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26 Jul
A friend has a 4-YO daughter. Her school had asked the class to learn ‘Ae watan watan mere abaad rahe tu’ from Raazi for 15 August. The friend sent a word that ‘Bollywood songs’ are ‘prohibited’ in their family & child will sing ‘Himadri Tung Shring’ by Jaishankar Prasad instead
The school is yet to approve of the poem though, and were quite taken aback by the refusal to learn the Raazi song.
This is Prasad’s poem for those asking. Image
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24 Jul
A woman from Begusarai, in distress, recently came in contact with @Shubham_vhp from VHP. As per the woman, who is a Hindu, she married one Mohd Insaaf some years ago. Her husband, with whom she has a daughter, had died of illness +
The woman says she left Insaaf some months ago, tired of “harassment”. Her daughter is now 17. However, Insaaf is desperately trying to get the girl married into his community. Without her mother’s consent, he has been taking the girl to meet prospective grooms +
The woman, in a brief conversation over phone, told me she doesn’t want her daughter to marry in his community. She said she never left her own faith and wants her girl to be with “her people”. She said she hasn’t approached police as she is not sure what action would they take +
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23 Jul
During lockdown, we had adopted a dhaba in Meerut run by physically-challenged people

We are now extending this support till end of this year as it is still struggling. Dhaba owner Amit Sharma has put this sign of Sewa Nyaya Utthan Foundation as a gesture of thanks 🙂 Image
The dhaba opened in January 2021. It received a lot of local media attention. But media coverage doesn’t assure business. We decided to extend the support as the team keeps their expenditure quite in control - Rs 20K a month including raw material and staff salaries. Not bad
I suggested to Amit he should do away with the ‘disabled dhaba’ board as I didn’t see it why it would attract more footfall than normal. But the team wishes to keep it that way. Anyway, here’s wishing they can self-sustain by end of this year. It’s a great initiative, no doubt
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20 Jul
Hello @nytimes. Would you like to speak to women who have been in interfaith relationships and are now fighting legal battles for their rights and dignity? There is Neetu Yadav, Nikita Saini, Maggi Goswami, Vinita Rani and plenty more
Would you also like to speak to parents whose daughters were into interfaith relationships but are no more alive?
Would you like to talk to women like Nirmala, whose husband was beheaded because his younger brother was in interfaith relationship? Or Rukhsana, whose husband Sanjay was murdered by her kin, his private part chopped? Or Shehzadi, whose boyfriend Ankit Saxena had his throat slit?
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20 Jul

A minor girl went missing from her house in UP’s Sambhal district on 6 July. Parents named one Asif Qureshi in FIR filed for kidnapping

She was rescued yesterday. As per police, Asif has told them he took the girl to Jaipur as getting married in UP was tough
The girl is only 17. In the FIR statement, her father Rajesh Sharma said he feared his daughter had been kidnapped for conversion-nikah
The girl’s grandfather told my team member @sewanyaya that Asif, also from Sambhal, worked at a photo lab. The girl met him at the shop some months ago

Grandfather says when they inquired about the man their daughter had gone with, some people directed them to the photo lab+
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19 Jul
A day in ‘Hindu Rashtra’

Shahzad, a married man and a father, began courting a girl at age of 12. She is now 15 and pregnant.
A case has now been filed against him, his friends and family on charges of gangrape, & sections of SC/ST, POCSO and anti-forced conversion Act
Here’s the girl’s story, as told to me by a person I know who visited her today:

The girl lives in a village in UP’s Baghpat. She is from Valmiki caste. When she was 12, Shahzad came in touch with her as he worked as a mistri nearby. Girl’s family is economically sound +
They secretly began seeing each other. He promised her marriage. Girl says she learnt much later that Shahzad was already married. Shahzad assured her that he would “give” his wife to his younger brother and marry her. The girl became pregnant at the beginning of this year +
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17 Jul
The relentless filth-producing factory that Urduwood is, it's been pushing one film after another where Hindu parents are shown as bigots for disapproving Muslim aashiqs of their daughters. Latest is Mimi. Open mockery of parents of Nikita Tomars, Kirti Jains, Ekta Jaswals
Please don't tell me the actual plot of Mimi doesn't have Pankaj Tripathi playing an M boy. That is irrelevant to what I am talking about
Crores being spent to show such Hindu parents as bigots/jokers. Biggest influencers roped in to push halal-certified interfaith relationships. We, through initiatives like @sewanyaya, struggle to rehabilitate women victims or enable their parents to fight legal battles
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17 Jul
Since her husband's death 10 yrs ago, Mamta Devi has been living under constant threat of being evicted from her shanty. I appeal to @ChouhanShivraj to help the poor woman.
She is from Gharola Mohalla, Shahdol, MP. Our team met her after learning of her plight from a news report
What she told us: One Madan offered them to live here, offering the place on rent. The couple paid the installments. But Madan has been telling her to leave. She has no proofs. She also says that she has learnt that land actually belongs to govt.
Pls take note, @ChouhanShivraj
We will share her contact and details if anybody from the govt responds to this.
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13 Jul
Kirti Jain from Madhya Pradesh eloped with neighbouring man Waseem Qureshi three years ago

