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18 Feb
tucked into this: the lawyer who has in recent months discussed with MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough the possibility of suing Trump (over the ridiculous "Psycho Joe” murder smears from the then-literal president) is none other than Elizabeth “Libby” Locke, of the Clare Locke firm...
Ironically, Libby Locke is on-record as supporting then-President Trump’s calls to “open up” American libel laws.

Tom Clare, also of Clare Locke, is of course a top attorney now for Dominion, which is currently engaged in a legal onslaught against prominenet Trumpworld figures.
Related: "An individual familiar with the matter said that Trump had recently been reminded not to mention Dominion or Smartmatic during any new interviews, due to fears that that could be used against him if either company decides to go after him…”…
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17 Feb
Revisiting Bill Hicks’s material on Rush Limbaugh tonight
Ok, I’m not posting that one
I don’t really care about “policing” people online who celebrate public figures across the political spectrum dying; they’re political figures, and their triumphs and demises will always be treated in unique, sometimes extreme, ways. I just don’t make it a habit of doing it...
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16 Feb
I was thinking about this this morning and there’s nothing u can say to convince people otherwise who say The Press is in the tank for Biden, but one small thing is when they whine about Biden getting (normal!) media fluff about like morning and evening routine. Of course the...
...Trump versions of those are gonna be different because Trump was/is such an incompetent doofus over even the smallest of things. His early-presidency version of the Biden Fireside was reporting that he got into a robe in the early evening, to which the then-leader of the... world got insanely Mad for such a benign detail that he turned his vociferous denial of even owning a robe into its own stupid mini presidential news cycle.
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9 Feb
It was a suit he bothered us with over a 100% accurate story, he was just mad about one word or so that we used that he thought was a nasty sounding verb.

This is the mind of a person who successfully became an informal part time counselor to the former dipshit president
Am I still blocked, @dbongino?
I believe this accurate, but this is still very good news for us. He is not ordered to pay at this moment, but he only has two weeks to file an objection, unless he gets an extension.
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8 Feb
.@willsommer and I went long and did a reported where-are-they-now on Trump and his most hardcore would-be election-overturners. He’s doing fine. Almost all of the rest are suffering losses, legal threats, suits, calls for disbarment, multiple people forced to resign, and... of them is going around blogging that nearly everyone else was too self-obsessed, incompetent, or drunk to successfully help Trump seize power like he and Mike Flynn wanted.
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7 Feb
“Reached for comment as to if he believes Dobbs was in on the joke, Suebsaeng comedically responded to Mediaite by continuing to riff in President Donald Trump’s voice....”
“Badly failing Mediaite wants to do a ‘hit piece’ on my very strong support for Lou Dobbs, the one and only. Why? Because I get ratings (clicks)! Lou, Mr. Trump, and the MAGA movement—75 million votes! Sleepy Joe couldn’t fill a dozen seats if he tried—are stronger than...
.... ever before, no matter what nasty Nellie Ohr or washed-up psycho Bette Midler would have you believe!’ Suebsaeng remarked. ‘Sue for libel?’”
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22 Jan
I’ve only had one one-on-one conversation with Biden in my life and it started when we were both at side by side urinals right outside an American Sniper screening that I had just been kicked out of for accidentally upsetting Bradley Cooper and also the real-life sniper’s widow.
True story.
I got kicked out because I asked Cooper and Mrs. Kyle on the red carpet about criticisms, particularly from certain writers on the left, that Chris was a “cold blooded killer.” Both had very cogent, interesting answers, and acted as if they’d been prepped for that type of Q...
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21 Jan
i am still processing quite a few things, as i’m sure many of you are, but i still have no been able to come to terms with how epically funny and utterly predictable it was of how hard the entire Trump administration got played by the North Koreans, largely because Trump...
…gleefully allowed them to.
Republicans spend half their time accusing Dems of having naive foreign policy and playing cute w/ brutal dictators, & all it took for the Trump admin to be subdued by Kim Jong Un was to have Trump sit down for a Kodak moment w/ him.
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18 Jan
so mad @ twitter for taking these away from me / the country Image
“smokey bear"
oh god trump was right, all this time i’ve been calling him smokey THE bear
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18 Jan
“The president knows about it. I’ve spoken with Ivanka & I’ve spoken with Jared, & I’ve been told that President Trump is aware of the case & has been reviewing it,” Alice Johnson confirmed to me. “I’ve spoken to Mark Meadows about it, and he said he’d take a look at it.”
As of Sunday, Harry-O was still waiting to hear if he’ll be out of prison and headed home as the Biden era dawns. Trump’s final batch of pardons/commutations is expected to drop soon.
It appears that when the list of Trump’s final pardons/commutations finally comes out, a Death Row Records founder will be on it. "It feels like the weight of the world has been lifted off my sholders," Harry-O said in a statement to The Daily Beast...
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17 Jan
Baltimore pastor @DrDonteLHickman, from Dec. 9, when asked about Trump’s record (in 2018, Hickman helped Trump launch the “opportunity zones” council at a WH event featuring Trump & the pastor): Image
@DrDonteLHickman He added, "I’m looking forward to working with the new administration.”

