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21 Aug
(Just a few months) I am not in pro or against Covid dogma in the medical-industrial complex (as usual), not promoting Americanism (as usual), but I would note the Russian (a Eurasian) agenda in this Covid-19 (coronavirus) stuff with some sort of grand esoteric/occult/religion in
the mix.
"We are living in the period of the end of liberalism and its “obviousness” as global meta-narrative, the end of its measures and standards. Human societies will soon become free floating: no more dogmas, no more dollar-imperialism, no more free market spells, no more
Fed dictatorship or global stock exchanges, no more subservience to the world media elite... The old world order is becoming a thing of the past, and quite distinct contours of a new reality are emerging before us. What neither ideologies, nor wars, nor fierce economic battles,
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17 Jul 19
My notes:
2 fingers pointed up (of the 'devil' bunny Baphomet) signifies Solar intoxication of Bacchus (as you all should note such pose of the Christian popes) & 2 fingers down is as the Lunar intoxication of Moon! 666 is the Manipuraka (Solar Plexus). For example, Ardra
(A-Rudra) could be associated with lunar-intoxication. Hare is sitting on the throne of the cosmic Egg (Anda) with legs posed as X (Rahu-Ketu) or Egyptian-Osiris. Hare, Heir & Hara, these words have close similarities. European brown Hare's gestation period lasts for 42 days, and
could become pregnant before delivery ('superconception')! There are 66 Biblical books (42+24= 66), and double of the esoteric number 21 (3, Shin, Uttara Asadha, ROTA Wheel, America's foundation as such). King Rama (Indian astrological incarnation of Sun) said to become King when
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19 May 19
You know about Beltane (sex orgy masqueraded as Pagan-festive) & Graeco-Eleusinian in Europe? Greatly distorted Paganism of Europe (in combination of some offshoot Indo-European connections) likely provided the fertile ground of "Illuminations", Abrahamics, & officially the onset
or spread of Christianity carrying all the way from Africa/Egypt, and the Roman Empire! What a name— Publius Cornelius Scipio AFRICANUS! One side, you have Roman Empress Julia Augusta (Syrian?) who tends towards Patriarchal Society (?), and other hand, you have Celtic women who--
obeys the "demands of nature", & chose husbands like changing baby-diapers or what!? Add to it the Partly Shotgun Weddings of medieval-Europe (that still continues to this day)? "Liberal"-Sex is also echoed in Scandinavia/Vikings when Danish queen told Al-Ghazāl that Scandinavian
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12 May 19
Twin Nakshatras are Uttara Bhadrapada (Ahir Baudhyana, W-N, Samiti+Sabha) where Pisces is exalted, & Purv Bhadrapada (Aja Ekapada, W+SE) where Pisces is stabilized by Mundane-Aquarius (Dark elitism, Sabha). Purva Phalguni is Fruits (Sabha-Samiti) w/temporal-Rajas (Vaikhari)! etc.
Fruit(s) is associated in various ways in Hinduism, & also with Vasistha (favors Water of dissipation, & highest-Wisdom of Parashara as per Vasistha). In Greece, it's Pan, who supplies Fruits to the Solar/gold-intoxication of Dionysus, which again correlates w/Vaishnavi (power of
Attachments & delusions). And, (so-called) opposing sign of Solar-intoxications is Pisces, or Maheshwari (power of Krodha/rage, degeneration & dissipation), the power of Will, which has long past Her youth (pernicious lunar-intoxications), but still that retains over the senses!!
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12 May 19
You see the (modern) trend of Pan! That's post-"independence" based Pan-India under the British Constitution (or Dominion, British Commonwealth), Pan-American conference of 1922, Pan-Africanism, BJP & Rajnath's (same w/Congress) political-"promotion" of Women's-"liberal-rights" &
Security (women "rights" are in excess in India & future political-plays) & so forth! Other side, it's Sharia (Sharia based CAR-driving?) in Islam, which acts as complement & anti-thesis to the (all-encompassing+dominantly spreading) Pan-cults, & "very gender fluid" Pansexualism!
