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Nov 24, 2021
Bateson was always very interested and even troubled I'd say about the fact that in analog, animal communication, a "not" signal is not available. They can't straightforwardly send a message and transform it through "not"... e.g. they can't straightforwardly say: "I will not fight you". This is how he once put it:
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Nov 23, 2021
One wonderful thing about transhumant pastoralism is that it's a mode of animal husbandry which takes its principles of organization, most of them, from the tendencies or puissances internal to the animal themselves. "A thread." 1/n One consequence of that is that when you try to understand how it works you find yourself jumping to another level, a larger context, from which what you thought you see appears to be in fact the opposite of what you thought you see. 2/n
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