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21 Sep
Back in May, it became clear that our political masters in UK Gov were building up for a #COVID19 narrative of "if you get the disease, it will be your fault" rather than Gov taking any responsibility -…

So four months later, we finally arrive ->
I cannot emphasise enough how this has been a premeditated building of the narrative over four months to persuade the UK public that it is responsible for the UK Gov's lack of effective action.

PS. Don't get outraged. That's just another trap -
This is not to say that UK Gov hasn't undertaken beneficial actions - it has and frontline staff have been tremendous. But there has also been confusion and a rush to get back into offices. This narrative of blame the public helps no-one and just erodes trust further.
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17 Sep
X : What's the best way of implementing pioneer, settler and town planner? (PST)
Me : Follow the doctrine, get good at that. In order, phase I first.
X : But when do you implement PST?
Me : Don't worry. Follow the doctrine and the organisational model you need will emerge. Image
X : Won't chanigng the organisational model help to change doctrine?
Me: That's a question hoping for the answer "yes".
X : Well?
Me : No. But this is the point where you're going to tell me that you will be different or that you will create the right culture.
X : And?
Me : No.
X : Can you prove this?
Me : Maps can only prove they are wrong. They're imperfect by nature and they're models. They just happen to be useful. The doctrine is derived from maps and at its heart, encapsulated in phase I, is a principle that situational awareness matters
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16 Sep
When it comes to physical sovereignty, the use of maps are essential. When it comes to digital sovereignty ... blow maps, I'll have a P please Bob. Just don't call it Protectionism. A sad excuse for strategy -> 3P’s of European digital sovereignty -…
If people had actually bothered to map (ps, it's all free, it's all public) then you would learned long ago how China plays the game. It's right in front of you ... it has been as clear as mud since the 1990s Image
In 2014 / early 2015, I mapped out a bunch of industries, compared US vs China gameplay and ... the game was over then. EC doesn't have the gameplay, still thinks that standards are the solution.

3Ps? Lol. Try starting with a smidgen of situational awareness first. Image
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15 Sep
Today, I #renewed my promise to the future by apologising to the wee lad for the mess that my generation created. He asked whether us guardians of the future would fix it to which I replied that we're still having problems owning up to it.
Anyway, roll on another year of promises, good intentions, hopeful breakthroughs in technology and inaction until the 15th Sept 2021 when I can renew my promise to the future by once again apologising for the state we're leaving things in.
In other news the metling of Greenland's icesheets is now considered irreversible -… ... but hey, that's just that science thing and what do they know?
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15 Sep
Excellent but alas it will be painted as anti-brexit and Boris will keep using the value of bravery i.e. we've got to be strong / have courage to counter. It pains me to say this, truth & responsibility might make you feel good but it doesn't win against manipulation ->
If you want to take down Boris, you need to have a focus on highlighting where his behaviour doesn't fit with One Nation Tory values i.e. hit him on his lack of respect for the law, for family values, for reciprocity, for fairness (one rule for all) and integrity (the lies) ...
... you need to undermine the feeling of safety within the "One Nation" collective by making those members question their success (i.e. keep repeating the u-turns) and their leadership behaviour. Image
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14 Sep
BT in "taking the piss out of rural customers" shocker, unless you live in rural areas in which case "no shit Sherlock, it's BT" ... please can we have Amazon Kuiper or Starlink? ->
BT broadband bills could reach £100,000 for rural users -…
"a third of UK households are struggling with inadequate broadband speeds and, as banking and government services increasingly move online, some communities have been cut off from essential facilities" ... sounds about right. This is why we need AWS Kuiper or Starlink.
X : When do you think that will happen?
Me : I suspect UK Gov plan is to try and stop Kuiper or Starlink because we've invested £500M in a failed satellite company called OneWeb which will become some ropey service that will force people to keep buying from BT.
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13 Sep
A more apt phrase would be "stay alive" rather than "catch up". Walmart still hasn't learned the lesson of Netflix that you can compete and build upon Amazon, and to be brutal if Walmart's exec were any good they would have done this 15 years ago when it was obvious ->
COVID has simply accelerated what was already happening. Without the pandemic then most organisations would have continued on like frogs in warming water still convinced of the safety of their position and more importantly their executive bonuses and retirement plans.
Oh, and that's something to remember ... most executives that have got you to this position will lack the capability to get you out. There needs to be a complete replacement of some boards in some sectors ... assuming those companies want a hope in hell of surviving.
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11 Sep
X : Thoughts on trade deal with Japan?
Me : First step to CPTPP?
X : What about Withdrawal Agreement changes?
Me : You mean internal market bill. Needed to fast track a US - UK trade deal and CPTPP? Then UK just needs a China deal.
X : What about the EU?
Me : UK playing hardball?
X : Why do you keep answering with questions?
Me : A fluid space in which players won't want to show their hands. That's negotiation for you.
X : What about the threat to international law and UK's reputation?
Me : Saying you have the option to break a treaty obligation (which is always the case for a Sovereign nation) is not the same as actually doing it. We shall see how this plays out.
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11 Sep
I will enjoy reading the details but on the surface ... good, well done -> UK and Japan agree historic free trade agreement -…
X : Do you agree with brexit?
Me : Always have done. It's not an easy path but if UK can manage to engineer trade deals with US and China, if UK uses state aid to encourage development of industries particularly around areas that are industrialising (hint ... use a map) ...
Me : i.e. follow the same path as China, special economic zones focused on encouraging startups in areas that are industrialiing then an internal game of last man standing before pushing the winners onto a global market ... rinse and repeat ...
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11 Sep
Understanding and managing conflict of physical sovereignty is challenging but possible when using maps.