"Brotherhood, sisterhood, I know not either: the dread (Ghora) Angirases and Indra know them. They seemed to long for kine when I departed. Hence, into distance, be ye gone, O Panis" – Rig Veda 10.108.10!
It says Vala is mentioned 23 times in the Rig Veda!…
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26 Apr 19
These "Hindu" sites promote Zoroastrian-feminism, and some other "Hindutva" sites distortedly promote feminism in Hinduism. Zoroaster, like an old-age Adam Weishaupt, or Chanakya's incarnate, "re-formed/synthesized" Masonry (Jupiter) & Freemasonry (Venus).…
Zoroastrian (Zara/Jarata + Tvastha/Ustra/Ostara, Spring/Venus) Ahura is equated w/Jupiter, same as how Slavic Veles is Mithras, which sits on lowlands. Perun (Amorites, Amora) on high-hills. Jupiter (Rajasi, inverted) is made Ashura in a sense for it to serve "righteous"-Lucifer.
In the tarot, 7th one is the Chariot ruled by Moon, the Holy Grail with Saturn (great-Sea of Binah) & Jupiter as esoteric. 14th one is Sagittarius (Art) & 21st one is of Universe/Universal-Structuring (Saturn). Parasurama hacked the degraded-Ksatriyas 21 times to Egypt & C-Asia.
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22 Apr 19
China's Confucius program around the world is spawning fast, especially in Europe, maybe to boost-up the birth-rate (same w/China!?) & other stuffs involved. Confucius program is (pseudo)-Democratic-Zion's (Nasatya) influence on China, & (so-called) opposing sign is HuangDi! etc.
Even though on a temporal basis, enmities may seem to be authentic, but in the larger scheme of things, all such stuffs are inter-connected in some ways or another. It as how KamaDeva & Bhramari operates, or SahaDeva (Saha is a Merchant-title)-Illuminati & Nakula (Jesuits)!! etc.
Weishaupt Model:
More population + Technocracy + more Human tests (NASAtya, Druid, Kathi).
Less population + Non-Techno + Rule of Law (Dasara).

Both of these humans & robot-farming acts as complement to each other throughout time, but temporarily seems opposing! etc.
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17 Apr 19
Virgo is SamaVeda (Bhuvar)— Krishna ("Yadhu") & Arjuna. Hasta is the Standard of Varuna, who's under the Sway of Sveta-Varuna (Bull or Eagle). But Hasta (Dexterity) as Yadhu also relates w/Pavaka (Elephant) or Taxaka (Mitras of Rasatala)— "opposing" sign of Janmajeya/Arjuna! etc.
Papal Coat of Arms, which relates to the 29th degree in Indian Astrology (it gets exalted from the 27 degrees above), Hasta Nakshatra (God-Hand), Rahu-Ketu, Romans-13, Osiris, Jesuitism, Vatican Sect-13 Hellsing, & Berserk. Krishna & Arjuna themselves associated w/Gods-Hand! etc.
Krishna calls Himself Yama (Mars/Saturn), Aryama, that's Pitris/Bhuvarloka ("secret fire" Virgo), & God-Hand (Dexterity/"Varuna"). Same is w/Arjuna. God-Hand-Bliss stands in between the (so-called) Enemy Sveta-Varuna (Patala), & (so-called) Friend Yadhu-Takshaka (Rasatala)!! etc.
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13 Apr 19
I would interpret Jalandhara as "water-bearer", or Aquarius. Jala means Water, & Dhara means Bearer (or Flow). Cancer, Scorpio & Pisces are the 3 Water Zodiac signs. Jalandhar's extra-marital affairs seem to be Pishacha marriages, & Gandharva marriage with Vrinda. Vishnu's affair
w/Vrinda is also of Pisacha (stealth-Gandharvian) marriage. And, Vishnu as "perpetual virgin" (same as Draupadi) might refer to the Mahalakshmi, or Virgo/Dove in Zodiac. Shri Vishnu acting in Devi Parvati's order is Margashirsha Nakshatra. It relates to the North West (Varahi) of
Margashirsha Nakshatra, & AraT/Aratta or the opposite of South-East (TarA). Amavasu migrates/tends more towards the NW/West. It's also comparable w/the Vamana-Avatara. Western-Arc of Dhanistha Nakshatra (feminine, Vrinda) is Jalandhara, & West is Brahmi, Varuna/Athri, or Lucifer.
