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16 Sep
New resource by world leading early treatment doctors

ECCE Early Covid Care Experts

Guidance for clinicians and links to find a doctor

Please share

#EarlyTreatment #EarlyTreatmentWorks #protocols
This superstar team of ECCE Doctors:

Peter McCullough
Brian Tyson
Zev Zelenko
Harvey Risch
George Fareed
Stephen Smith
Kelly Victory
Joe Brewer
Joe Ladapo
Ramin Oskoui
Sabine Hazan

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15 Sep
Dr Shankara Chetty's Approach to Treating Covid-19, South Africa

Raise awareness where IVM/HCQ is restricted



The 8th Day Therapy for C19


#EarlyTreatment Image
Australia's TGA restricted IVM & HCQ so GPs can't prescribe for early treatment of Covid-19

Don't panic. An alternative protocol by Dr Shetty of South Africa

Please give to your GP and share far and wide to raise awareness where IVM/HCQ is restricted

Dr Zelenko about over the counter alternative and empowering yourself
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14 Sep
#auspol HCQ is highly effective in the treatment of Covid-19. Supply is not an issue. It is legal for GPs to prescribe.

Have we learned from the HIV crisis? Early intervention & multi-drug approach was key.

Actually I don't know what's going on with early treatment in Australia.

Over the counter alternatives while I found out more
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10 Sep
George Christensen on Monica Smitt of Reignite Democracy Australia Party

"I don't think there has been any true political prisoner in Australia since the jailing of Pauling Hanson. So it is somewhat unprecedented. I have never seen anything like it."

George Christensen - world was laughing at Australia & now alarmed:

"We've slipped in some anti-freespeech, authoritarian style of governing at the moment & it's just wrong. There's pushback... Prime Minister [is] out there leading the charge for an end to the lockdowns."
Prime Minister Scott Morrison's catch phrase is similar to the one George Christensen used in Federal Parliament that he was condemned for:

'We need to live with Covid-19, not in constant fear of it.'

"That should be the policy of this country but its' not at the moment."
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10 Sep
Monoclonal antibodies:

“The first of 7700 doses of Sotrovimab quietly slipped into Australia 3 weeks ago. We have waited some time. It now has [TGA] provisional approval for vulnerable patients, such as the elderly & immunocompromised.”


“monoclonal antibodies suggests that it can [modify miserable trajectory] – but only when they are given early. COVID-19 patients treated in a trial of one such drug called Sotrovimab exhibited an 79% relative reduction in hospitalisation and deaths.”

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8 Sep
Crash course on propaganda essential for us all during Covid crisis

We all need to be aware of potential exploitation of this crisis and how to question and spot propaganda to advance public engagement

Interview with Dr Piers Robinson

@PiersRobinson1 Image
Piers mentions Laura Dodsworth's book 'A State of Fear'

Discussing self-censorship & smears (eg antivaxxer)

How these labels are used politically to discredit the position

Weaponisation of terms an important way of understanding propaganda

Piers encourages us all to ask difficult questions. Be brave & courageous. Not tactical Image
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7 Sep
Queensland Government

"You are not allowed to take hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure for COVID-19."

"If you don’t comply you may receive an on the spot fine of $1,378, a court-imposed penalty of up to $13,785 or 6 months imprisonment."

How the Govt appointed handpicked taskforce got early treatment wrong - must see analysis:

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6 Sep
Surely the oppressor cannot decide on the legitimacy of its victims the oppressed.

The oppressor cannot even see he is an oppressor.

When will someone intervene and disempower the tyrant?

When will this nightmare end?


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6 Sep
POLL: Multiple questions on ending lockdowns in Australia

Cast your vote

#auspol #covid #lockdown #DefendDemocracy
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23 Aug
Red flag

A NSW MP equates vaccine passports with immunisation register:

“I am keen to point out that they already exist & have done so for a long time. The Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) is a national register that records vaccines given to all people in Australia."
Mark Coure MP supported No Jab No Play/Pay which paved the way and helped lay the groundwork for this thinking.

It is true pre-school children are denied access to preschool if they have not received vaccines according to schedule.

@markcourelive is also my local State MP.
But he has conflated the existence of the AIR with vaccine passports. How can this be?

It is the application of that data that applies that is relevant to the question of vaccine passports and not the infrastructure per se which can be used for many purposes.
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23 Aug
ABC News reframing suppression of dissent on facebook. Australians should be livid:

"We've closed comments on this post as moderator resource is no longer available. More info: ab.co/3ackIaM"


#auspol #childrights #covid
Children face an infinitesimal risk of the virus.

