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12 Oct
Just a thread on how to maximise your Obsidian experience and learn how to use it really quickly (and unlearn bad habits)...
Install "CodeMirror Options" on the community plugins to get access to the closest WYSIWYG mode you can find...…
Unlock roam-like outliner/list/bullet manipulation with the community plugin "Outliner". Again, just go settings > Community Plugin > search for "Outliner"> Click "install" > "Activate". That's it.…
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26 Jul
Working in @obsdmd has forced me to rethink of a PKM strategy that is also compatible with Roam, and here's what I've come up with so far: Input Notes, Summary Notes, Connector Notes, Category Notes, and #properties. Let me explain what these mean...
This strategy was built because I needed some structure while preserving the anti-hierarchy of zettelkasten - inspired by MOCs, Zettelkasten and how language works.
Input Notes: Any kind of input - they can be notes taken down from media (pdfs, books, videos, courses, interviews, classes), conversations, thinking, journalling. These contain metadata - authors, links, dates, etc.
~ aka "reference notes"/"fleeting notes".
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1 May
The directionality of attention is what drives usage of roam - not just the existence of bidirectional links. Some thoughts below...
Attention is like a spotlight - just as it can shift from a sound in the room to the taste on our tongue to a visual object or a sensation, it can move from 'concept' to 'concept'.
The shifting of attention from one object to the next object creates a chain of continuity. Going from bullet → bullet, idea → idea, or clicking links offers an unbroken chain of attention moving from object to object
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1 Jan
If there is no "hierarchy" in Roam, there is no true "nesting" of bullets. There are only different relationships.

Nested bullets *do not* indicate a parent-child relationship - they talk about "AND" (÷) vs "OR" (×) relationships.
A union B = OR relationship
A intersect B = AND relationship
A nested bullet has an AND relationship with its parent or child; A bullet in the same level has an OR relationship with siblings. Each time we create an indent, it is not creating something smaller - you are creating a new circle with an intersection with the "parent".
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31 Dec 20
My attempt to visualize the differences between a [[page]] and a ((block)) in @RoamResearch with my horrible drawing skills
It seems that [[page]]s seem to travel perpendicularly to ((block)) creation. Almost like it grows organically at the same time while sharing those blocks. It is almost like a query, but a fascinating question pops out:
Why is there an ability to generate blocks within a [[page]], if this page does not live as a block, but simultaneously in every other block? It's almost like the [[page]] is from a different dimension.
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