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12 Apr 19
Wonder Woman is the White-dove, the virgin, who slept with many Men! She's the Virgo-element (Bhuvarloka/Sama) from the side of femininity (Rajas/Sulphur); is the Atharvan in India, Indo-Iranian Zoroastrianism & Aset/ISIS in Indo-Egypt. SuperMan is the El (Ila), Wind-element, and
seemingly Osiris (Tamas/Air, Mercury). Superheroes working as Journalists, & (direct) gate-keeping the big-finances further affirms it. Wonder Woman's lasso is given by Aries, or rather the compatible-Aries. Uncontrolled Aries is Mad-Rage, but through Sattva. It resembles more so
with the Ghora Angirah (MahaRudra) from left-scale. Relative to it, from the right-scale it becomes the Panis/Pan, or Zion (Hod in Hebrew). In Hod (Water/8), Pani's burden is taken by the seer, Bhishma-Pitamah, who bears the curse of Vasistha (more of Varuna) from the left-scale.
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10 Apr 19
Multi-faceted & intrinsic meaning, but for the sake of understanding, 3-eyes (Tritsu/TriNetra) signifies the essence of "Understanding" (Binah in Hebrew) from the 'right-scale' of Libra. I can also interpret as the flux/transitions from, or between the 'fiery-fire' & 'fiery-Air'!
Sagittarius (Daitya/Sattva, Danava as such) is with "Understanding" (Tapah/Swarupa) paves the way for the opposing sign of Gemini (Tapar) or Vitala (Taurus), which connects with Virgo (Bhuvarloka) & secret-Svadhisthana Chakra of the Sun (and esoteric-Pisces involved). Similarly,
Aquarius, the airy part of Air, correlates with heaven-2 of the Svar-Loka & corresponding with the Scorpio Zodiac-sign w/hardly any Fall. With the left-scale of Libra/Saturn exalted via the (enemy) Aries & esoteric-ruler Mercury involved, which connects with Aquarius & Leo/Uranus
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9 Apr 19
Devi Sita was/is born of the Earth, & representation of the femininity (not gender specifics). In Greece/Amazons, Hippolyta uses the soil of Themyscira to create Diana. Sita use Rama to have the "Deer", & Mrigashira Nakshatra, which has tuggle w/Dhanistha (in throat Chakra), etc.
Gemini or the 'fiery-Air' (in mystics, political/operative masonry) relates w/Bhuvarloka (Sama/Pitris), & opposing sign of 'fiery-fire' (Aries/flaming torch) of Scorpio to Sagittarius. Further (scientism) complements the Gemini is the Aquarius w.r.t Leo (Black-Sun/Rasatala), etc.
Adhi Shankara likely meant Moon as the mundane (& esoteric?) ruler of Throat/Vaikhari-Chakra. Mercury seems to be greatly-Exalted in this Chakra, enmity w/Moon, while Moon has no such enmity. Mars & Moon have decent-relationships, but Mars has enmity (dependence?) w/Mercury, etc.
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5 Apr 19
Yadu, Turvasu, Purura, Dhruyu & Anus are not the Direct Brahmana-descendants. If they are elevated as per the laws of time, then it's relative to the Solar-dynasty of Bhrigus, whose original & relative-realities maybe different. That's the reason Bhrigus were once Kshatriyas too.
Cosmic foundation & rituals are attained with Bhrigu-Angirasa. That foundation is also attributable to the Devi Mahalakshmi, which is neither Beauty nor Power of Will/Strength, directly. In relative-sense, Sun is in the positive motion(s) or Pingala, which Adjusts how the Power
of Action & Power of Will of the Lunar-dynasties are to be oriented. In that way, Sun & Moon acts the natural-allies with various factors involved. As per your aforementioned query, Yadu becomes Pratiloma, Suta or below via King Yayati, & Yadu & Nagas have cosmic/blood-relations.