Understanding and managing conflict of digital sovereignty is challenging but possible when using maps.

Try doing either at scale without maps. Hint : you can't. ImageImage
I do love people trying to understand digital / technological / economic and political sovereignty through the power of stories. If there's a landscape and you're competing over it then take a suggestion from the old Egyption Kingdom (3000 BC) ... use a map.
X : I don't understand the map connection.
Me : With physical sovereignty, you have multiple collectives with different values fighting over a landscape that you can visualise with a map to both communicate and learn from. Image
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10 Sep
X : Isn't some of your family Polish?
Me : My late grandfather's side - yes.
X : Do you have any family in Poland?
Me : No. I've visited many times. That part of the family were all murdered in camps. As a kid, I was very close to my grandfather, my son is named after him.
X : I'm sorry.
Me : What for? I have fond memories of my grandfather.
X : Did he never talk about it?
Me : Many times. Those horrors should never be forgotten. Sickening depravity, vile beyond measure, wickedness and as close to true evil as any group could be.
Me : Whilst it must be remembered it infrequently comes up in conversation. The last time was the election.
X : Election?
Me : I was polling for Labour, had a big Labour rose on and had a "difficult" individual decide to explain to me why I was a Nazi for supporting Corbyn.
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10 Sep
X : Did you know that the Chinese military delivered food and medical supplies in locked down areas?
Me : Yes but I recently learned that it was expected, such is the trust within their Gov.
X : Expected?
Me : Yes. Hence the confusion over locked down in the US.
X : Eh?
Me : So, what I didn't realise is that when US started to lock down, there was an assumption in Chinese commentators that food and medical supplies would be delivered by the US Gov to those homes locked down because ... well, that's what you do obviously.
X : Really?
Me : Yes.
Me : A friend of mine just pointed this out. I knew the sense of community is very different in China than the US which is more a collective as in gang of "individuals" rather than a community. I didn't appreciate how much it contributed to misunderstanding.
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10 Sep
X : Would you like to speak at our event?
Me : Sure, why not ... oh, wait ... it's a physical event?
X : Yes
Me : I'm not planning physical events.
X : It's 2021.
Me : Sorry, my bad. I'm not planning physical events ever. What's wrong with virtual? Also, are you in an office?
X : Yes, I'm in an office.
Me : You're in a zoom meeting in an office?
X : Yes, that's the story of my life these days.
Me : Wait ... you go to an office to spend all day on zoom calls?
X : Yes, yes and yes.
Me : Does your company hate you?
X : What's the alternative?
Me : Take a picture of the office, set as your background and go work wherever you want to.
X : Does that really work?
Me : In 2006, my CFO lived in South Africa, my COO lived in Canada and one engineer lived on a mountain in South Korea. This is 2020.
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10 Sep
‘Apocalypse on their mind’: Bay Area transfixed by foreboding, orange, smoke-choked skies -…
"transfixed by foreboding" ... an interesting choice of words. That feeling of being on a precipice of change is one I am sensing across robotics, sensors, space, immersion, manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, defense, government, finance and retail.
This is more than just the forcing function of physical isolation caused by COVID which has meant many have had to adopt pre-existing technology that they have resisted (zoom, telehealth etc). It is more than just the rise of China to become the world's dominant player ...
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9 Sep
X : Any thoughts on the extinction rebellion attack on the free press?
Me : I thought the last vestige of a free press was currently in court, pending extradition to the US whilst being told by the judge to shut up. I wasn't aware that extinction rebellion was involved.
X : Murdoch printing facility.
Me : Oh, I thought we were talking free press. How do I feel about XRs protest against a commercial enity which has been at the forefront of down playing an existential threat to humanity -…
X : Not everyone shares that view.
Me : Sure, some think the earth is flat. There is no alternative view, there is no debate, there is just the evidence, denial. and peddling in misinformation. Being primarily involved in the later two is not what I would call a free press.
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9 Sep
Lots of good and interesting examples in UK Gov's National Data Strategy -… ... but alas, a huge flaw.