Three days ago, she consumed poison (aluminum phosphide aka celphos or salphos) and died in a hospital

Here is her story:
Kirti belonged to a moderately well-to-do Jain family in Guna, a VVIP constituency and traditional family hold of Scindia family. Waseem doesn't come from a well-to-do family, and lived a few km away. He started courting her in her school days when she was still a minor +
Within 2-3 months of turning 18, she eloped with Waseem. Kirti’s elder brother Kuldeep tells me Waseem had never met them. They learnt about Waseem only after elopement. Kirti’s family however managed to locate her the same night. Matter was settled outside court +
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13 Jul
Hindu communalism is only a reaction to Muslim communalism, which is much larger in scale and brutality. Highlighting only the former to build a narrative is dishonesty of the worst kind
An excerpt from BR Ambedkar’s seminal work Pakistan and the Partition of India. “The Hindu’s spirit of aggression is a new phase which he has just begun to cultivate…”
In the same context as @AskAnshul’s thread, read my report on
pornographic and rape fantasies featuring Hindu women and Muslim men openly selling on Kindle. I have included excerpts from the books in my report
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11 Jul
There are several cases where women fall for conversion-nikah trap but dare to walk out of it and take legal recourse. While I see a lot of comments that such women deserve hell for being trapped, I wish to rehabilitate as many as I can

A short thread on some such initiatives +
Neetu Yadav, who was six months pregnant when she slapped a case on Akram Qureshi for cheating her with false identity and exploiting her. She opened a nursing home with help of @sewanyaya and today employs five people
22-year-old woman from Bulandshahr, who has filed a case against Intaak for cheating with false identity, exploiting and trying to convert her. Has enrolled in a six-month vocational course with help of @sewanyaya. All determined to fight the case
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9 Jul
Three days ago, a woman Uma was found badly burnt on a road near Kanpur. She told police it was done by her husband Arif. She is still fighting for her life in hospital

Here’s her story:

Uma and Arif hail from Sesa village in Jhansi district of UP. They eloped in May 2018+
Her father Munnilal filed a case. Arif was booked for kidnapping and under SC/ST Act (Uma is from dhobi jaati). Uma told court she had eloped willingly, had converted and done “court marriage” with Arif in August 2018. Police filed final report in September 2018
The Jhansi district court however gave its verdict only recently - Feb 2021, while admitting that the case has got quite delayed in the court. It quashed the case against Arif
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4 Jul
A 22-year-old woman from Bulandshahr filed an FIR this week, accusing a man of hiding his religious identity ("Intaak posed as Aman Sharma"), making sexual relationship on false promise of marriage, and blackmailing her with her sexual videos

A @sewanyaya member met her today
She narrated her statement. She said she learnt of his real name and identity only some weeks ago when he took her to a madrassa for conversion. Statement in FIR says that when caught, he hurled casteist slurs at her and went on to have nikah with someone else. The woman is an SC
The man has been arrested on the basis of several charges levelled by her. The woman, who never went to college, told us she wants to learn a skill to be self-reliant. She needs money to do some vocational course locally

@sewanyaya will help her do that and start life afresh
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29 Jun
Lessons from the Kashmir Sikh woman case: When predatory Da’wah (proselytising) is rampant and happening within the current legal framework, courts won’t save you. Neither will defensive politics