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4 Apr 19
Lunar-dynasties of Kuru & Yadu was(/is) associated w/Northern India. And, Turvasu, Anu & Dhruyu/Druid w/the barbaric lands of Europe & Central Asia. Considering Strength-side w/North India, or Ida ruled by Waxing Moon. And, Solar side (lunar-cursed), or Jachin w/Europe & C-Asia.
Esoteric-Vulcan falling under Esoteric-Jupiter should be the natural while the other way round is lunar-curse of Pingala, like the Sharaba (w/support of Shiva) defeating NaraSimha (Ugra/Sea-Man-Lion). Sun & Moon are natural allies but their direction are opposite, & Forward-only.
Mercury/Aquarius correlates with Pusha/Dhananjaya, & Taurus/Vulcan with Aryama, Narada & Pitris. Susena correlates w/Mahatala. Ugrasena, Vrishni or Bull correlates w/Mahatala (Thule), but possibly from the left-scale, as Saramā (or Indra's messenger) is in the opposite sign, etc.
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4 Apr 19
#Ancient Indian narratives of King Shibi, Dove & Falcon have deeper meaning than mere historical events of the so-called past. Meaning is vast, manifold & beyond the ordinary 5/senses. It's cosmically woven in the fabric of time, macro & micro, & let me clarify it to some extent.
Strength (Boaz/Black), Waxing moon, Feminine (not gender specifics), Wisdom, Kavi (Hymns/Arts), Structured/Emotions & ancient-Indian/centered-religion & the likes is generally attributed to the right-brain, & left nostril/Ida, which is ruled over by the Moon. Pingala (Sun, +) is
Beauty (Jachin/White, Logic, Science-Math), right-nostril & left-brain, & ruled over by the Sun, which is one of the functional malefic-planets, along w/Mars, Saturn & Rahu-Ketu (only retrograde). Don't think of "Malefic" as yours mere conveniences of "good" & "bad" standards!!
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4 Apr 19
Danethor2 (FB/DM) asked me to share this on exposing Whites or Albinism/white:
I have finally finally finally figured out a big piece of the puzzle as to how modern Whites have appeared! We know Whites are the result of excess radiation exposure and a near-earth supernova roughly
10k-8k years ago, now how the whole artificial breeding process that produced Whites took place is inconclusive and incomplete and lacking! Yes Whites did breed in isolated environments and yes there are stories of mysterious "white" tribes all over the planet in recorded
mythology around the world, whom appeared AFTER this supernova hit earth. But the dilution and breeding process that produced modern Whites is not really known and how it all took place. However while I was researching, I came upon these startling pictures and information of
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3 Apr 19
Let, Dasarajana= Hiraṇyā + Black, Ram (defeats) Lion.
Krittika, Kartikeya (Kaumari), Animal symbol- Sheep/Goat(Ram).
Purva Bhadrapada's Animal symbol is Lion. Right-head Shiva, & left-head Shakti (Strength+), on whom the (relative) seats of Wisdom & Beauty are established, etc.
Hiranya is associated w/Mahatala. In Mahatal/Daitya resides the descendants of Kadru, & they are Kuhaka, Takṣaka, Kāliya & Suṣeṇa. They are in (so-called) opposition to Vishnu's Garuda (relative-Beauty). Tritsu-Bharata, where Tri means 3, or Nakshatra of Kritika (Taurus), etc.