"Data policy is a rapidly evolving area globally" ... no, data evolves. The problem with the policy is that it isn't designed on that premise.
Data evolves, as with practices, activities, knowledge and even ethical values.

You can learn to use context specific methods, you can alter the landscape but you have to first be aware of it i.e. map it.

Use the data labels for the stages if it helps you. Image
The national strategy for data has nice things but if we don't build on that most basic of premises that data evolves then ... well, you ignore evolution at your peril.

Chalk this one up as a future failure.

UN global data platform has a lot better thinking behind it.
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9 Sep
I suspect most knew they were being lied to, they also knew that Corbyn was being smeared and lied about ... however they didn't care. They wanted a sense of belonging and that existed with the Conservative over leave. It was lies but lies you could "believe" in with others ->
... I also suspect this will become more norm going forward. For the time being, truth and integrity have become somewhat irrelevant in the political sphere. The key is that sense of belonging.
Boris understood this in a way that Jeremy didn't. Corbyn tried to build consensus hence the whole half in / half out remain fiasco rather than focusing on leave. Boris simply expelled dissenters and created a uniform view. It might be built upon nonsense but it's consistent.
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8 Sep
Acquired by Panoply.
Acquired by Digital Asset Holdings.
Acquired by EMC
Acquired by Dell
Acquired by Canon

... that's my entire history of startups. Still, it's good experience and keeps me involved in industry even if it does follow the same path.

One of these days ... IPO!
X : Do you think IPO is better than being acquired?
Me : No. It's just different, something I've not experienced or been close to. I'm a curious old soul.
The trick is, that in order to make my research real then I need to maintain experience of where it matters ... hence my occassional involement in advisory boards, in Gov etc. The more diverse the experience, the more useful it is for research.
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8 Sep
Having one of "those" conversations on Enterprise IT. Image
It reminds me of :-
X: We're going to spend $1bn on this effort.
Me: I can deliver the same result for $20m.
X: How?
Me: pay me $20m to sit on a beach drinking and in five years I'll phone you up to say "we failed".
... 5 years later
X: I wish we paid you $20m.
Alas, they are sold into their narrative. The power of executive stories to lead companies to obvious rack and ruin accompanied by the sound of cheering and prancing management consultants. Another bites the dust. Some you save, some are beyond help.
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7 Sep
Lean management or agile? The right answer may be both -… ... may I be the first to congratulate McKinsey on finally arriving at 2006. Still not quite right though ... here's a hint, try three.
Anyway, the good news is :-
1) McKinsey is waking up to "use appropriate methods"
2) McKinsey is normally at the vanguard of the laggards

... hence it'll only be 10-15 years before the rest realise. About 25 - 30 years for new management practices to spread is quite normal. ImageImage
I do wonder if anyone should tell them that "use appropriate methods" is just one of about 40 basic principles (i.e. doctrine) that matter? Or maybe that's pushing it too far? Image
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5 Sep
X: An example of a great leader?
Me : Oodles - a single mum, living on an estate, mental health issues, holding on with two low paid jobs who finds the time to teach the kids and help others ... remarkable ... most "great" leaders would crack in a week under that pressure.
X : Is that a real person?
Me : Yes. I find the most remarkable, stoic and talented people often exist in the harshest of environments. To "climb" out of that environment is super human. Any fool can go from privilege to privilege.
Take our PM Boris, he couldn't even last three days glamping ... I doubt he would last a week in real poverty i.e. not having a safety net to end it or knowing that after the week it would be over. Within a month, I suspect he would be a total wreck.
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