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Vote Stephanie Williams for CISD Board of Trustees, Place 7 on November 2nd!
29 Oct
This video is from the Southlake Foundation Candidate Forum, which took place on October 2. It is important that the community is aware that our school board is currently under siege by a political action committee.
Southlake Families, a partisan, “unapologetic judeo-christian” organization backed school board trustees Hannah Smith and Cam Bryant, and they have selected Andrew Yeager as their candidate for place 7.
“This sounds weird but I have to say it: I am not supported financially by any group, organization, or PAC.” - ... "I can’t accept it, I won’t and I don’t.”- Andrew Yeager
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13 Oct
According to Texas Association of School Boards (TASB)- a voluntary, nonprofit, statewide educational association that serves & represents local Texas school boards & of which all school boards are members including CISD–...
-school board trustees are to put the interests of their community’s youth first.

TASB says, “The individual school board member’s major responsibility is to study issues facing the district, evaluate needs and resources, and…vote in the best interest of all STUDENTS.”
Students, not parents, are to be the center focus of the school board, as laid out by the governing body of school boards in Texas.

With your help, as a school board trustee, I will return the focus to our students and act in their best interests.
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11 Oct
“As a parent, business executive and alumni interviewer at Stanford University, I can confidently tell you that Stephanie Williams brings strong values, an impeccable education background and diversity of thought to the CISD school board... Image
If you look at any top University, which I know many of our community strive for their children, it is much more than reading, writing and math that gets them in. I can tell you that diversity of experiences are critical, and Stephanie embodies this philosophy.
She will balance the CISD Board as it is currently constituted. She is not political and will fight to represent ALL children in the schools, and not cater to any PAC.” – Eric Chernik, CEO Building Controls & Solutions & Stanford University Alumni Interviewer (& Southlake parent)
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10 Oct
Thanks to the work of the SROs and others in our community, we are fortunate that our children are physically safe at school. Image
And, as seen in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, our students’ basic needs for shelter and food are well met along with their need to feel physically safe. However, safety is more than just physical.
According to Harvard Professor Amy Edmondson, “Psychological safety is the belief that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns or mistakes."
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6 Oct
Why have I chosen to run for CISD school board trustee in the special election? Because the students have gotten lost in the fray.
Most of my adult life has been spent as an educator & volunteer with public school students. I have advocated for my own children & empowered them to advocate for themselves.

As I watched the school board become more partisan & blatantly political, I could no longer stand back.
I also believe that an educator’s perspective is needed on our school board.

I will listen to the concerns of the parents, teachers, and students to work to create an environment in which all students feel safe and are able to reach their fullest potential.
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5 Oct
While fashion has changed over the years, one thing that has remained a constant is my passion for education.

I’m a formally trained educator with a master’s degree and have spent time as a public school classroom teacher.
I taught 6th grade, both in an elementary and middle school setting. In elementary, I taught all subjects; in middle school, I taught language arts. I then taught 4th grade.
Thanks to my time in public school classrooms both as a teacher and a volunteer, I understand the challenges teachers face in working to meet the needs of all students.
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4 Oct
“Our family believes in the mission & power of public education. As an educator, Stephanie will bring much needed perspective to the CISD board that puts students first...
"All of our dragons will benefit from her leadership and experience. #VoteForStephanie” -Current CISD PTO President and Mom of 3 Dragons
Strong PTOs make for even stronger schools.

Elizabeth is a leader in our community. A current (and past!) PTO President, her focus is on working with school administrators and teachers to ensure students are at the heart of all we do.
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19 Sep
Thank you for inviting me into your homes, meeting for coffee, and letting me share with you, your friends, and your families how I plan to put all Dragons first, ensuring all students feel safe and have access to leading-edge learning.
This is a grass-roots effort and we need all the help we can get! We are facing a PAC (political action committee) backed opponent which means deep pockets and political influence.
School Board Place 7 is the deciding factor as to whether our school board will be weighted with PAC-backed trustees or if our school board will keep the focus on our students, not politics.
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