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12 Apr
I've been trawling through the Facebook page of Daunte Wright, who was allegedly killed by Brooklyn Center police during a traffic stop. Here are some of the posts he made.
Daunte Wright openly displayed his penchant for criminal behavior.
Daunte Wright wrote numerous misogynistic posts.
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11 Apr
She was the only character in the movie who did her job (babysitting two brats) and didn't fuck around or cause anyone else to get hurt and they killed her like that. Jurassic World sucked.
Incredibly fucked up for a kids movie that's mostly non-violent (you don't get to see anyone else getting killed this gruesomely, not even the bad mercenary guys)
The main female lead is a complete sociopath who doesn't even say anything about how she got her personal assistant killed after making her babysit the nephews she doesn't care about. But you're supposed to like her because she's hot or something.
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10 Apr
Since I've been blocked by the person who originally posted this thread I'm just going to copy and paste it for anyone who was deprived of the ability to enjoy this thread on Prince Philip.
"You are a woman, aren't you?" In Kenya after accepting a small gift from a local woman.
"You're too fat to be an astronaut." To 13-year-old Andrew Adams who told Prince Philip he wanted to go into space.
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7 Apr
The Men Who Stare at Infrastructure
The Good, The Bad, and the Infrastructure
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7 Apr
Unlikely. This would destroy China’s standing on the world stage. Much like Russia’s aggressive posturing against Ukraine, it’s a test to see where Biden draws the line. Both countries have far more vested interests in the Arctic than in their neighboring countries.
China wants the South China Sea. Not a pointless war with Taiwan or the US. It can afford to play the waiting game and just grind Taiwan’s economy down without having to lift a finger.
And with regards to the South China Sea, it’s already cutting deals with South East Asian countries and not forcing them to pick sides. They will pick China more often than not because Blinken’s too weak to do anything about it. He’s even indicated he wouldn’t stand in the way.
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4 Apr
These are not anti-lockdown protest in Belfast, Northern Ireland. They're loyalist youths angry over post-Brexit trading arrangements and a controversy over a decision not to prosecute Sinn Fein politicians.

The troubles, it seems, are not yet over.
*protests. Man I butchered that.
FYI they're right wing so hold your outrage. They're taking action against what is obviously a two-tiered system. Sinn Fein (whom the Loyalists oppose) violated lockdown rules and are apparently exempt from following the law everyone else is forced to abide by.
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4 Apr
'Anti-Chinese' hip-hop track from 2014 censored by YouTube, streaming services

Thanks @adam22
For now the song is still available on Tidal. It's gone from Spotify and iTunes.
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3 Apr
There's not just one, but five Community Immunity videos. Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
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3 Apr
This was a good, sympathetic profile of Noah Green, who rammed a Capitol Hill barrier and killed a police officer. He was mentally ill and his family alleges it all began years ago with a crippling drug addiction to Xanax deteriorating mental health. washingtonpost.com/local/public-s…
The piece is worth a read, and it flies in the face of claims that only White supremacists get sympathetic profiles written about them after they do bad things.

He had a promising future when he was a student, before his deterioration. This wasn't the case of some hood rat.
Was Green's attack ideologically motivated by his joining the Nation of Islam? We don't know yet. I'd wager that it was a combination of mental illness, fanaticism and a desire to commit suicide that drove him to murder Capitol Police Officer William F. Evans.
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2 Apr
This is a Chinese propaganda account.
56 followers and verified
Hmm what are the odds.
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2 Apr
Noah Green, 25, has been identified as the Capitol Hill attacker, who killed a police officer and injured another. His Facebook page identifies him as a follower of Louis Farrakhan and a member of the radical group Nation of Islam.
His Facebook page contained numerous links to Louis Farrakhan's work and praise for him.

Curiously, his account appears to have been inactive since September 2020 when he last changed his profile image. There may be more posts, but they're likely hidden to friends and family.
It's impossible for anyone who isn't a mutual friend to view his private content so it's impossible to say for certain if his account remained dormant for that long. It's unlikely that there are no other posts.

But if that's actually the case, it raises questions. Why now?
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1 Apr
Cryptocurrency on PayPal? It won’t let you deposit from an existing wallet to PayPal so all you’re doing is buying tokens in a closed system and borrowing it for a period until you convert it to fiat cash. It’s a glorified lending service to make PayPal richer than it already is.
TL;dr PayPal bought a shitload of BTC, ETH, LTC and Bitcoin Cash and is “selling” it. You can’t even transfer it out of PayPal as they eat the token and spit out fiat cash to the merchant you’re buying from.
Makes sense for them to just hold tremendous amounts of it, especially with Ethereum going to a proof of stake system in the near future.
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31 Mar
Nice flag, Jill.
If you asked me what flag that was I'd say "Mecha Hitler?"
It looks like the flag from the video game "Papers, Please", which is coincidentally about asking people for their documents and deciding if they're getting sent to the gulag or getting through.
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31 Mar
She literally wiggled her ass out of the chair to get onto the pavement in front of the cameras. But yes, "throwing."
Everyone wants to be a victim these days.
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29 Mar
Just kidding.
She needed to be bullied into signing that damn thing. Should’ve just signed it in the first place.
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29 Mar
Won’t someone stop this white supremacist violence?
It was a mugging/robbery. Asian guy was carrying an Apple Store bag and probably just bought a phone or apple watch and tried to fight back.
The black guy tore into the victim because he dared to stand up for himself and defend his property.
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28 Mar
Conservatives complaining about bad people producing bad things is all well and good but you gotta hit your enemies where it hurts. Sponsors, employers, etc.

Progressives know this.
A tool is useless unless you actually intend to use it. Threats are empty unless you act on them.
Starve your enemies. Deprive them of the means to hurt you or promote their agenda.
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27 Mar
They murdered an Uber Eats driver in DC.
That could’ve been your dad.
I like the part at the end where one of them is complaining about how her phone is still in the car of the man she and her pal murdered.
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25 Mar
The lead game designer on Warner Bros’ Gotham Knights is asking people to sign a petition to demand that the United Nations and President Biden ban a military-themed video game because it may cause mass shootings and terror attacks.
In the wake of the Boulder, Colorado shooting I’d take the warning seriously. It won’t be a white supremacist you’d have to be concerned about.
The campaign is getting a lot of traction in the video game industry and game journalists are supporting calls to ban it and prevent it from being released.
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23 Mar
The shooter at the Boulder, CO supermarket has been identified as Ahmad Alissa, 21, of Arvada. He is charged with 10 counts of first degree murder.

The narrative is broken.
The shooter has been identified.

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23 Mar
“Bake that cake, bigot.”
Is it a cake that has gender transitions?
Folks. You can’t force an artist to create something they don’t want to. He’s not denying them the ability to buy any cakes from the store.
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