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30 Nov
If you've been wondering what I've been up to at @oxidecomputer, wonder no more:…

Super glad that this is finally open source, so I can sing my co-workers' praises in public and not private 😀
In short, Hubris and Humility are a brand new OS and debugger for embedded systems. 100% Rust.
There's a lot of things that are really, really cool here, far too many for Twitter. I've done a lot of work on our build system, which is one of those cool things: it is layered on top of Cargo to build the entire image.
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30 Sep
*bong rip*

Wonder what Benjamin would think about NFTs. Some grad student better be working on “Art in the Age of Non-Fungability” right now
shitpost explainer time:…

This essay is basically like "wow we have all of these production techniques to make copies of works of art. historically that was never practical. now it is easy. what does that mean for art"
it is a pretty short essay. i've always said programmers in general should read it.

but in some sense, nfts represent an attempt to be anti-this. it is trivial to be a "rightclicker" (lol). but they're trying to go back to this pre-industrial mode of art production
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23 Sep
This kind of experience is at the core of the “is a dynamic or statically typed language more productive” debate, imho
Some people have this experience and do exactly as I and @Wraithan do; “dang I wish I had the compiler to help me here, now I gotta do all this work”

Some people experience what Rust does and go “wow this compiler is constantly holding me back”
I suspect a lot of discussions around things like “productivity” are conflated with things like “have existing experience with tests/types” and “prefers runtime/compile time errors” and various other things
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13 Sep
i am gonna turn this one into its own thread:

you know how i've had like, seriously declining mental health lately?
it is incredibly difficult, personally, to put a lot of volunteer work, heart, and soul, into doing something for a project, and then to have others malign it
i can handle heat from random people. that's fine. people can disagree with things. that's also fine!

but some of the stuff being said and done has just... it's tremendously painful. i've cried a lot. some actual friendships destroyed at this point
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13 Sep
I refuse to let Amazon define Rust…
At some point, we all have to have a serious conversation about Amazon's involvement in Rust. It's been far too long without me saying this.
Amazon now has:

* Lang team co-lead
* Compiler team co-lead
* decided to not have a Rust Foundation ED, meaning Chair has outsized power in the Foundation

they've also taken steps to marginalize the core team. and some other dirty shit I won't say rn.
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11 Aug
all i can say about 1password is that it gets my highest possible praise for a product, which is that i use it every day, it works perfectly, and i never need to think about it except when nerds get really upset about it online for whatever reason it is this time
the enlightened orange website user, on a tab about facebook: "if you're not paying, YOU'RE the product"

on a tab about 1password: $3/month is too much, use this free oss program with terrible ux instead
"ugh, an online vault that Just Works across every device you own no matter the OS? don't use that! just put this file in your dropbox and make sure to configure all the various apps to use that and if it gets out of date just manually re-sync it"
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25 May
PSA: I plan on blogging about this, but haven’t yet, but semver is now a dtolnay crate. There’s basically nobody else I’d have given this too. Very glad to see what he’s doing with it
I have been trying to get a 1.0.0 across the line for like two years. It’s kind of been an albatross for me. He actually did it, and it’s very good.
psa @zkat__ ^
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25 May
"Rust is a wave of the future"…
one interesting thing about this post that's been in the back of my head all day
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18 May
on my sixth week of bullet journaling. I didn't really give it a chance before, but after seeing some tweets (I believe from @yoshuawuyts) and reading about its creation, I decided to give it a try regardless of my feelings.

i am so glad i did.
i like it so much i actually am considering trying to do a paper-based zettlekasten and just like, end my accounts with various online-based productivity and knowledge management tools.
i've got a lot more to say here. maybe i'll blog someday. let me write that down in my "projects quick capture" page...
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6 May
I am gonna die
Okay number two I had a tiny tiny bit and thought “this is fine” but I know better, gave it a second, and it’s still fine but I feel it in my whole mouth. Not sure when I’ll feel okay about trying 3, I put too big a dab hahah
Haven’t died yet. FUCK that is spicy though. I could not eat a full wing with this on it
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5 May
This week’s experiment: a YouTube Short. Vertical video, one minute long at most.

It’s tough to fit things into just a minute! My first attempt had ten extra seconds…
It is a lot less work overall to make a sixty second video than the ten-minute ones though. Which was nice because I’ve had less time these last two weeks.
... can you tell the point where The Algorithm decided to start promoting my video?
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3 May
= note: LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'ftdi1.lib'

Found libs:

wtf computer. it's on the screen, right there
did you know that your computer is one big ball of mutable state and if you decide to "clean up your documents directory a bit" and remove the wrong thing everything is fucked
the plot thickens. and by "thickens" i mean "cargo is passing the right flags so, wtf Image
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2 May
My “the project isn’t run by one person or company” tshirt sure is raising a lot of questions answered by my tshirt
Listen: I really like and respect most of the folks on this list. I get it, I do. And hey, maybe literally everything has changed in the past eight years. I doubt it though.
Just ask yourselves: if Rails really is truly independent, what was the last major feature that DHH didn’t like that made it in? Where’s the stuff Basecamp doesn’t use? Why does the community replace like half the stack?
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1 May
Haymarket explosionSolidarity of labour: labou...Thank you for your hard wor...1st May
remember that each year, to oppose International Worker's Day, the US declares it "Loyalty Day."

that is, to be loyal to the united states is to be anti-worker. their statement, not mine…
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30 Apr
it's been an intense week. still gave myself some time last night to put together another news video. still working on so many skills: thumbnail design, sound mixing. structure.
i like this format, but it's tough for me to figure out how to incorporate something important, and that's *narrative*. i think that's something about a lot of the destiny content i watch too; it's all purely informational, which is great. but. how to make it *more*?
also working on trying to ship even if it's not perfect. there's some stuff here i could have made better, but it was 2am. better to ship than to not post. you can only get better by actually doing, and for me, posting is part of doing
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29 Apr
wew Image
(this is the sole tweet i am allowing myself on all of this. kinda wild that this happens when i am busy with my own stuff. oh well.)
okay. i am allowing myself more tweets. ugh. i hate this. but it has to be said
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17 Apr
CppDevSurvey Light is interesting…

biggest issues: libraries, build times, CI

smallest issues: moving to latest standards, {type,memory} safety + security
source distribution for libraries reins supreme still
cmake still ABSOLUTELY dominant
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14 Apr
"We are finally here, with an RFC that adds support
for Rust to the Linux kernel."…
reading linus' replies is very interesting. glad his initial concerns can be addressed. namely, that rustc doesn't implicitly allocate, and doesn't require panic-ing for allocation failure
i can't wait to see this when it hits slashdot, lol
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12 Apr
I am so upset
Here’s a big idea: don’t give executives huge raises while core metrics are going down year over year. Don’t fire tons of people and blame it on the pandemic. How about them big ideas
Nothing says “I love big new ideas” like shitcanning your entire research division
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11 Apr
You: commissioned art of your fursona

Me: commissioned a drawing of my destiny character



I’m being informed that we are in fact basically the same
gonna do more of this in the future
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10 Apr
tried out a different production and editing style for this video.
in previous videos, i wrote the script in paragraphs, then recorded each paragraph separately, and put them together
for this video, i just recorded me reading the whole thing. If I didn't like the delivery of a sentence, I just read it again. then i took that single large file, chopped up each sentence individually, and put it together there
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