Ignoring the fact that early treatment reduces hospitalisation and death by 85%
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21 Aug
Facebook just banned me for 7 days for comment in reply to my own post where I said I would get a link for instructions on how to check [EMA EudraVigilance] data

I intended to share this link but had already posted the screenshots

. ImageImageImageImage
Facebook claims they don't even have enough staff because of pandemic. This is utter bullshit. They are all online. Making a shitload of money. They can afford to pay staff and no doubt they choose not to put enough on board to deal with all the censorship they are dishing out. Image
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17 Aug
Censorship alert

This is live now but I can’t comment

Facebook has restricted my ability to use this feature for 30 days ”to prevent any misuse”


@Drs4CovidEthics @PiersRobinson1

#Covid #BigTech #propaganda #informationoperation
Live now: Debate in Australia.

Guest: Bill Lang - Small Business Australia

Watch/replay: The People's Project - Discernable


#auspol #covid #lockdown
LIVE: Damian Coony on @discernableco panel:

Most severe unintended consequences of lockdown

Lack of care
General loss of health /wealth
Psychological harm
Harm to children

When our politicians say they are keeping us safe they have failed

#auspol #covid
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15 Aug
Why are the UK, Canada and Australia are Giving Up Their Freedoms?

A conversation with Peter Hitchens

@ClarkeMicah @discernableco

#NoVaccinePassports #auspol
'The corruption of the best is the worst of all' - why Commonwealth countries seem to be experiencing the strongest governmental responses to Covid-19 with a focus on expanding police powers.
"Peter Hitchens posits that 'the freer you were...if you were ultimately unfit to exercise freedom or unwilling to defend it...then the greater your fall will be.'"
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26 Jul
Crikey: "Not all #antilockdown protesters on Saturday were conspiracy-theorists – many were ordinarily law-abiding Australians who just wanted to have their say. Here's how the anti-lockdown message spread from the extreme to the mainstream [Unlocked]"
I think they underestimate how many 'mainstream' people care and were there

Still riddled with smears to silence dissent

What about Crikey reporting on vaccine extremism in times like these?

In any case at least there's some coverage here by Cam Wilson.
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24 Jul
"It's not just Julian [Assange] in gaol for all the BS we've just talked about it's also about how we're going to go forward because at the moment we have almost a mirror of what's happening to Julian happening to society."

- Mike Ryan of @AsiaPacToday to @TrevorFitzgibb1 Image
"I truly believe we are in an age of fascism no matter which party is in power."

- Trevor Fitzgibbon

rumble.com/vk9i2v-julian-… @TrevorFitzgibb1 @AsiaPacToday Image
"We have countries turning their backs on their citizens, for example Julian, but Julian's not alone here. I see Julian as being a benchmark of what might happen and what is actually happening now to all of us."

- Mike Ryan
@AsiaPacToday @TrevorFitzgibb1 Image
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3 Jul
In his own words - published 2 hours ago:

SAJID JAVID: The economic arguments for opening up Britain are well known. But, for me, the health case is equally compelling

Change of guard just in time?

18 May:

"The health secretary said experts were considering “very carefully” whether the UK’s vaccination programme will be widened to include children, with a decision expected within two months."

"Despite the MP for Bromsgrove's stellar rise in the world of politics, Javid has told how he guards time at home with his wife and children.

Their kids are all privately educated, with Javid telling the Daily Mail: "We do what's best for them.""
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25 Jun
aa) Absolute risk reduction for all vaccines

(Note early treatment reduces hospitalisation and death by 85%)
ab) Joe Rogan interview with Dr Pierre Kory and Bret Weinstein, referencing articles by Matt Taibbi.

Includes thread with key links
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10 Jun
@GarlandNixon Now factor in early treatment reduces hospitalisation and mortality by 85%.

Follow @cov19treatments @Drs4CovidEthics
@GarlandNixon @cov19treatments @Drs4CovidEthics My God. I've just checked the account I shared with you and I see twitter has suspended world leading C19 early treatment doctors & advocates account @cov19treatments

#Covid #censorship
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4 Jun
Prof Harvey Risch speaking with Robert Kennedy Jr on the distortions & interferences in studies & publication of #EarlyTreatment & other issues

Journals slow walking publication of papers in medical literature

(From 35:00 to 45:00)


#censorship #covid
2/ Prof Harvey Rich with RFK Jr:

• HCQ has never been scarce (53:00)

• Dr Kory & Dr McCullough on IVM & HCQ - could have saved 500/600K lives (54:00)

“HCQ good for at least 85% mortality reduction”

• Global impact of FDA, safety (not efficacy) required, FDA fraud (56:00)
3/ FDA HCQ warning it should not be used for Covid outpatient treatment but they base the warning on adverse reactions in hospitalised patients
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