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23 Feb
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans Where to start?

An inclusive, highly educated society of social equals, welcoming inward migration to address Scotland’s demographic issues in areas of social care, health and education and driving a thriving, knowledge-based and export-led economy. 1/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans This environment, coupled with the the resumption of EU membership, could indeed attract a boost in foreign investment. Leaving the UK would bring freedom from ‘big-state spending’ on issues like defence, or on a large, national infrastructure and a global presence. 2/30
@fhirinn @GourlaySusan @Effiedeans Instead of the London centric and recent often corrupt spending of public finances in a non-transparent manner, where public tender for contracts for spending of public monies is built on cronyism, an Independent Scotland can lead the way in a more transparent way 3/30
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