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27 Sep 20
This is a thread that traces the genesis of differential rates of taxation on cars in India & how it has shaped the industry. Its a policy that has within the industry caused much excitement & heartburn in equal measure. This will be a bit long so bear with me.
The policy was introduced in the 2006 budget by P Chidambaram & defined small cars as those with a length of under 4 metres & stipulated engine capacity of 1.2 litre for petrol & 1.5 litre for diesel. Cars that complied were taxed at an excise duty 16% against 24% for others.
It came into effect after intense lobbying by industry body SIAM, which then had Maruti's Jagdish Khattar as President. Khattar advocated that India needed small, affordable, fuel efficient cars & lower taxes on such a segment would be a win-win.
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24 Sep 20
Prices of 1 litre petrol :
India : Rs 81
Sri Lanka : Rs 64
Bhutan : Rs 49.6
Nepal : Rs 67
They all buy oil from us but they dont profiteer from it.
Taxes on fuel in India are one of the highest globally. Yet we arent even outraged anymore. Thats how they normalize robbery.
A lot of people are claiming taxes were very high even under UPA. Its a white lie. The facts :
Excise duty on petrol in Apr 2014 : Rs 9.48...Now : Rs 32.98
VAT in Apr 2014 : Rs 11.9...Now Rs 18.82
Excise on diesel in Apr 2014 : Rs 4.5..Now Rs 31.83
VAT : Rs 6.61..Now : Rs 10.66
Excise duty on petrol has gone up 248%, VAT by 58%. On diesel, excise has gone up by 607%, VAT by 61%. Both have profited but centre has milked oil way more than states. These prices are all for Delhi.
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26 May 20
How long can #Covid19 keep the Indian auto companies down? Not very. Skoda launched a brand new mid size SUV Koraq at Rs 25 lakh today. Also refreshed Superb saloon with a new 2 litre turbo petrol engine and mid size sedan Rapid with a 1 litre turbo petrol engine.
Karoq's 1.5 litre turbo petrol engine has peak power output of 150 PS@5000-6000 rpm & peak torque of 250 NM@1500-3500 rpm. Top speed of 202 kph & sprints from 0-100 kph in 9 secs. Fuel economy : 14.5 kpl. 9 airbags. 7 speed DSG automatic gearbox.
Superb's 2 litre turbo petrol engine replaces the 1.8 litre turbo petrol motor. Peak output of 190 PS, 6% more than earlier, torque of 320 NM 28% more, & fuel eco 14.67 kpl 3% more. It has 8 airbags. Engine mated to 7 speed DSG auto gearbox. Priced at Rs 29.99 & Rs 32.99 lakh
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22 Mar 20
3 automobile companies @HeroMotoCorp @FiatIndia & @TataMotors have shut their factories till March 31. What are the others waiting for? For the 1st case to be detected so they are compelled to or for the govt to crack down & force the shutters? #DoTheRightThing @anandmahindra
Further to that, @MahindraRise & @MercedesBenzInd have also shuttered their factories till end of the month. Mahindra's nagpur plant is shut immediately while it's chakan & kandivali factories would be shut from Monday night. Mercedes' pune factory shut since yesterday. 👍👍🙏
Just in, car market leader @Maruti_Corp has also shut factories till further notice. But they waited till the govt decided to enforce lockdown in various parts of the country. It has stayed true to doing something only when it's absolutely required & not when absolutely necessary
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19 Mar 20
#CoronavirusOutbreak is for real but so is the extreme paranoia that surrounds it. Especially in non metro cities and mofussil towns of this great country. This is a story from allahabad that happened yesterday.
An employee of the high court returned after a vacation from malaysia. He has no symptoms of the virus but his colleagues got so scared that they caught him and deliberately admitted him to a govt hospital. There was no provision for virus testing there & facilities were filthy.
So he escaped fearing for his life. Panic ensued after that and a manhunt was launched. He was finally caught & produced directly in front of a judge in the court. This unscheduled matter caused pandemonium & the hon'ble judge alongwith the others in the court room were as scared
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9 Dec 19
This is the #Altroz by @TataMotors & as the embargo on opinions end, so do my shackles. But this will be a review unlike others. So strap in. Image
Like most recent @TataMotors cars this is quite a looker. From the front, or the side, straight on rear or front & rear three quarter, it is smart. I prefer the red and black combo but I was told by many on the road that the gold was swashbuckling. I don't contest that. Image
It isn't without it's quirks. The rear doors don't have a traditional handle but have one mounted high up on the door aka Swift & Beat. I never quite liked it there & I don't like it here. The boot lip is very high so lugging luggage in & out is a pain. Panel gaps r inconsistent. Image
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27 Nov 19
Takes a wee bit getting used to. No noise & linear acceleration. You don't know when you are at 40, 60 or 80 kph. No drama whatsoever. But it can go fast. Till about 120 kph before it starts to sag a bit. That's the speed we do most of our lives & it gets there without a pinch. Image
It turned heads wherever I went. People were curious with the design. More so, when I told them it drives on electricity. Awareness about how e-cars operate, the cost, battery, range, recharging is abysmal. But ppl are curious which means awareness CAN happen fast. Image
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1 Nov 19
At long last, festive season brings some cheer. Market leader @Maruti_Corp posts a 2.3% growth in sales in october breaking a trend of 7 consecutive months of decline. In absolute terms too sale of nearly 137000 passenger vehicle units was highest since March. @rajeevdubey
Correction on the earlier tweet. Absolute sales in October this year was 139,121 units. It remains the highest since March 2019 when 145,031 units were despatched.
@Maruti_Corp turnaround doesn't mean everybody else is as cheerful. @MahindraRise reports a steep 23% decline in sales last month. Ominously, tractor sales is also still down 4% despite the good rains. @Toyota_India is down 6%.Mobike sales for @Bajajauto is down 14% @rajeevdubey
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16 Oct 19
True to form @motorcycleyogi doesn't hold back his punches at the unveiling of #BajajUrbanite chetak e-scooter. "People who have spent their whole lives making batteries or motors or just steel suddenly want to make an EV as if it happens at the click of the fingers."
Then targets @RevoltMotorsIN with a thinly veiled barb. "Amazed to see how sometimes people who have done nothing but imported ACs, refrigerators and mobile phones from China suddenly want to revolutionize our roads by making EVs out of thin air."
Another thinly veiled barb, this time at @HeroMotoCorp "Then there are some existing two wheeler makers who when it comes to making EVs, promptly go & invest in a South based company as if it is somebody else's job to make EVs for them."
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