires unanimous OSCC member consent.

The U.S. is 1 of 34 signatory countries to the treaty.

The U.S. is the only country to not approve certifying the plane (without explanation) despite all technical and procedural issues being addressed.
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22 Aug 18
"Typhoons launched .. on August 21 when two suspected Russian Su-30 Flanker aircraft appeared to be heading toward NATO airspace from the Crimea region."

The thin purple line over water is the limit of any country's airspace airspace
My ugly blue line represents NATO.
It is 300km-500km from Crimea to "NATO Airspace". My math is probably wrong, but isn't that a 10 minute flight if they break the sound barrier? If it took them longer than that, they weren't attacking. If they weren't expected to enter NATO airspace; why bother?
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21 Aug 18
🇷🇺 Russian seismic research vessel Akademik Primakov (MMSI:273392760) is certainly looking for something in the Kara Sea at 5kn. (Before you get too excited, it could be mapping the Arctic shelf, to aid in Russian claims to it.)…
h/t @nobit7
🇷🇺 Russian Project 21900M icebreaker Vladivosok (MMSI:273376280) has dropped anchor in the Kara Sea. I guess that's cheaper than burning diesel moving the largest non-nuclear icebreaker in the Russian fleet around...…
🇷🇺 Russian Project 21900M icebreaker Vladivosok (MMSI:273376280) has been conducting (presumably) ice clearing operations off the East coast of... you guessed it... Novaya Zemlya.

...but that doesn't really prove anything; it's an icebreaker after all.…
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11 Jun 18
Дайвтехносервис (aka Dive Techno Services, Divetechnoservices, etc), a Russian reseller of dive equipment in St. Petersburg, was added to the US Treasury list of sanctions for conducting business with the FSB since 2007.…
The most notable transaction the US Treasury Department wanted to cite regarding this Russian business, and why they are prohibited from doing business with the US, was a $1.5M contract to the FSB to provide ROV(s) in 2011, 7 yrs ago.

That was the best you could come up with?
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16 Jan 18
I've been trying to figure out what the "Intelligence-Gathering Vessel" was that the @RoyalNavy (infuriatingly) wouldn't name or post pictures of that crossed the English Channel on Christmas Eve. Because of the timing, I strongly suspected it was the Viktor Leonov AGI. #SpyShip
I can now say, with a high degree of confidence, a Russian Navy AGI stopped in Trinidad & Tabago 2018-01-11 to restock, and they have likely left by now. I suspect, but cannot yet confirm, that AGI is the Viktor Leonov|Виктор Леонов, the Vishnya-class intelligence ship. #SpyShip
You may remember the collective freak-out when there was a Russian Navy intelligence gathering vessel off the US East Coast last Feb-Mar. That info was Secret(or higher)-classified Navy intelligence, leaked by the Pentagon, but there was no investigation or pursuit of the leaker.
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13 Sep 17
🇱🇷 Ocean Glory (IMO 9217682) owned by Russia's favourite arms transporter Kaalbye Shipping, has anchored in intl waters, off Jacksonville FL
There is absolutely nothing suspicious about this, since they ship lots of things for lots of countries. Might even be shipping aid to FL!
There is absolutely no reason to think a bulk carrier associated with a company run by Putin's best cronies would be spying on the US.
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