Here’s a look back at Hickman’s work & frustrations with the Trump initiative, which POTUS widely touted as a supposed success story for his policies for poor & Black communities:…
@DrDonteLHickman Pastor Hickman spent years, even when he was critical of how the opportunity zones were coming along (or not coming along), refraining from aggressively going after Trump, saying he was focused on helping his community in Baltimore and didn’t want to get dragged into the...
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16 Jan
in gauging the president’s interest level, the meeting apparently lasted five-to-ten minutes, and also: "The president, in Lindell’s account, didn’t even get through the first four pages before sending Lindell out of the room.”

Trump’s only question about the document(s)...
…that Lindell relayed was President Trump asking who a man and a woman were in the photos on the second page of the “report.” Lindell says he replied that he did not know.
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14 Jan
if he remains so “committed” to it than why were there various escalations, and why, when he had four years as commander in chief, are the wars still endlessly going on
Trump showed exponentially more commitment to absolving accused and convicted war criminals than he did to ending endless war. He inherited them, but he escalated several conflicts. And now he leaves office with more domestic blood caked on american soil than even his harshest...
…critics could have imagined when this all started.

His presidential library is going to a hilarious whitewash, it’ll make museums run by some dictators look quaint
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14 Jan
If you think what Bernie did in terms of saying healthcare keeps people alive and taking it away is Bad has any moral equivalence whatsoever with what Trump and swaths of the GOP did, there’s literally no point in debating you. I don’t mean that figuratively, there’s...
...actually no point. You have all the basic reading comprehension skills and baseline understanding of the world of someone who says eight plus eight equals 2 and a half.
Fucking morons.
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13 Jan
icymi it very very early this morning, Trump killed her
if u don’t know much about Lisa Montgomery & her team’s efforts to get Trump, or someone, to spare her life, please check out the story. (I know, a lot going on)

Horrific lifestory of the perpetrator, horrific crime she committed, horrific killing spree that Trump/Barr inflicted
…and absolutely horrific system of killing federal inmates we have here, and the extra, arbitrary cruelty of the reality that if the scheduling had just been put off a week or so, the next administration would have very likely kept her alive and in prison.
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13 Jan
As of Wednesday, President Trump has been briefed by some officials on possible security threats to the Biden inauguration, a White House official told The Daily Beast.
Shortly after this story posted, so did this:
Two other sources w/ direct knowledge of the matter say in private conversations over the past week, Trump has continued entertaining wildly incorrect conspiracy theories that antifascists had infiltrated the MAGA mob during the Jan. 6 riots at the Capitol & had caused trouble
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13 Jan
It is maddeningly funny that the trump administration keeps trying to convince us that it made us “safer” than we were four years ago
Trump and the mainstream right generally reside in a vision of america that if u walk down any given alley in a North Dakota, ms-13 will still find you and make you listen to violent hip hop, provided Obama/Biden is president. But in the actual Trump era, I cannot think...
...of any other time in my life, even post-9/11 and then during the days of the sniper in dc as a kid, where everyone who knew what was going on was genuinely concerned about simply going outside
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13 Jan
"Trump Is About to Let This ‘Mentally Ill’ Woman Be Killed. In a Few Days, Biden Would Have Likely Spared Her.”…
It looks like the conservative majority on the US Supreme Court is about to give the Trump administration another one of those executions they’ve been bloodlusting after.
As for the possibility of clemency from Trump, advocates for Lisa Montgomery have been trying for months to get the case in front of him. Her sister described to me during a tearful conversation last night a gutwrenching letter she had sent Trump. Knowledgeable sources have...
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12 Jan
i do not think it is "cancel culture” that these different prominent, famous Republicans are getting contracts or deals or their insanely stupid social media accounts taken away because of last week, it is however extremely funny
Do these people who obsess over “cancel culture” as a “new” phenomenon ever use a search engine? One out of a billion examples is they can see how Eddie Murphy was forced to apologize many years ago over his past standup about gay people… and he continued to have a big career.
Is “cancel culture” real? Of course it is, to the extent is has virtually always been a thing, and people who obsess over it as a phenomenon of EXCLUSIVELY the left are boring as shit and have no idea what they’re talking about, and have no historical memory beyond last tuesday.
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11 Jan
@jonathanvswan In all seriousness: last week, my final Daily Beast co-byline w/ @lachlan was about Trump trying to cancel democracy & fuck w/ his own VP w/ a violent mob. We started our partnership four years ago w/ a story about fucking Seb Gorka, and we ended on that...
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10 Jan
In case you’re wondering how the president’s been doing this weekend……
Trump is bitching about how Democrats are hurting “the country” with their removal / second-impeachment talk, as he plots a victory-lap tour in the coming days. And Jason Miller, a top Trump aide, says the following:
“Be careful of what you wish for. Big Tech, Big Media, and their friends in the national Democratic Party have a unique ability to overreach, resulting in a strengthening of President Trump’s political base.”

White House spokespeople didn’t bother commenting.
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