Don't make the meaning literal with force-fitted distinct narrative as I have pointed before. Seek Kavi, or Bhrigu, which is an aspect of being poetical/artistic in learning the Indian/cosmic subtlety! For example, when I say Shiva in Right-head (in retrograde), it means Shiva is
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2 Apr 19
I think a great-great mystery of the secret-Svadhisthana Chakra (Sun) of Bhuvar/Mahatala, & its relation w/the Vitala/tapah (Saturn) is described in the hymn of Rig-Veda through Turvaśa Purodas! Bhuvarloka (Pitris, Sama/Aryama) connects Mahatala. Bhuvarloka associates w/Dhanistha
(Aquarius/Atala) while Mahatala associates w/Mrigashirsha. Virgo/Sun (Venus falls) factor comes into play through the Vasus, while Libra/Sun (Sun falls) factor is through Mrigashirsha/Taurus to Gemini-exalt, which is again the Vasu-element/Anshumana (Kashyapa). Sun falls in Libra
but it's verily-relative, simply because Venus can't Win Sun, it's at best, mediates/balances through receiving the Sun's heat (as an Aphrodite). Dhanistha is the Steady-sound (Eg, cold-War, rough-sex), that's further degradation of the cosmic-Sound Sravana (Vaikhari/"Visuddha").
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2 Apr 19
Manipura Chakra (Solar-Plexus, Svar-Loka, Talatala, Venus) is ruled by the deity Lakinyamba. Venus is the mundane ruler in Libra, & Saturn is exalted, so Mercury (Kama/West) tends to gain the upper-hand (using Zeus/Jupiter's compassion as the picture shows), even though Saturn is
better compatible w/Venus than Hermes! Chitra-Nakshatra is ruled by Mars, & Libra exalt, which is opposed to the Aries-sign! While Libra tends more towards Saturn-Laws, & Svah/Talatala, but Uranus/Black-Sun is the esoteric-ruler. Lakini: Black or Dark-blue-vermilion/scarlet, etc.
Saturn is w/All-Seasons, Universal-laws, & so it's the essential-structure! Even though it intends more towards Strength (Boaz)/Wisdom, but Chain/Laws are also applicable in Jachin/Beauty! Ravana tried to bring all planets in the 11th house for Indrajit to become Invincible, but-
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1 Apr 19
I would clarify the BULL & BEAR Market basics to some extent!
BULL, ("old-aged") Taurus, North, Maheshwari & Shiva rides on Bull/Nandi. Stocks rising, employment high, prices going up (inflation/normalizing-devaluations) & Decrease of the REAL-Worth. Maheshwari is in Jata-Mukuta,
represents Krodha, Crescent-Moon, 3-eyes with Noose-lance, Trident, Skull, White-complexion, & associated body-parts are Blood (Moon) & Breasts (Soma).
"Retaliation" towards Bull-Market/Jachin? is the Bear-market, which is associated with Chamunda (South-East) & Kaumari (East).
Kaumari/Kartikeyni (Mitra, Veles/Slavic) or Muruga-Shakti is in Karanda-Mukuta. Chamunda is in Jata-Mukuta. Kaumari (Muscle/Saturn+Navel) carries Dhvaja, Dhanu, Bana, Padma, Patra, Danda, Ghanta, & Parasu (+intended Westwards). Chamunda/Narasimhi is w/Neck, Semen & Paisunya, etc.
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1 Apr 19
Israeli-symbol is the copy of the Indian heart-Chakra, or Anahata (Yam). It's ruled over by Rakinyamba (Brahmi/Kama/West~ sense-gratifications, Karanda-Mukuta), Rudra (flames of Fire), & Budha/Mercury. Synthesis of Maharloka/Moon in higher-aspect, & Rasatala/Sun in lower-aspects.
In "Hebrew"-tree of life, Anahata can be ascribed to Vayu/"Aha", which means Gemini (Mercury in queen's-scale/"Saturn") is the connecting-force ("Tapar"/Vitala). So you should know that Mercury is connected with Chesed (ILA/El, Jupiter). Anahata-sphere consists of Geburah/5/Mars,
Chesed (Mercury/Jupiter), & Tiphareth (Sun/Rudra or "Christian-Cross"). Physically, Rasatala is Africa & Vitala is Central-Asia/Russia. So Israel, physically, is the synthesis of Russia & Africa!! It's a fact that Soviet/Stalinism created Israel, & Stalin hated homo-sexuals, etc.
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