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28. Full time investor and trader since 2012 in Indian equity market . Crams CDMO FMCG Intermediates Commodities Agrochemicals formulation 🙏😊
10 Jun
My learnings over the last 9 years in market:
1.Overtrading is a sin
2. Never Chase stock prices . Buy stocks which are undervalued. Which you will only know after reading and studying. Annual reports concalls are some best way to know the worth of a business.
3.Invest or trade in only what you know. Don't get into unwanted adventures
4. Be disciplined. Control your emotions. Never let greed takeover you.
5.Mistakes are necessary to keep going . Accept them and try not to repeat them.
6. Market and stocks are here to stay. Never regret
7.Regrets will only hold you back . Learn from your mistake and unleash your potential.
8.Rise and fall are part of life. Every fall will teach you something and that learning will help to earn during rise.
9.Never chase momentum
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6 Oct 20
Why #LAURUS is rising
Laurus has three segments
1.Generic Api
2.Generic FDF
3.Custom synthesis and ingredients
Generic Api almost 55% of business
First line products-Lamivudine, Dolutegravir
Second line products-Lopinavir Ritonavir Darunavir
Dolutegravir launched in q4 fy20
Second line APIs will be launched in second half of this financial year
Generic FDF
Forms almost 36% of business
Received approval for TLE 400 and TLE600
Europe- entered into long term partnership with a EU region for 1 billion units supply
TLE 400 launch in Q2 FY21 limited competition drug
Total market size
1.5 billion dollars
Dolutegravir based is 1 billion dollars
TLE based is 500 billion dollars
.CDMO business
Have 47 active projects
started commercial supplies for 4 projects
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