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3 Aug
We need to have a conversation about white women who marry Igbo men (or other African men) then completely absorb their entire culture even more than the people themselves so everyone can clap for them for being that special white woman who can speak the language and pound yam.
Meanwhile, these white women NEVER display any of their home culture or speak their own native language because it’s too boring.

All their time and energy is invested in performing their husband’s “unusual” culture and speaking his “unusual” language to get free public accolades
Nobody ever claps for Igbo people for speaking flawless English or French.

The hundreds of Igbo men and women married to white people are never applauded for speaking English or eating mashed potatoes.

But once a white woman says “Kedu” people are rolling at her feet in praise.
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24 Jul
Someone came to your country.

Started a company you didn’t bother to start.

Employed your country people who were previously unemployed.

Now you the company is successful, you want to be angry the owner is white.

When they were starting the company what were you doing???
If your argument is that white founders have access to white investors who give them money to start companies, then black Kenyans should pool money specifically for black founders to start companies.

After all, when South Korea was in debt, the entire country sold their own gold
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19 Jul
After my rape account came out, I got a lot of DMs from women telling me what had happened to them and urging me to post their stories for them, and I told them all the same thing:

You cannot use me as your human shield to tell your story.

Then the fallout will hit only me.
As much as I personally know how terrifying it is to face everybody and say this happened to me, and this is who did it to me, you really have to find the courage within yourself to level the charges openly because the accused party has a right to reply even if it’s all lies.
Shebi Mustapha did that interview with that guy in a corset, and told lie after lie after lie, not just about me, but about my whole family.

But did I glue his mouth? No.

I also didn’t hide to say it.

Called his full government name and put his picture there cause it was true.
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