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13 Sep
BTW, the #MetGala is one of the biggest fundraisers for the Met and the fashion industry employs a lot of people who have been out of work due to the pandemic. Please bear that in mind before doing hot takes about how this is the Hunger Games capitol come to life. >
If you want to talk about the wisdom of doing the event during Covid I am 100% there for it and agree with you that it's not smart. But extravagant fashion in and of itself isn't the issue here. >
There were a lot of people in 2020 not fortunate enough to work for Christian Siriano who paid (and got donations) to keep his shop open to make masks. A lot didn't qualify for unemployment or recovery money (see also @CosIndCo for those affected).
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13 Sep
Okay so the costumes either suggest that they didn't spend the money to get Lion King/War Horse-esque puppets for Hulk or this is a deliberate "Avengers dressed like college students" vibe, like when people do Shakespeare in modern times. I am here for both options.
OMG it includes the waitress! Ashley Johnson is legendary no matter what role she plays.
I will ABSOLUTELY be talking the shit out of the costumes and staging when the episode airs and we actually get to see it. Not that I think any of you were worried but, yanno. Save the date as it were.
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13 Sep
I am currently far more obsessed with the logistics and staging of Rogers the musical than anything else Disney has ever put out and I hope #Hawkeye respects my entirely niche need for the show to focus on nothing else but that.
I woke up to @spooloflies proving once again my brand is known and I am understood and seen. Spooloflies saying she is obsessively refreshing for my comm
I am fascinated in the guest list for opening night. Like was Clint on the list and the only Avenger who rsvped yes? Was he not and had to wait to get a ticket years later like any normal person going to see Hamilton?
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21 Jan 19
Ok. Had breakfast and tea, got a kitty curled up on my chest, fighting off a migraine but let's do this! Some comments and replies to what people have been saying about my #CovingtonCatholic thread.
First and foremost: I can only post my POV. I encourage people to watch for themselves and draw their own opinions. I included time stamps to help with that.
Second, I did not hear "Build That Wall" in either of the videos I cited. I heard shouts and chants I couldn't identify, but those could've just as easily been a recipe for chocolate chip cookies for all I know. The vids are inconclusive either way.
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21 Jan 19
Ok, I just destroyed my brain by watching an hour plus video of the incident so I'm gonna lay down some play by play commentary on the whole #CovingtonCatholic thing and Nick's statement.
I've seen two longer videos of the incident. One seemed to be the POV/filmed by one of the students. I can't find that vid on Youtube anymore. The other, taken by the cameraman with the black preacher, can be viewed here:
(I've seen multiple names for the group with the preacher and don't know what name they actually go by. No insult meant by me not saying it, it's purely my own ignorance.)
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