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20 Feb
There is a very loud* Lion Dance happening outside.

* The only kind.
Oh I know these lions! There are three of them today.

Shitty photo, sorry, but I didn’t see them until they had gone past.
They are really milking the customers at that row of little restaurants there lol.
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20 Feb
Another one for the testimonials page.

“A crashing bumptious bore.” —Mike Carlton
Lovely stuff.
I think it’s important to follow through on ones plans. It’s a quality to be respected.

Anyway, here’s a link to the problematic thread. A very amusing outcome.
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19 Feb
This must now be a moment to the Mountains this weekend and I will be in the Blue Mountains today and I’ll try to get some sleep lol.
That’s not all that good really.
See THIS is a slogan I could support!
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19 Feb
Are there any sentences more Australian than “Too easy” and “Sweet as”?
Lol this is ridiculous. I asked to see well-known Australian phrases, someone replied with some, and Twitter called it “hateful content”.

To be clear, Twitter, this was a reply to my tweet requesting linguistic examples, and these are relevant examples. I am not offended. 1/2 Image
This doesn’t even relate to the rule. No one is being threatened or harassed, certainly not on any of the bases listed. It does not promote violence. See the use-mention distinction.…

I’m who this comment was directed to. Please lift this ban. 2/2
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18 Feb
TWO HOURS TO GO: “The 8pm Quiz” livestream starts at 8pm AEDT. Well, a few minutes before that so you can settle in. Prepare yourselves.
An hour and a half to go now.
ONE HOUR TO GO: “The 8pm Quiz” livestream starts at 8pm AEDT. Well, a few minutes before that so you can settle in. Please pour your first drinks.

It’s also two hours until The 9pm Autumn Series 2021 fundraiser closes.
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16 Feb
People are quite rightly upset that the word “rape” is in quote marks in this headline, but unfortunately this is one of those occasions when journalistic convention clashes with public expectations. If I may expand on that... Image
First let me say this is definitely NOT me saying “journalists right, audience wrong”. I just want to provide the background.

Nor is it a defence of “Murdoch media”. I haven’t seen what other mastheads have done, and that this happens to be the Oz is irrelevant to my point.
At its core, this story is about a complaint of a crime. This claim has not yet been proven in court, so despite us really needing to believe the allegations of victims of sexual assault, it must be treated as an allegation and not a fact. Not yet.
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14 Feb
The other day the Independent National Security Legislation Monitor (INSLM) Annual Report for 2019-2020 was released.

This thread contains a few highlights. Not a comprehensive summary, just some stuff for me personally.
Obviously a big thing was the review of the TOLA Act (the encryption legislation). Here’s @ashabeeeee’s report on that.…

And here’s the report itself.…
As an aside, last month I did a summary of where all this is up to as we start the new parliamentary year: “Australia’s tangle of electronic surveillance laws needs unravelling”…
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14 Feb
Mon plan: 1024 train to Sydney; administrivia en route; quick errand; 1300 lunch with a co-conspirator; 1617 (TBC) return train; reading en route; quiet night. An easy day, but I’ve got a busier few days ahead.
Further alleged plans may be found in the Weekly Wrap, of course.
The show is on the road.
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13 Feb
Sun plan: Faff about for most of the day, plus a few minor chores; confirm plans; organise a final push for The 9pm Autumn Series 2021; Weekly Wrap.

If the energy surges, I may even write a small submission to a government inquiry.
This is the inquiry in question. @jpwarren did a detailed thread the other day, but I can’t find it right now. The key problem, however, is that the Bill would give the eSafety Commissioner incredibly broad powers to take down internet content to vaguely protect the kiddies.
Here is that thread by @jpwarren I was talking about.
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13 Feb
When it came time to do a weather forecast, I had no idea what it was. So I plugged the mic onto a 50m cable and walked out to where I had a view of the sky in all directions. I told the listeners I’d grown up on a farm so here’s what I reckon. I was pretty close, it turned out.
Meanwhile, a listener figured out where we must be, made a thermos of tea and grabbed a packet of biscuits, and drove out into the swamp to bring us a cuppa. She’d figured that our tower must be the one with the station wagon parked next to it, and obviously she was right.
Anyway, it only took a few hours for Telecom Australia to repair the cable, and I seem to remember it wasn’t too dark by the time we finished. With no mobile phone, I think we had to say it was fixed by saying it on air. “And now back to the studio” then moving the patch cable.
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13 Feb
“Grammarly does more than catch errors..” Yes, it annoys the shit out of you with outrageously repetitive advertising.
Four Grammarly adverts in nine minutes is a crime against humanity.
Lol the fourth Grammarly advert was accompanied by a pop-up. This is abusive behaviour.
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13 Feb
Today, Saturday 13 February, is World Radio Day.…

“At the global level, radio remains the most widely consumed medium.”