It has to be countered with street power, decisiveness, community strength, money +
Huge respect for Sikh community for the way they countered the menace: They gathered, identified the problem for what it is, called it ‘love jihad’, questioned the morals of clerics, got the woman’s custody despite police, married her without delay. She is now on her way abroad +
All this requires network and resources, along with strong resolve that doesn’t buckle under the pressure of so-called feminists, human right activists and ‘liberal’ media (not that they faced their onslaught, but still). They are clear that they have ‘saved’ their woman +
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29 Jun
You have followed the Kashmir Sikh woman case, where her family somehow got her back from the court and married her to a Sikh man within 2-3 days
Different families use different ways to keep their women within the community. This is how Saddam from UP did it:
Saddam’s sister eloped with a fellow villager named Monu, a Hindu. The couple went to Mumbai and married. After a few years, they visited their village in Jan 2019. Saddam and his father approached her and asked her to leave Monu. She didn’t. The couple returned to Mumbai
Saddam decided he must avenge it, or it could become a trend. He hired a contract killer, Mahiuddin, who barged into Monu’s house on the night of 25 Feb. He slit the throats of Monu’s father Jagram, elder brother Raju, younger sister Gudiya.
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29 Jun
The adult Sikh woman who had eloped & told court she had wilfully converted, was sent to her family by police after protests from Sikh community. She is now being married to a Sikh man.
If any Hindutva group did it with a Hindu woman, Leftist-Islamists would have gone berserk
Now no feminists are crying 'don't treat women as chattel' and no secularists are crying 'Islamophobia'. In this case, the Sikh community has done everything and more than what Hindutva groups do when faced with a similar situation
- chants of "love jihad", declaring own daughter as mentally unstable, demanding anti-conversion law, asking maulvis to tame Muslim men, taking to streets over a consensual interfaith relationship, hurriedly marrying off the woman at 18...
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28 Jun
Most families whose adult daughters elope, covert and have nikah, try to get her back before the court legally allows her to go with the man. They begin by trying to show her as a minor and mentally-unstable, and file FIR with kidnapping charges. When the police track her and +
Bring her to police station, the family tries hard to get her custody before her statement to the magistrate (164), hoping to convince her to not go. That’s not due process, as the police are required to keep her in a shelter home and record her statement as soon as they can +
But I have seen several cases where the policeman, sensitive to parents’ concerns, allows her to go with the parents. Sometimes the families are given a few hours, sometimes a day or two. But that’s a risk on the cop’s part, what if the family does honour killing?
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27 Jun
Well, that's "due process". The woman, who elopes/gets "kidnapped", is brought to the magistrate and, depending on her statement, is allowed to go with the party she chooses - her family or the man. The laws fully favour the woman's "consent"
The woman's family in such cases always asks for her custody for a few days, hoping they would convince her to give statement in their favour. But due to honour killings, court doesn't allow it. Even if recording of statement is delayed, she is kept in a shelter home
Of course, it doesn't matter to courts or police if the woman is later killed or made an ISIS bride. Preying on women of a certain identity and trapping them for conversion-nikah all happens within a legal framework
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25 Jun
Should media quote people blindly without any due checks, especially if comments are highly outrageous? Let’s say a person says the police came & threw Quran and Hadees books in drain, without any supporting evidence?
This is what the charge against The Wire report is
The Wire published a video report on demolition of a mosque in UP’s Barabanki which the administration says was illegal. It quotes a person saying the police threw religious books into a drain. Barabanki police have filed an FIR for showing this quote, which they say is false
Of course, headlines will only tell you that FIR is “for a report on mosque demolition”, which hides the main reason. While FIRs on media houses is a legit concern, the issue should be represented properly. The police case is not “for a report on mosque demolition”
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22 Jun
Listen to this speech by Mohd Umar 'Gautam' who, in his own words, was born into a Thakur caste family in UP and was named Shyam Pratap Singh but converted at 20 "out of free will"

He ends his justification & glorification of conversion citing the same "jahannum ki aag", but +
+ he also cites Vedas' principle of Ekam Brahm to suggest Islam has sanction in Vedas

You know who manufactured this argument to brainwash Hindus en masse? Zakir Naik

The only real counter, afaik, came from @SanjeevSanskrit. Do read his massive work on Zakir Naik's propaganda
You can start with this link. Note that while Indian agencies prohibited Naik from public speaking here and he is now a wanted man in India, it is up to the public to logically counter his propaganda, that is still accessible to millions here
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21 Jun
Explosive finding by Uttar Pradesh’s anti-terrorism squad (ATS): Poor girls from weak communities targeted and trapped using Muslim boys for conversion to Islam. Racket run from Delhi’s Jamia Nagar. Even physical challenged children targeted
A well-funded project being carried out with foreign aid. Prime targets - girls
Yet, police show little urgency or seriousness in cases of minor girls’ kidnappings I repeatedly report.
Our left-liberal Hindus, meanwhile, take massive money in the name of saving secularism to ‘bust’ the theory that Hindu girls are targetted for their religion. There is only love, no jihad, they say.
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