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8 Jan
Some thoughts: The great paradox of 1/6 is that so much of the planning happened out in the open (both in the immediate run-up and over the past 4+ years), which actually made it less effective. There were too many disparate and undisciplined groups, effectively tourists.
This part of Trumpism will continue. To the extent the Trump family is able to operate in the open, they will become the Grateful Dead of right-wing politics, which Trump rallies already embody, and followers will go on tour, chanting "Lock Her Up" for the coming decades.
The key question is whether the Far Right will break from this. Some indications show that Trump's efforts at self-preservation by weak denunciation will fuel a break and also further a pervasive "stabbed-in-the-back" narrative that the Far Right uses everywhere.
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6 Jan
Since everyone has a dumb take today, here's mine. The Dem Left insurgency will continue and keep winning elections while the mainstream of the Dem Party will continue trying to contain/defeat it except insofar as it helps squeak out wins in elections like yesterday's.
The fragility of Dem control of Congress will be a cudgel against the Left. Any improvements in the economy, homicide rates, Covid death rates, enviro protection, etc., will also be a cudgel against the Left, which will be narrated as threatening these improvements.
Magaworld will become indistinguishable from full-on neo-Nazis (already mostly true) but adding the bizarro twist of Qanon BS that will make fundraising easier but political organization more difficult. (If JFK Jr. takes off the Biden mask on Jan. 20, all bets are off.)
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