Maybe later I’ll tell some stories.
Today is World Radio Day, and earlier today I said I might tell some stories later. Well, it’s later, so I’ll tell just a few tiny stories.
It begins in the 1980s, ’cos I’m getting old. I started at community station 5UV, now Radio Adelaide. Over a couple of years I learned how to do pretty much everything. I produced and presented a lot of different things, but started with classical music.
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13 Feb
“KPMG’s UK chair, Bill Michael, has resigned after telling staff to ‘stop moaning’ during a virtual meeting about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, where he also called unconscious bias ‘crap’.”…
“The 52yo Australian, who told staff to ‘stop playing the victim card’ and described the concept of unconscious bias as being ‘complete and utter crap for years’, apologised and said the scandal over his comments had made his position at the accounting giant ‘untenable’.”
He sounds nice.

Also, it’s the “scandal” that made his position untenable, not the comments. Yes of course, Bill. Arsehole.
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12 Feb
Sorry, young ladies, you and your families have already eaten all of today’s treats outside. ImageImage
You can tell they’re females because the patch on the back of the neck is grey rather than pure white.* Also the males are a glossier black, though you may need to see them together to notice.

* At least for the “race” (sub-species) Gymnorhina tibicen tibicen.
She’s discovering that since I vacuumed the floor there isn’t any spillage of the seeds to nibble on, though she did find a dead cricket.

(Anyone making a joke about me spilling my seed on the floor will be blocked and reported.) Image
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11 Feb
EXACTLY ONE WEEK TO GO: Want more special episodes of “The 9pm Edict” podcast? Please consider supporting The 9pm Autumn Series. Details at You have until 9pm AEDT on Thu 18 Feb.

We’re currently 48% of the way to Target One. Thank you. Image
49% now, though I’m not sure about the leaf thing.
50% hurrah! Halfway there with half of the campaign remaining. I could give all of you a great big lick!
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11 Feb
EXACTLY ONE WEEK FROM NOW: “The 8pm Quiz” returns for Series Two on Thu 18 Feb at 8pm AEDT then the third Thu of the month through to June.

Frequency may increase later.
Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss out. Image
If you missed the three pilot episodes in S01 they’re in this playlist over here.

(Some of the news-related questions might be a bit difficult now. These were livestreamed in January, so about eight years ago.)
SIX DAYS TO GO. So yeah more episodes of “The 8pm Quiz”. Please tell your friends and maybe form a household team or something.
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11 Feb
Australian magpie (Gymnorhina tibicen tibicen), part thereof. Image
Australian magpie (Gymnorhina tibicen tibicen), part thereof. Image
Alas, on this occasion there were more parts thereof. Except for the main part. Something must’ve eaten it, but we don’t know what. These and a few smaller feathers are all that remains.

Meanwhile, these feathers will soon become a cat toy. Image
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3 Jan
OK, Kids, what’s this stuff?
Yeah so @techoglot was first in with this joke, which I chose to not make. No further tweets of this kind are necessary.
Looking at the Royal Botanic Garden’s lichen page, I believe it’s two different types of lichen, and that there are way too many kinds of lichen for me to explore just now.…
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2 Jan
Not only is this map appalling misinformation by including stale data, it’s also using big scary icons a kilometre across to mark a single shop where a COVID-positive person might have been present for 10 minutes. Thoroughly irresponsible scaremongering.
Literally NONE of these places are exposure sites “today” because any potential for infection happened back when a COVID-positive person went there and was later detected.
For a far, far better visualisation, look at @jxeeno’s @COVID19NearMeAU where locations are shown as single points and you can turn off the historical stuff.

By all means take precautions, but stop being such drama queens. Unless you can sing Puccini.
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2 Jan
Let’s revisit 2020 courtesy of my most popular tweets! (“Let’s not,” you reply, but you don’t get any say in this matter.) Right, let’s see what Twitter Analytics has to say. He we go...
January 2020: My top tweet was a link to my @zdnetaustralia story about bushfire misinformation on Twitter, which is delightfully meta. @Timothyjgraham’s research did me well.
January 2020: My top tweet with media in it was this one. I don’t think we ever found out the answer.
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