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Assoc Prof @NUSingapore. Studies civ-mil rels, int'l security, SEAsian politics.
8 Apr
Authoritarian party stay resilient because they're cohesive. These are signs the PAP juggernaut is fraying, slowly but surely. channelnewsasia.com/news/singapore…
Less than a year ago, the party stood behind it's leader. todayonline.com/singapore/paps…
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8 Apr
Scholars have noted roles of law and courts in authoritarian regimes, largely as institutions of repression (see Jothie Rajah 2021). However, role of recent crowdfunding to overcome lawsuits/repression in SG presents new & subtle tools of resistance reut.rs/39D1ZFd
Another case in SG where the public offered subtle resistance. straitstimes.com/politics/worke…
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2 Feb
(1) Some rudimentary thoughts (or questions) on the coup, from a non-Burma watcher, but a Southeast Asianist and a student of civil-military relations.
(2) Apparent that the Tatmadaw is concerned about its political position vis-a-vis the NLD. However, I think it is important to disaggregate personal vs corporate interests.
NLD won 396/476 seats in Nov 2020. This was 83% of total; than 70% in 2015. Embarrassing for Tatmadaw, who thought NLD would lose ground after 2015. Corporate reason for coup.
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